"Right." The Doctor tapped against the computer screen from the inside. "Pay attention, please."

Sally backed away from the screen a few inches. She had wanted to read some fanfiction, but FFnet was acting up and no one could upload any documents. There was thus no new fanfiction to read so she had gone over to YouTube to see if anyone had posted any new Doctor Who trailers. She couldn't wait for it to be Saturday again. But now the Doctor seemed to address her.

"Me? Are you talking to me?" she asked tentatively.

"Yes you. I don't see anyone else here, do you?"

"Guess not."

"Now, pay attention."

"Are you gonna kiss Martha again?" Sally interrupted.

The Doctor was taken aback for a moment. "That would be spoiling the plot."

"She's nice. I like her much better than I thought I would. I don't think I would mind if you kissed her again."

"Ah yes. Why don't you write some fanfiction about that?"

"Can't. FFnet won't upload any documents."

"Right. Well, here's what you do." The Doctor's face was replaced by a view of her log in page on FFnet. "You go to one of your stories. Doesn't matter which. Ah, here's a nice one: what would have happened if Rose hadn't let go of her lever? Don't we all wish we could find that out." The screen now showed a list of chapters in that story. "Then you export one of these chapters to your document manager. Go on, click on the exp link," the Doctor urged.

"Like so?" Sally moved her cursor over the exp of the second chapter and clicked her mouse button.

"Exactly." The Doctor sounded excited, but no more than usual. "Now chapter two is back in the Document Manager."

"Yes, but how will that help any? I've already got chapter two added to the story."

"Oh, you humans, sometimes you're so impatient." Sally couldn't see the Doctor, but she was sure he was rolling his eyes at her right now. "You go to Document Manager, open the document you just exported." Sally watched as this happened on her screen before her. "Delete the content of that document." The content disappeared.


"And replace it with the story you wanted to upload.

Sally blinked. The content of chapter two was replaced by the chapter she had been working on that afternoon.

"And now you can do with this chapter the same as you would do with any document you had just uploaded. I'd suggest some editing; there's a typo right there."

"That's brilliant."

"Ah no, little typo, anyone could have spotted it."

"I meant 'uploading' documents this way. That's brilliant."

"Genius, I'd say, if I weren't so modest."

"Yeah, right."

The Doctor's face appeared on the screen again. "Have fun." He wiggled his eyesbrows at her and then disappeared.

Sally set to work on editing the chapter so she could finally update her story.


Author's note: That's how you bypass those glitches when FFnet is acting up again. Sadly this doesn't work if you don't have any stories up on FFnet already.