A/N: I wrote the first chapter way before Blink ever aired. Any similarities were therefore entirely coincidental.

The Doctor helps out Torchwood fans.


"And another thing." The Doctor appeared on Sally's screen.

She looked at him wide eyed. "Hi, again," she muttered.


"Is there another glitch?"

"No, on the contrary. You can stop posting Torchwood fanfics in the Doctor Who section. Torchwood got its own category."

"Really? That's brilliant."

"Thought you might like to know."

"I do. Thanks. From now on I'll put my Torchwood fics there."

"You can also move your older fics there."

"But if I do that I'll lose all my reviews."

"No, you don't. You just have to go to stories, click the one that you want to move, and change the category." Sally's screen now showed a blow up of the change category button. "Go on, click it. You know you want to."

Sally clicked the button. A screen popped up asking her to select a category. She chose TV Shows. A second list appeared on the screen. Sally scrolled down.

"Hey, there really is a Torchwood category."

"Of course there is. Didn't you believe me?" The Doctor sounded a little upset.

"Well." Sally tried an apologetic grin. "I've asked for a Torchwood category a couple of times and I never even got a reply."

"There's a Torchwood category now, so you don't even have to ask any more."

Sally finished her category selection and pressed save changes. Green text appeared on her screen to indicate that her story had been changed.

"And that's it." The Doctor grinned. "You can blink now."

Sally pinched her eyes closed. When she opened them again her screen had turned back to normal as if the Doctor had never been there.