How could he do this to me! I thought that he would be on my side for one night! But this..I
can't believe it! He outsmarted me! My own son, turning on me!
"Oh but dad! Let me introduce you to the new owner of ECW. Yeah you know this person very well.
For it's my sister Stephine McMann!"exclaimed Shane. Now that was it. What was with this? My
heart began to break as I heard music. My face fell, and i turned to see my daughter Stephine
giving me a smirk, an evil smirk. I couldnt believe it. I watched as my baby girl prance up to
the ring. She got up on the ring and Shane held up her arm. I just couldn't believe anything
anymore. My family betraying me like this. Yes, I have a cold heart at times, but I have a
sensitive one too. I just couldn't take this anymore. I held back my tears and I walked back to
the back. I slowly made my way to the locker rooms and entered my room. I noticed Steve Austin
and his wife and I looked down. I grabbed my stuff and went out the door I could hear
"Hey Vince!" but ignored it. I walked out to the limo that was waiting for me. I couldn't take
it anymore. I was starting to get doubts now. Maybe WWF would lose..

A/N: Short..very short. I just finished watching WWF and that was rediculas. My mom says we
aren't going to be watching it anymore and it doesn't bother me. I feel sorry for Vince on what
happened. It was very low. And did you noticed that not a lot of big shots from WCW came back
like Sting, Goldberg, or like Lexlugar? Well anyway..bye! I don't own anything conserning WCW,
WWF, or ECW, etc..