A.N sequel from one of the many fabulous story of owlofathena. (Go read them NOW!) I wanted one, so I took matter in my own hands. I hope you like it.

Zingiber Officinale 2

'The enchanted mistletoe had disappeared along with the barrier.

The faint taste of ginger lingered.

Hermione didn't forget.'

The highly intellectual discussion between Minerva McGonagall and Hermione Granger hadn't abated after what happened, nor did they increase. All seemed absolutely the same in the surface. If their cheeks were more rosy, their eyes brighter and smiling more, it has nothing to do with 'this' night.

Absolutely nothing.

Harry Potter as the instigator of 'this' night went in detention many nights. He esteemed himself happy nothing more death threatening had befallen him. He thought for sure his head of house would have 'accidentally' killed him. So if he was tired by the long nights he passed, he didn't complaint nor did he question why they were during longer at time passed. If he had been a little more observant and a little less tired, he may have thought the comportment of his strict professor a little strange and wonder when she managed to sleep but he didn't.

And time passed…

Hermione still couldn't forget.

This night Minerva excused herself for finishing the last ginger cookie today. She hadn't yet supplied back her stock. They discussed some more about the news in transfiguration but Hermione seemed preoccupied.

"I'm sorry professor. It's just… I…"

Minerva looked intensely at her star pupil, trying to decipher what was troubling her in the long silence that followed that less than clear explanation. She was abruptly cut from her thoughts by soft lips brushing gently her ones.

Her brain went blank for a moment. Then a stray though filled her mind : 'so soft' and wouldn't depart. She was put out of her daydream by a wavering voice but strangely determined voice.

"I'm sorry professor but I developed a taste for ginger that won't leave."

Before Minerva had the time to recover her wits Hermione had already departed.

'The enchanted mistletoe had disappeared along with the barrier.

The faint taste of ginger lingered.

Hermione didn't forget

Minerva didn't either.'

At their next Friday night the head of house Gryffindor received a young woman who contrary to her habitual fiery exterior was behaving very mousy like. Hermione head was down. Her bushy hair hiding her features from the intense eyes that looked over her. It didn't prevent the young woman from shuddering feeling this cat like gaze scrutinizing her from head to toes.

Finally Minerva broke the silence. "I resplendished my ginger stock." Hermione head lowered itself more if possible. It seemed like a rejection to her. 'Why did she ever come? She was so stupid!' berating herself and turning to leave she was stopped by strong arms.

"I hoped you would help me with it. I think I over did it a little. There are the usual brand of ginger cookies, but I bought some ginger tea and ginger ice cream with them. I would like your opinion about them." The body in her embrace keep shuddering more and more. Lowering her own proud head and putting it on the younger woman shoulder, Minerva breathed in the so tempting ear a word.

It was said so low, Hermione thought she was imaging things. But the word come back, again, again and again, stronger than the latter. The Scottish accent more pronounced each time. The word breathed more and more pleadingly.


A.N. there ! it was my sequel. Please feel free to do your own because I want to know how they bloody manage this relationship in the future and I'm afraid of falling in cliche and unoriginal stuff after that. Moreover I think it's a good place to stop. You can imagine lot of happy (and sexy : ice-cream mmm) stuffs after that. Or I'm just evil.