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Chapter Two:


We took off back into the woods. At first it was just movement towards our goal. Then I noticed Emmett. He was always so fast to turn anything into a competition. I let him think, at first, that I didn't notice that he was trying to turn it into a race. I let him get ahead. He was used to beating me in races. It wasn't anything new. But this time, I don't know. I let him get only so far ahead of me before I blew past him.

I caught a glimpse of his face as I passed. He was astonished. It took him a moment before he could catch me. But, naturally, he passed me quickly. We didn't stop until we hit the base of the mountain.

"You know, if you hadn't startled me by actually racing, you never would have passed me?" He asked when we came to a stand still. I could only smile at him. I saw him looking around. He always did this. He would find us a good place to hunt. He always did.

He may not notice that I knew that when we went out hunting together he never really fed. He would let me play my games with the helpless little creatures around us. I knew that no matter how long we were out here, when we got back he would have to go back out with Jasper or Edward.

I liked it when he watched me hunt though. I never got tired of his eyes on me. I think he knew that too. So I would play my games. But in the back of my mind I would keep in mind his need too.

It didn't take long for us to find the natural nature of predator and prey. I found a fox hunting a seemingly unsuspecting rabbit. I followed the fox as lightly as it followed the rabbit. At the last possible moment I would grab the fox and hold it in the air. The rabbit, which was now trapped by some boulders, just stared at me. Then, as I sank my teeth into the fox, Emmett grabbed the rabbit and drained it of blood in about two seconds flat.

This continued for the rest of the day. I was happy when we found some larger animals to stalk. I found a mountain lion about to lay down for the night and played with it for a little while. I wasn't to keen on lions. That was more Edward's kind. I still didn't really have a favorite. But I preferred wild dogs to wild cats.

When I finally finished with the lion. I went to look for Emmett. He wasn't hard to find. He was never really far from me when we hunted. Not that I needed his protection. But I knew I always had it.

I found him in a small clearing. He was laying fanned out on the ground with his eyes closed. I watched him as a huge grin spread across his face. "I can hear you. You know that." He opened his eyes and smiled as he said it. I couldn't help but smile too. He was so infectious. I laid with my head on his shoulder.

"Have you had enough? Or do you want to find some more?" I looked into his eyes. They still weren't as light as mine. I knew that he had to hunt some still. But he wouldn't while with me. He would always settle for what I left behind. I did feel guilty for that. But I also felt a strange pleasure in it. He would forever be my only real need. I love my family. And I always would. But Emmett is my world, my life, my love.

"I am done for today." I told him as I kissed his cheek. We laid their for hours. Just looking at the stars through the canopy of the trees. Even though we couldn't sleep, it was a restful night. As the sun started to come up we went back on the prowl.

Emmett drank more today than he did yesterday. His eyes finally started to get that golden tinge. Since He refused to leave my side, I took it upon myself, to lead him to a small group of bears. I had noticed them out of the corner of my eye while we were looking for more sport. He couldn't help himself. As I knew he wouldn't be able to.

I sat back for a while and let him have his fun. After a couple of hours I jumped in though. It really did look like fun. We took them out without much effort. When we were done, and the four bears were drained of their life giving warmth. I looked into Emmett's eyes again. I smiled as I saw they were now the golden honey color I loved so much.

Feeling that we now both had had our fill I asked if he wanted to go back home now. "No! We told Esme that we would be back in Three days. I think one more night in the woods would be adventuresome." He raised his eyebrows as he said this. I had no doubt what he had in mind.