Chapter 2: Supposedly Prissy boss. a.k.a. Li Syaoran.

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Sakura heaved out a frustrated sigh as she leaned back against the copy machine. She idly glanced at the clock hanging on the wall and wished that it were time for lunch already. She had been in this building since eight o'clock on the dot this morning only to learn that her tasks consist of nothing but running around the building all day making copies for other people and making coffees. Somehow, her well thought out plan for working seriously just seem to lessen every ticking seconds. Then there are the people.

From where she came from in Montana, being the only Japanese family in the whole town was fun. People were more open and friendly toward one another. They look out for each other as well as the children. Sakura scrunched up her face as she thought back to what had happened. She was looking for a copy machine since the one near her work spot was busy. Everyone had ignored her question and continued what they were doing as if she was invisible. She understood very well that this was busy work environment and that everyone just wanted to get his or her work done on time. She did not blame them, of course, but could someone just stop and point her in the right direction instead of making her walk around from floor to floor?

'Welcome to Tokyo, the land of the Rising Sun, Sakura.' She mused to herself quietly as she heaved out another sigh for the nth time. The papers still being copied and shoot out of the machine and she has nothing better to do then to watch birds flew by. Somehow, this was not the image she had in mind when she was employed in the Li Enterprise. Well, technically speaking, she was in training but that's was not the point. She had a Master Degree from the United States and it was a well-known fact that it was acceptable almost in anywhere in the world. Maybe what she needed an opportunity to show them what she is truly made of. With that in mind, she finally muster up a real smile. A loud beeping from the machine startled her. The red blinking light indicated that there was no more papers in the slot. Sighing, she walked toward the paper bin and took out some before heading back toward the machine. Somehow, making copies of endless document was not exactly the opportunity she had imagined.


"Here are the documents you ask for." Sakura said with a smile as she placed a pile of folders on Grace's desk. To be truthful, Grace was not as bad as she seemed when she was not screaming or yelling at hr employees.

"Thank you, Hon." Grace mumbled out, not looking up from whatever she was reading. "Could you sort out the next pile by dates, please? I need it by two this afternoon."

"Sure." Sakura replied before she picked up the next batch of papers and placed the weight on her arm. Was it her or each time she done with one task, the next one seem to be even more than before? She did not even make it through the door before an angry Li Syaoran burst through the door. Sakura was startled as she let out a shriek along with the papers flying eight feet up into the empty air.

There was total silence in the room. Sakura was shock to say the least as she thought of all of the possibilities he could use to fire her instantly. Grace was unsuccessfully trying to hold in her laugh. Sakura did not even want to know what Mr. Li's reaction would be. She opened her mouth to apologize before she heard some grumbling along the line of "You'll do," Coming from Mr. Li's mouth before he dragged her out of the room by her wrist.

"I'm burrowing her this afternoon." He tossed behind his shoulder at Grace as he walked toward his grand office and tossed her a few manila folders. "I have a very important meeting this afternoon. You will be my secretary for today. Your task is to sit back, shut up and do not say a word. Got it?" he said slowly as if talking to a small child. Sakura mutely nodded as she looked somewhat close to fainting. "Now, repeat what I have just said to you."

"My task is to sit back, shut up and do not say a word?" she repeated unsurely as she gnawed her lower lips intensely. Mr. Li looked please before signaling for her to follow him. Shooting out of her chair in a flash, she almost tripped but caught herself in time. Sakura cursed herself for wearing heels on the wrong day. She tried her best to catch up with the said man who at the moment almost look like he was running instead of walking.

In front of the building parked a sleek black tinted limo with a driver at the side opening the door. Mr. Li waited for her to get in, rolling his eyes in the process when she once again tripped over the own feet. He managed to save the folders from falling with Sakura apologizing profusely. He shut her up with a glare before getting in himself and the driver shut the door before getting into the driver seat himself.

Sakura could feel every pair of eyes upon her back as she kept her eyes reverted from the man. Some shoot her sympathy looks, and some just shook their heads. What had she gotten herself into?

Sakura wanted to puke her guts out when they finally arrived at the destination: A high-class restaurant with surrounding French glass and exotic plants. The drive from the building was okay for the first few minutes before Mr. Li got annoyed and ordered the driver, Phil to 'Step on it and fuck the lights.', along with a few threats to the nearby passing cars. Sakura sworn that she saw a few cop cars chasing them along the busiest intersection of Tokyo. One thing she learn from this horrible experience: Never eat anything when riding in the same car with the Devil; a.k.a. Li Syaoran.

The limo barely stopped before Mr. Li impatiently threw the door open and pull Sakura along with him without a word. Sakura managed to keep her mild cussing to herself when he yanked the restaurant door open and pull her inside. Had he forgotten that she was a person with feet of her own instead of a rag doll? She would probably have blisters on her feet by now, if not from running in high heels to catch up with him, then from him dragging her around the place without a word.

'I would never take flip-flops for granted ever again.' Sakura thought as she stopped in front of the maitre d'. Mr. Li muttered something out, brushing the lint off his immaculate Armani suit. Sakura had just realized that she had on a pair f black trouser and a short-sleeved ivory silk blouse with no purse. Great. She was stranded in the middle of a restaurant with no money; no mean of transportation should Mr. Li decide to fire her. Whoever they were meeting today seemed very important to Mr. Li. Sakura made a mental note to keep her mouth shut until this day is over.

They were seated in a private dining room on the second floor that overlooked Tokyo. It was a spectacular sight but Sakura was too nervous even to enjoy the view.

'Tomoyo would have loved to photograph this.' Sakura thought to herself as she pictured her amethyst-eyed best friend/cousin and her penchant to film every 'cute moments.' Sakura distinctively remembered when she flew to California for the summer to visit Tomoyo, she had to try on every pair of clothing that Tomoyo designed and later photograph into calendar as a souvenirs. It was one of the best summers in her life. Now, Tomoyo decided to pursue her dreams as a designer in New York where she recently hired for a famous fashion company.

"Why are you so happy?" Mr. Li's voice cut through her haze as she was brought back to reality. That was when she noticed that they were alone in a room and here she was ignoring him and pondering over her past memories. "Have you heard anything I have just said?" he added for a good measure with a raised brow.

Sakura swallowed hard. "Um…you were saying something about salmon and coffee beans…?" she answered hesitantly, her eyes lowered onto the cream-colored cloth table. Only then did she realize what she had just said aloud. Violent crimson color exploded on her face as she felt her cheeks warmed. How could she be so stupid? Why in the world would he talk about fish and coffee? Stupid…stupid…stupid.

"I was not talking out…fish. Actually, I was referring to our client, Mr. Setsuna Himazuki. We are negotiating a contract to his new resort in the Bahamas. He wanted to extend his luxury hotel chain to the Caribbean. Not…tuna or coffee beans." He finished as Sakura's face flushed red again.

"I'm sorry." She mumbled out.

"You have got a bad habit of apologizing." He observed silently.

"I'm sorry." She said once again before hiding her groan. She wanted to bash her head against the table or the wall or…something for being so stupid yet again.

Mr. Li gave out a sigh before glancing at his wristwatch. "He should be here soon."

Just then, the door opened and a man with a beard belly walked in. He had a huge smile on his face and baldhead. It was Santa in the middle of August. Sakura wisely swallowed her giggle as she watched the exchanged between Mr. Li and Mr. Himazuki. They were openly friendly with one another. It was reminded her of a grandson greeting his grandfather.

'He's gorgeous when he's not scowling.' Inner Sakura thought as she watched Mr. Li genuinely smile toward the older man. Sakura shook her head to dispel the thought, 'Got to stay away from sweets in the mornings.' She made a mental note to herself.

"This is my secretary, Ms. Kinomoto." Mr. Li's voice interrupted her thought as Sakura gave a nervous smile follow by an 'It is nice to meet you' greeting. Mr. Himazuki smiled confidently at her before nodding his head and they took their seat.

The food was of course, very delicious and expensive, but Sakura was too absorbed in the deep conversation that Mr. Li and Mr. Himazuki engaged in. Mr. Li has voiced his opinions when needed, leaving the rest to Mr. Himazuki. It was not hard too see why he was the CEO of one of the biggest business in the world. The man was brilliant with his precise plans and sharp as knife skills when it comes to businesses. After hours of negotiating, they shook hand and sealed it with a glass of first-rate wine.

Mr. Himazuki was impossibly happy as he downed his wine with an approval nod. "I like your style, Xiao Lang. You remind me of what Voltaire once said…"

"Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.." Sakura finished before she realized that she had just spoke aloud, again. Mentally cursing herself, she did not notice the way Mr. Himazuki eyes widened in surprise.

"Of course, young lady. I'm glad that someone in this generation had some sense of old philosophers in their bones. I tell you, these days, no one respect what many great men had done for us anymore." He said with a shake of his head. Sakura smiled nervously as Mr. Himazuki finished his wine and stood up to leave. Mr. Li along with herself did also. After the bill was taken care off, and a few more plans of how the construction would be taken care of, Mr. Himazuki had spared a glance at her before asking for her name. Sakura had stuttered with her reply for a moment before composing herself. Mr. Himazuki whispered something to Mr. Li before getting into the white limo and drove off. The Li's company limo rounded the corner a few minutes later and they both got in also.

Sakura fidgeted in her seat as she felt Mr. Li's gaze on her. She braced herself for the blame for disobeying his order at the restaurant. She had probably done something inappropriate and even though she felt it was a harmless comment on her part, she still was at fault. Sakura just wished that he would say something, anything to break the silence. Deciding that he was not going to initiate the conversation, she swallowed her pride and spoke up. After all, no matter how much of a jerk he had been to her on the way here, he was still her boss. Besides, he looked like he was not the type to choke down his pride and admit that he was wrong. Men and their egotism.

"I'm sorry." Sakura squeaked out, not daring to look him in the eyes. She was partially afraid that those burning amber orbs would place a hole through her head. She heard Mr. Li sigh and she got more nervous. "Why are you apologizing now?" she heard him ask.

"I should not have said anything at the restaurant." Sakura muttered out.

"Look at me. I doubt the carpet is more interesting than I am." He remarked dryly. Sakura bit her lips. She almost had it with his off hand comments and haughtiness. Sakura considered herself a patient person, but Mr. Li was really pushing his luck. She summoned what was left of her courage and looked at him. If he was going to yell at her, at least she took it like a person with dignity. "Did you regret what you have done?" he asked her casually. Sakura thought it over. She did not regret anything because she had nothing to regret.

"Not really. I did not regret what I have said, but I did regret that fact that I disobey your request." Mr. Li scrutinizing gaze remained on her a moment longer.

"I thought it was an order." He said finally with a chuckle. "I believe it is my turn to apologize for the way I was acting this afternoon. This deal is especially important to me. I tend to get easily annoy when things do not go my way, but who does not?"

Sakura felt impelled to point out that he ought to learn some patient instead of acting like a complete jerk, but she would best keep it to herself. After all, he did apologize.

"Don't you have anything to say?" Mr. Li asked.

"I understand that stress is a part of life, and it was only natural that you felt that way especially with something that concerned your work. Apology accepted."

"Setsuna-san was pleased with your response." He commented with a shrug. "Apparently, he is a philosophy fanatic. I usually just nod along with whatever he was saying." He added sheepishly.

Sakura smiled. "My grandmother was the same way."


"She died when I was ten." Sakura replied.

"I'm sorry." He offered.

"It's okay. It was a long time ago."

"How is your training so far?" he asked casually. Sakura was torn in between. Should she tell him that she hated? Would he think that she is not able to handle simple things like making copies and coffee? Then again, lying was not her strong point and usually, she ended up being caught. "You can tell the truth." He urged.

"Honestly, I feel that my ability can do so much more. Making copies and running around the building with endless tasks for other people is not what I had imagined."

"Typical. When I was an intern here, my father was still in reign. He made sure to give me hell every day. I was not the person who follows others easily and my father knew that too. He did it to 'teach' me some lesson, but I know he did it because he can."

Sakura was speechless. So he knew from experience. No wonder he was not at all surprised when she had a hard time finding everything.

'Maybe Mr. Li is not as bad as he seem' Sakura thought as she watched him flipped his cell phone and speak quietly into the device. He seems almost approachable and somewhat easy to talk to when he was not having one of his giant mood swing attack. Her thoughts shattered away when he suddenly yelled loudly into the phone making her cringe back and her eyes widened enormously at some of the colorful words she never thought existed before. 'Then again, maybe not.'

Sakura sighed as she leaned back against the black leather seat of the limo trying to tune out the obscenities that her supposedly boss as yelling at the person on the other line.

'I'd hate to get on his bad side.' She thought briefly before closing her eyes.


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