Finding You

A Reela, destined to forever bring the pair closer together. Beware of fluff.

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Neela opened her eyes. She was lying beside Ray, as she had found herself doing so many nights past. He was snoring softly. As peaceful as it looked Neela did not want to stay there with him. She was hungry. Upon finding almost nothing to eat in the kitchen she dug out the bag of chocolate chips. She was about to engorge herself with the whole bag when she remembered the next best thing to chocolate, cookies. She got down the numerous ingredients from the cabinet and started mixing the ingredients, and making quite a racket.

Ray heard this and ventured sleepily into the kitchen. He laughed upon seeing her blue bathrobe dotted with flour and liquid. "What are you doing?"

"Making cookies." She stated, as if it was perfectly normal to bake cookies at 4 am.

Ray smiled and went over to her, "You couldn't wait until the sun came up?" He embraced her gently, pulling away so she could finish cooking. "…Apparently not." He sighed and hopped up on a countertop to watch her. Then he saw the coffee, already made sitting by the pot. Neela wasn't drinking any, but she usually didn't anyway so he hardly noticed.

After a few more minutes Neela took the first batch of cookies out of the oven and set them on the stove to cool. She watched as Ray unseated himself from the countertop and snatched one up.

"Hey!" Neela exclaimed, "I was going to eat that one!" Ray had already taken a rather large bite out of it but he offered it to her anyway. She sighed with irritatation, "I don't want it now!"

"Well why not?" Looking at her, bewildered.

"It has your cooties." She stated.

"I do not have cooties." He insisted.

"Yes, you do."


She smiled, "I win."

"No you don't, I got the cookie."



Ray smiled and leaned forward, passionately kissing her lips. "Who wins now?"

"That wasn't a kiss, that was getting the flour off of me."

Ray shrugged, "If you say so, but now you have my cooties anyway."

Neela rolled her eyes and picked up a cookie. "Oh Ray.. I didn't put vanilla in them." She frowned.

"So, I couldn't tell."

She looked at the batch sourly, "They're ruined."

"No they aren't."

"Ray…. They are perfect."

"So, no one's perfect."

Neela sighed and frowned for a little longer.

"Well, I've got to get ready for work." He kissed her cheek as he walked past her into the bedroom and quietly shut the door.

Neela turned slightly, watching him go. She had forgotten to tell him about why she had had the late night cookie craving.