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Chapter 2: Down by the Seaside

The front doors of the Tower slid open with a hiss, and the small entrance room was instantly smothered in the smell of BO. A masked man walked in tiredly, followed by a slumped over green changeling. An orange-skinned alien, and an empath followed after, their faces twisted in obvious disgust of the smell. The green man wiped his forehead, flicking flecks of sweat from his brow, and let out a sigh, "Whew, who knew the Hive Five would still be functional; I'll never underestimate those morons again."

Raven shook her head, "You just did."

"What? What are you talking about Rae?"

She shook her head with a small grin at his ignorance, "First off, my name's not Rae. And secondly, just by calling them morons, you underestimate them. They very well may not be the smartest group of villains, but they sure as heel aren't the stupidest, especially with Gizmo there."

"Oh…sorry Rae."

A burst of black energy knocked Changeling off his feet and flat on his face. He looked up as Raven passed by, groaning his apology through gritted teeth, "I mean…sorry Raven."

The empathy nodded, and floated upward into a hole of black energy in the ceiling that would take her up the ten or so floors to the main room with out physical stress. Changeling looked around to see that everyone else had left, and looked at the door that was marked with the picture of a staircase. He sighed as he shuffled over to the door, "Man, we totally need to get a friggin' elevator, even an escalator would be nice, but no Mr. Health Freak Grayson needs to have stupid friggin' stairs." The green man's tirade continued as he walked up the stairs, his feet dragging each step.

The door in the common room slid open, and Garfield slumped in, immediately taking off for his room to take a shower. His tired feet shuffled and scuffed all the way down the hall, until finally he reached one of the many bathrooms that the superheroes used, but this one, was his, or at least the one he always used. The walls were even painted various greens, and all of his toiletries were contained inside. His feet dragged a bit more so that he could turn on the water, as soon as steady stream was spraying from the shower head, he undressed and stepped in. His body went rigid and he shook, "Just fuckin' great, no hot water."

A green hand shot out from the shower curtains and scrambled on a counter for a forgotten bar of soap. The hand closed around the white oval, and shot back into the cleansing area. A deep chuckle was heard from behind the shower curtain as Garfield made a joke to himself, "Ha…don't drop the soap." Seconds later a small clunk was heard and the deep voice was heard again, "Shit! Get back here you slippery little devil." The monologue was followed by various thumps and bumps, "Yes! Victory! Fuck, no, get back here!"

Minutes later, Garfield emerged from the bathroom, and headed off in the direction of his room. His wet hair fell easily into his eyes, and he flicked his head to get out of the way, but a little damp still clung to the thin layer of fur that coated his body. Raven passed by going the opposite way, and her hooded eyes raked over his well muscled body, but she mentally shook herself back to normality as he passed with a wave. She only smiled and threw a remark as she passed, "Drop the soap?"

The changeling's cheeks flushed a dark color, and his pace quickened just a little, determined to reach his room. He entered his room and came out a minute later dressed in a pair of loose khaki shorts, accompanied by white shirt with a stylized blue flame in the middle. He stretched, and made his way to the common room, smiling at his refreshed state. The doors slid open automatically as he approached, and he entered talking, "So, what we got planned for today, training, laziness, or a day on the town?"

Dick looked up from the meat stuffed sandwich, and swallowed the food that was in his mouth, "Actually, I was thinking we could take a day off at the beach, you know, take a day off to relax. I think we could all use it."

Garfield snickered, and leaned up to Victor, whispering in his ear, "Yeah right. He just wants to see Kori in that bikini she said she bought."

Victor laughed, spraying some of the food out of his mouth in a mist, dirtying the counter, and earning a skeptical look from the team leader. "So, you guys wanna go, or not?" his question was directed at them as if he had heard every word Gar had said, and it wouldn't have been surprising if he had.

They both nodded, and Dick stood up smiling, "Great! Off to the beach it is! I'm gonna go tell Kori, Vic or Gar, one of you go tell Raven." Victor immediately sat down and shouted "Not it!" as he picked up his massive sub again. Gar just shook his head and moved toward the door.

"And here I was thinking that we'd all grown up a bit."

Victors resounding, "Nope!" followed him through the door and down the hallway.

Gar reached the empath's door, and stood outside pondering what approach he should take. Finally he decided on the false need approach. He knocked on the door and spoke, "Rae, I really need to talk to you, you think you can come out for a sec."

Raven on the other side of the door sitting in a chair looked up at the knock and heard the changeling's voice drift through the metal. Sighing, she placed her book on the chair, marking her page with a slip of paper. She opened the door and saw a desperate looking Garfield standing in the hallway. "What is it?" the question came out a bit more coldly than she had wanted it to, but it seemed to have no effect.

Gar reached out and snatched her by the arm, dragging her off down the hall. She tumbled along, and asked him, "Gar, what the hell are you doing?"

The changeling smiled and answered, "Well, I'm taking you to the common room so we can meet the others, and then we can go off to the beach. You see, I knew that if I told you the plan originally, you wouldn't have even come out of your room, but this way, I've already got you halfway there."

Some things didn't change, Raven was still mostly a loner, though she had gotten used to being able to show her emotions a little. One thing that had changed about her though, was that she was no longer as stubborn as a mule, especially when the battle was against a certain someone that had probably been a mule at one point or another. She didn't even really put up a fight this time, she kind of actually wanted to go to the beach, and the changeling found it incredibly easy to drag her down to the common room where they were gathering.

Dick smiled as the two entered, wearing pair of black trunks and a dark blue jacket with no undershirt. His dark shades hid brilliant blue eyes that were now visible around the Tower more often than not. Victor was just finishing up putting a water proofing solution on his mechanical parts, and Kori was standing unembarrassed in an almost scandalously small bikini. No one else could see it, but Gar's animalistic sight caught the silhouettes of Dick's eyes frequently darting to her rear.

Gar smiled and jolted his head in the direction of the door, "So, are we gonna get this show on the road or what?"

Dick smiled and picked up a beach bag on the floor at his feet, "Titans, go!"

All five laughed at this, even if Raven's only was a small snicker. The five headed to the garage and piled into the T-car, tearing out of the garage, and traveling off to beach less rocky and one more sandy.


The beach, in short, was amazing. The sun was out, shining down on the sand, causing the powdered rock to glisten. A cool breeze came off the waters, so it never became too hot on the beach. Tons of people were there, and even more were coming to see the attractions, or in other words, the Titans.

Just being there caused the Titans to draw a big crowd. Nightwing kept his heavy sunglasses on the entire time so as to protect his identity, but everyone else didn't have much of hidden identities, and were out in full beach gear. Changeling wore a pair of black, green striped trunks, and was going shirtless. Cyborg was, as usual, going without clothes, seeing as how he was almost completely robotic. And Raven was wearing a two piece that looked almost identical to her leotard, minus the midsection, sleeves and all.

Changeling had taken the liberty of mocking it on more than one occasion while they were at the beach, but his last comment had cut off by a black burst of energy that sent him face first into the sand. He had coughed and spluttered, spitting disgustedly, trying to get the grit and sand out of his mouth, while Raven went back to her book and towel, a content grin playing on her lips.

Now, the guys and Star had joined a volleyball game, and it was in full swing. Changeling and Cyborg joining one team, while Nightwing and Starfire joined the other, Raven of course, sat on the sidelines and watched, reading her book. The game was beginning to get competitive, and powers and superhuman abilities were being brought into play. Raven was so drawn into her book that she did not notice an exhausted Starfire plop down beside her.

Starfire watched her friend for a few minutes, noticing how occasionally her deep violet eyes would glance up and settle on a certain changeling in front of her. Starfire smiled, and spoke up as Raven looked up again, "Hello friend Raven."

Raven's head whipped toward where Starfire was sitting, eyes tearing away from Changeling, and her face flushing crimson, "Oh, hey Star, why aren't you playing anymore."

"Friend Raven, I have not been playing for the past fifteen minutes, did you not notice?" Starfire's tone was innocent, but Raven could catch the knowledge behind her grin.

Raven shook her head slowly, "No, sorry, I must have just been so absorbed in my book; I probably was just not paying attention to the game."

Starfire nodded, "Oh, of course you were not paying attention to the game of volleyball, but I am very clearly sure that it was not due to your reading, but looking at something else."

Raven flushed red, and her eyes shot down to her book, burying herself in the pages, "So what if I was?" Her voice was barely audible, and Starfire had to have her repeat herself twice before she understood what had been said. And when she understood, she fell silent, trying to think of how she should word her next question. Finally, she decided to go with a head-on blunt approach, it always seemed to go easier when you did it that way.

She took a deep breath, trying to Raven's attention, but the empath stayed buried in her book. Starfire sighed, and asked her question regardless, "Raven, do you like friend Changeling?"

Raven looked at her oddly, "Of course I like him, it would be really hard to live in the Tower if I couldn't stand him."

"No," Starfire said, shaking her head at the intelligent girls' ignorance, "I mean do you have the smash on Changeling."

Raven said the aliens words over and over again, but could discern no meaning, "Star, what'd you mean do I have a smash on Changeling," and then it dawned on her. "Oh, you mean a crush…" her face flushed red, and she was at a loss for words. Starfire watched her friend expectantly, waiting for an answer eagerly. Finally when it came, she was disappointed. Raven composed herself, and the red faded from her cheeks, "No, no I do not have a crush on Gar, at least, I hope I don't"

Starfire shook her head sadly, and got back up to rejoin the volleyball game, but was told that they had enough people. She too sat on the sidelines, though the opposite side of Raven, and watched the game from a sitting position. Raven glanced up occasionally, and shook herself every time she found her eyes drawn to her green teammate. She pulled her gaze away, though he did have great muscles, and he was really cute, she shook her head, shaking the thoughts from her head. Her eyes went up again, to see Starfire on the other side, a smile splitting her face.

Raven's head went back down to the words of her book, I don't have a crush on Gar, I can't have a crush on Gar, I won't have a crush on Gar…I have a crush on Gar." Her face flushed a deep red again, and her eyes shot up to meet Starfire's emerald orbs again. The alien girl nodded knowingly, and Raven for not the first time wondered how someone who wasn't even from this planet could be so in tune with the feelings and emotions of its people, especially when she herself used emotions as a power, and could feel other's emotions.

She was so busy pondering this conundrum that she didn't notice the green changeling come up behind her, and lean over her shoulder to look at her book. He blew on her ear and whispered, "C'mon Rae, it's time to go." And indeed it was, for the sun was setting below the horizon, but unfortunately, Changeling would not know he was home for a little while. His actions startled the thinking Raven so much that she lashed out with her heavy tome and smashed him across the head, knocking him out cold.

She yelped in surprise, and jumped up embarrassed, quickly so as to avoid the comments of others, she formed a black portal and jumped in it so she could go back to her room. As soon as she did, the other Titans came looking for Gar who had gone off to get Raven, and found only the unconscious form of the green changeling. Figuring he must have done something that had seriously upset Raven, they gathered up his limp form, and carried him to the T-car. Their trip down by the seaside had not exactly gone perfectly, but it was pretty damn close to it.


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