Now, I've decided to branch out from my usual Law and Order: Criminal Intent fics and move to my new obsession: Nessarose and Boq. Their story is so tragic. Everything would've been perfect had things been different. Now, this is in magical land of the musical (because Nessa and Boq don't really meet in the book), and I haven't seen the musical (just on Correct me; yell at me; throw things at me-I have wonderful reflexes. Enjoy.

AUTHOR'S WARNING: This product may cause unwanted knowledge of the musical so read with caution. Deleted songs from the musical soundtrack will appear, and they will spoil the ending (if you hadn't figured it out yet). Just a warning. Carry on…

Title: You'll Lose Your Heart to Me!

Rating: Hhhmmm…Teen for slightly morbid ideas and adult conversations…

Archive: Like anyone would do that.

Disclaimer: Yep! I own them (hint: sarcasm was practically dripping off my keyboard as I typed that).

Summary: "You're going to lose your heart to me!" And he, he had stolen hers only years before…


Did you think I'd let you leave me here flat?
You're going to lose your heart to me, I tell you.
If I have to, I have to magic-spell you

Save him please, just save him.
My poor Boq, my sweet, my brave him,
Don't leave me till my sorry life has ceased.
Alone and loveless here, just the girl in the mirror;
Just her and me, Wicked Witch of the East.
We Deserve Each Other.

Well, what about his heart?

…The house didn't kill her. Surprising, isn't it? Yes, well, Nessarose was also quite surprised. She had, of course, expected the house to kill her; falling houses usually do that. She contemplated this while lying there. There wasn't much else to do really, but listen to the "regime change." The shoes, though gone, had left a lasting impression on her heart, and she could feel the force field left by them slowly ebbing away to join the shoes now safely glued to the feet of Dorothy. She listened to her sister's pleas, her fight with Galinda (never would she address her properly; love stealing pink tramp) and the witch hunt. Funny, she didn't think it would be that close. And then, when listening was no longer an option she began to pry her way out of the ground. It was no easy feat; especially without her shoes.

Nessarose laughed softly as she scraped her hands across the wood of the house. One lone splinter dug its way into her flesh, but she no longer felt the pain in her hands. It was only one piece of wood in a forest of thousands that had suddenly sprung up on her palms. Rocks tore through the dark cloth of her dress, and the ground was suddenly all that more hated in her mind. So, she did what she had done for the last few years whenever she had been in pain, needed help, or just wanted the simple comfort of his voice.

"Boq, help me. Please…" She continued her slide through her own personal Hell, and breathed softly. The pressure was so much more painful now. She pictured him in her head.

"Yes, Madame?" His head would be bowed, voice soft, and every look her cast towards her would contain all the hate he was too scared to put into words.

"Call me Nessarose, Boq." She sighed. "I don't feel good." Of course, now thanks to her own selfish doing no voice would answer; not now. She couldn't even begin to imagine the shape of her legs.

Suddenly, she was out. One breath of fresh air awakened her senses and brought to life a level of pain she had only experienced before in her worst throngs of illness. She dragged her torn body to the side of the road, and watched the moon reflect off of the yellow bricks. Her eyes glazed over. The scream of the Wicked Witch of the East went unheard.


Just answer me this: What happens to Dorothy at the end of the musical? 3