Title: You'll Lose Your Heart to Me!
Rating: K+
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Note: This is a fluffy, separate ending to You'll Lose Your Heart to Me! That I thought of. In truth, I really just wanted to write something fluffy after all of this angst recently. I hope this is enjoyable and loving and fluffy. I went ahead and added it onto the end of YLYHTM! because having it seperate was just silly.

You'll Lose Your Heart to Me: Epilogue

Nessarose Thropp was accustomed to delusion, and ,when she felt the cautions grip of an arm around her waist, the when she caught the soft scent of aftershave, and when she felt the soft curl of hair caught in her fingertips, Nessarose Thropp was accustomed to tangible delusion. When she was younger the sting of not having human contact had created an even greater imagination of what it must have felt like to be held, and her mind had run wild with that imagination when she'd met Boq. She was a not a glass sculpture—some rare, mythical animal of some forgotten glass menagerie—and she would not break if breathed upon. She was thankful for this as the arm around her waist tightened and someone let out a breath against the side of her neck. Nessa shivered. This was wonderful. She would know that scent everywhere, but never had she ever felt this close to him. She hadn't had a dream this vivid since before the spell…

…She smiled. If this was death, then Nessarose Thropp would welcome the wonderful perpetual sleep with open arms. Anything that brought her closer to Boq would be welcome with open arms. She pressed her nose into the small area of skin behind Boq's ear and smiled. Nuzzling against him, she tightened her grip on the tips of his hair. He groaned.

"Nessa, it's too early." Spreading his hand across the small of her back, he smiled despite the just beginning glow on the horizon.

"But you'll be gone with I'm awake. I don't have any more time." Boq had begun to stroke her hair in his half asleep state, but, when Nessa had spoken, he stopped his ministrations to turn his head towards her.

"Nessa, where are you?"

"In bed with you."

"Yes, but besides that. Do you remember anything that's happened recently?"

"I died." She pressed her nose deeper into his neck and breathed in deeply. "And now I'm here with you. I didn't think I'd continue on with a better life. I expected demons and hell fire and no one else with me. This is better."

"I would hope so." Boq smiled as her nose pressed against his, and he pushed his mouth forward against her lips. The kiss wasn't short like the ones before, and Boq wondered if Nessa was always so...forceful…with her kisses in her dreams. She pulled away to nip at his top lip with her teeth. Her previously broken body was still bruised under the bandages beneath her shirt, and Boq twisted his body so that Nessa was beneath him. Balanced against the headboard, he kissed her lips once more before trailing the kisses to the side of her mouth, her cheek, her ear, and her neck.

"Boq, what are you doing?" Her breath caught in her throat, and Boq smiled against her neck.

"Do you dream of this often, Nessa?" His lips slid along the line of her neck and across her collar bone before Boq paused over the dip in her skin when her neck met her chest.

"Never this." Her back arched and Boq pushed the collar of her shirt aside to reveal the delicately worked silver heart worked into the flesh of her skin beneath her left shoulder. The metal was warm against Boq's lips, and he felt a now familiar tug where his own heart should be and a comforting heat spread up from the base of his spine. The sensation from the kiss sent a small shock down Nessa's spine, and she moaned.

"We talked about his yesterday." His lips brushed the skin around her heart as he spoke. "I promise you, Nessa, you're not dreaming." The dark blue circle of bruised flesh around her metal heart matched the deep bruises around Boq's new heart, and he gently nuzzled against her neck with his cheek. "I love you, and you're alive. We're both alive." Boq smiled as he felt Nessa twist beneath him. "We're both alive for some unknown reason, but I think I can live with that for now since it gave me a second chance with you." Opening her eyes for the first time, Nessa glance over at Boq's eyes peeking out from over her pillow.

"You're really here."

"Always, Nessa. I'll always be here."

And with that, Boq pressed another kiss to Nessa's woven silver heart.