It was two years after that fateful day at the hot springs when Mizuki was kidnapped and things were different in Konoha and yet some things were the same. Konoha was at peace still with Suna and now because of Kisame the Mizukage, Konoha is now allies with Mist. With these three countries as allies, no one wanted to mess with them. The Mizukage and Kazekage were known to have caused blood baths in their youths, and Tsunade was not without a fearsome reputation.

At the Uzumaki household things were as chaotic as ever. "ARASHI NARUTO. MIZUKI MEGUMI. GET YOUR BUTTS DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE." A normally calm Hinata yelled up the stairs of the house. Pacing back and forth in the foyer waiting for the kids to come down Hinata stopped in front of the mirror there and smiled. It wasn't the fact that she was dressed up in a deep purple kimono that showed her pregnant belly that made her smile. It was the occasion for which they were dressed up. The kids had been dressed for an hour now but still were going slow. At this rate they were going to be late. "ARASHI, MIZUKI, NOW!"

Sitting on Mizuki's bedroom floor we see Ramen showing pictures to his little sister, having completely losing track of time. Hearing his and Mizuki's full name being called he said "Come on Miso, moms mad. We better get going." Standing up and adjusting his Leaf forehead protector Ramen adjusted his dark orange kimono. Bringing his hand down to his little sister he smiled as he helped her up. Holding her hand the two headed down the stairs to their pacing mother.

Seeing her two children coming towards her Hinata could only smile. Ramen was looking so much like his father everyday and Mizuki looked like a little version of herself. She was so cute wearing a pale lavender kimono with her hair done in buns on the side. While Mizuki may have looked like Hinata she did have her fathers' stubbornness. Since her first few words she was following in her brothers footsteps with a nickname.

Hinata began to suspect something when Mizuki's first word wasn't ma-ma or even dada, no her daughters' first word had to be miso. Hopefully thinking it as a coincidence Hinata was in shock when her daughters second word not even a week later was ramen. After that came the ma-ma and dada part but only after those two words. When they did name recognition games with her she recognized everyone and said their names. When it came to herself she kept saying Miso.

It wasn't long after that that Mizuki Uzumaki became known as Miso. When Hinata confronted Naruto on where Mizuki would ever learn the word miso she was finally told the story of her eating miso ramen broth at Ichiraku's from a young age. Much to Hinata's dismay, everyone thought the name was adorable and the name stuck. Hinata was hoping with the next one that they won't have a child nicknamed after food.

"We're ready to go Mom" Ramen said as they stopped in front of Hinata.

Keino, who wondered into the room, lifted Mizuki onto her back to carry her to the announcement. Keino had finally gained her third tail at Mizuki's kidnapping and was considered the girls personal body guard. Keino now reached Hinata's thighs in height in full demon mode, but was usually knee height otherwise. Kitsune on the other hand has manages his fifth tail and is waist high when in full demon mode. In other cases he remains as high as Ramen's thighs to avoid bumping and confusion.

"Let's go guys, we have to meet Daddy." Hinata said as the young family went to hear the Hokage's announcement.

Walking into the village Hinata and crew were soon surrounded by their familiar friends and family. First off she seen Gaara with an arm wrapped around a pregnant Hanabi. Getting a small smile Hinata smiled at what Hanabi told her what had happened in the two years since they saw each other.

The no Sabaku family was expanding with the pregnancy of Hanabi. After their marriage, the two wasted no time in producing an heir. The Hidden Village in the Sand could still remember the joyous shout of excitement from their normally stoic Kazekage. Since finding out Gaara usually had the equivalent of a smile on his face. He usually maintained a smirk, even with Hanabi's mood swings. Luckily for the Kazekage, he had a valid excuse to be away. Damn that paperwork. It's saved his life more than once.

Upon hearing the news Gaara jumped up onto the top of the Kazekage Tower and shouted "I'm going to be a father" at the top of his lungs. For the people who only remembered when Gaara smiled was when he was blood thirsty ran in fear. Panic and mayhem ran until people realized what apparently Gaara had said. Once corrected of their mistake the villagers were soon cheering for the young Kazekage and his wife.

When Hanabi had told Hinata this story all she could do was laugh at the thought of a rampaging Gaara for having a child. After all the changes he had done and gone through, they worried more about his sanity when he was happy, and to that Hinata thought was hilarious.

Standing close to Gaara was Temari and Shikamaru with the girls. Temari and Shikamaru married two months after Mizuki's kidnapping in Suna and had a set of twin girls. Gaara was happy to have more nieces to play with but so far Ramen had remained his only nephew. Shikamaru is standing by his stance that 'women are troublesome' considering his house is consisting of all women, himself excluded.

The twins already at a year old were talking, showing signs of their father's intelligence which was to his delight. Much to his dismay they also seem to have their mother's sarcasm. Shikamaru has been debating on getting a male dog for the house so at least that way he won't be outnumbered so badly, sadly though, knowing Temari and the girls though they would choose a female. Hinata was wondering to tell him that Temari was pregnant again.

Next was a happily smiling TenTen with her hand on her protruding belly, with Neji in his cold Hyuuga stance. To a lesser extent was Hiro who smiled slyly at seeing Ramen. With Ramen gave a matching smirk, Hinata wondered what was going on.

Hiro has made drastic improvements in his attitude. Now he is a somewhat happy child in the house but outside he still acted like he had a stick up his butt. With his new relation to the Uzumaki kids (Neji and TenTen claims Hinata as family still) Ramen and his friends are determined to remove it. So far they got him to break Hyuuga protocol and actually laugh in public.

TenTen was delighted to hear it and Neji even gave a smile thankful that Hiro was going to be a new type of Hyuuga. He just wished he didn't pick up the Ramen's habit of pulling pranks. It took Neji a week to wash out the bright pink hair dye. When asked why he did it all Hiro could say was he wanted to know what a Hyuuga would look like crossed with a Haruno.

TenTen and most of the branch members almost wet themselves as the sight of a fuming Neji stomping down the halls of the Hyuuga Complex, looking for Hiro with bright pink hair. Needless to say Neji didn't leave the complex that week, but for some reason pictures were taken without his knowledge. Hinata and Hanabi currently have one on their walls. TenTen carries a copy in with her scrolls, sealed to keep away from prying eyes. 'If it's anything like dying Neji's hair again I don't know if I can scold him without laughing this time' Hinata thought. 'Although I am glad to see that Hiro is a better boy for pranking, I would have to have one directed at me. I wonder if Kankuro is in town. He is always good for a laugh.''

The Rock family with Gai was the next group that the Uzumaki's had come across. Many changes happened there and Hinata could only laugh at the story of Kaede's pregnancy. The Rock family is going on its third addition as we speak. Kaede had gone into labor that Monday after Mizuki's kidnapping giving birth to a cute little girl named Aoi. The two year old little girl wore her dark brown hair in two plaits on the sides of her head tied with bright green ribbons. Luckily for her she seemed to inherit her mothers' eyebrows instead of her fathers. Lee was adamant about putting the tradition green jumpsuit on her to grow with until Kaede put one on attempting to show him the future effects. Sad to say it didn't quite work as planned.

After a severe nosebleed from Lee and the carrying of Kaede to the bedroom, Lee promised never to put Aoi in the jumpsuit because he would kill anyone who looked at his daughter that way. That didn't stop Kaede from ending up pregnant again from the encounter. So instead of wearing the traditional green jumpsuit Aoi got to wear a green shirt that said 'Youthful' and matching green shorts.

Daiki had gotten stronger and had gotten permission from Tai to have his father sign the summoning scroll. Together they came up with a new type of Tai Jutsu that worked perfectly with their summons. He still gets along great with Ramen and Shuri and has even befriended Hiro. This is the year the kids finally decided they were ready to take the Chounin Exams. At ten Daiki was striving to become the youngest Chounin in the family, and you know with his determination, the Rock and Uzumaki family thinks he will get it.

A little to the front of the Rock's are the Aburame clan members, all four of them. Shino and Anya has had another child, this time a little boy they named Shouhei. Unfortunately for the family though, due to complications Anya can't have anymore children. Instead the two are now looking into possibly adopting into the family, although they are researching the Aburame history books to see if it actually can be done with their clan specialties. Anya felt at peace for avenging her family, although she didn't go looking for the killer. She was glad she finally knew what happened.

Shuri has grown as well both as a kunoichi and as a person. She is still very analytical and a great strategist, but she also broke out more of her shell. She has came up with some more techniques for her family but also decided to learn more Tai Jutsu at Daiki's dojo. She figured if she ran out of chakra she needed something to fall back on. She still hangs out with Daiki and Ramen constantly and is studying when not with those two for the Chounin Exams.

As the Uzumaki's headed towards the front they came across the Uchiha clan, and Hinata's adopted brothers, all proudly wearing the Uchiha fan on the back of their clothes. Between Sasuke and Itachi the Uchiha clan is getting repopulated nicely. The only draw back so far has been that they both have only had girls. Both Sakura and Malina are pregnant again, and this time they are both praying for a boy. Itachi's was mostly to carry on the name. Sasuke, well his was also to carry on the family name but also to finally beat Itachi at something. Sasuke had forgiven Itachi a long time ago but still thought it would be nice to beat him at something for once. 'I wonder if I should tell them both Sakura and Malina are pregnant with boys' thought Hinata before finishing. 'Nah, I will let them find out on their own.'

Haruka Uchiha was born the day of the kidnapping, and was a bright little girl. At two years of age the little girl was getting along great with her older sister, Yuki, her cousin, Akane, and Mizuki. Yuki at almost four has already wanted to start practicing with the older kids, yet still likes to play with the younger. Itachi and Sasuke also has a bet on which child would activate the sharringan first.

Sasuke has been promoted to ANBU captain now, taking over Naruto's position. He is now the leader of TenTen, Kaede, and is looking for a replacement to make a three man team. He currently has his eye on Konohamaru.

Itachi has in away become an advisor for Naruto since he can no longer call on Shikamaru as he once did. While Naruto can strategize, Itachi can actually seem to get inside the minds on their opponents, making their next area of attack easily found.

Making their way to the front Hinata looked up to see Tsunade and Jiraiya about to fight as usual. Jiraiya trying to analyze his feelings of jealousy attempted to date her. Things went well for a few days there until Tsunade caught him during his 'research'. It wasn't so much that he was peeping but that he had the nerve to do it in front of her. After punching him threw several walls, shattering them they decided to just remain friends and to never bring up possibly dating ever again.

Jiraiya went off to do what he does best, gathering information and 'research'. Tsunade has decided that she wanted to enjoy the rest of her golden years with her grandchildren, so was currently looking for a replacement Hokage.

Standing next to Jiraiya was Kakashi, still wearing his trademark mask and clothes. Kakashi and Inari never admitted to where they disappeared to when the fight for Mizuki happened but it was rumored that a bar of soap was involved after being thrown at their heads after peaking at Anko in the hot springs. None of the parties will ever confirm or deny the story. Anko was just mad she missed the whole fight showing up as everyone had mostly left. She refuses to admit she missed out on a good fight.

Inari went back to the Land of Waves but still visits often. Lately though no one has seen him but did hear he was training his Genin Team extra hard this year to go against the rumored Team Seven. Seeing them fight on the way back from their mission. Inari knew he had a lot to teach his students.

"People of Konoha" Tsunade said speaking to the public. "It has been a great pleasure serving Konoha for these many years. I'm tired and getting old and want to spend time with my grandkids. So the council and I have come to a decision. We have come up with the new Hokage that I am sure you all know. People of Konoha" Tsunade said raising her arms up in the air "I give you your new Hokage Naruto Uzumaki."

Cheering and clapping was heard throughout the village as Naruto stepped forwards in his fathers' old robes. Giving a now crying Tsunade a hug, Naruto soon raised his arms showing that he wished to speak.

"People of Konoha" Naruto said "I have finally achieved my goal. As many of you know I have been protecting this village for a long time. I started out as a ninja at the age of twelve and gradually worked my way up in the ranks. I found a woman who loved me for me and have some great kids. I have friends and family that no one would find better anywhere else. For this and for all my precious people I will protect Konoha with my life. Thank you again, people of Konoha."

With that Naruto walked back into the Hokage Tower where his family found him sitting behind the desk of many previous Hokage's. With tears in their eyes and among family and friends, Hinata's and Naruto's dreams had finally came true.