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Jack sat at his desk filling out paperwork. It was possibly the least glamorous parts of his job, but it had to be done. The best part of paperwork meant that he got two days out of the year Mayor free. It was not as though he disliked Mayor, no on the contrary Jack considered him a close friend, but he needed a few days to himself.

Jack picked up a sheet of paper that consisted of an expense report for the most recent additions to their planning. He scratched his skull. Halloween scares sure had become a lot more expensive over the years. The skeleton blamed Hollywood and their incredible effects for that. People just did not scare as easily as before.

Beneath a mountain of papers the pumpkin king's cell phone buzzed. Jack tilted his head to the side and made a noise of confusion. Since his purchase of the device it found newer ways to puzzle him.

Bony fingers pushed away the charts and graphs along with sheets loaded with text. He found where his cellular had been buried and flipped up the top. There was a picture of a small white envelope in the center of the screen. Jack twisted his mouth. Surely he would have heard the ring had someone called him and left a message. The pumpkin king shrugged then pressed the button that read: open.

A new screen popped up along with word. He blinked twice before reading. It was a written message from Sally: Jack, meet me for coffee later. Jack put a hand under his jawbone while thinking over this new phenomenon. It appeared that one did not have to actually call and talk in order to communicate with the person on the other line. Jack read the bar at the top which revealed it to be a text message.

Jack gasped and rummaged through the various papers on the desk. Surely text messaging was not included in the price. At last he found what he sought. Sure enough texting cost extra. The pumpkin king groaned. That wife of his was going to end up costing him quite a bit with all these extras on her phone.

Finally five o'clock rolled around. Jack picked up his briefcase with the picture of a screaming skull in the center. He waved to the others as he made his way out of town hall. For the first time he noticed the amount of people who were on the cell phones. Several of them had the device against their ears in a more traditional manner while others busied their fingers with texting. Jack shook his head. How could something so simple as a phone to make calls turn into a more complex matter.

Jack was determined not to let the news regarding new phone features ruin his day. He was considered a traditional man by many people in the town. It was a fact Jack was most proud of and he had no intentions of changing to fit the new flow. The old ways worked just fine.

At last he reached the coffee shop. Jack entered, the bell on the door screeching with his presence. The other customers inside each waved and shook hands with him as he entered. Sure enough, on each of the tables, or at least in the hands of one of the creatures sitting at the table, was a cell phone. Jack's eyes fell on the redhead sitting in the back. Her stitched smile still made him melt to this day.

Jack sat down across from his wife. He leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her velveteen lips. The simple action still made Sally giggle. Sally had no issues with Jack's traditional ways.

"Hey, Jack, I ordered your favorite," Sally said pointing to the pumpkin latte on the table. Jack squeezed her hand. That was something he loved about his wife, how well she knew him. Sally always paid attention to the details. It was a trait that made her an exceptional pumpkin queen.

Jack brought the liquid to his lips. It tasted as wonderful as always. The Skellingtons made an effort to go out for coffee at least once a week.

Suddenly Sally's phone buzzed inside her purse. She opened the flap on the patchwork handbag and opened her phone. She giggled at something that was obviously written on the screen.

"Sally?" Jack asked.

Sally shook her head. "Jewel just sent me the funniest text," she said. "Igor, my dad's assistant, mixed up the labels on the chemicals again. Instead of weed killer he now has a talking plant and Igor wants to keep it for a pet." Sally laughed harder as she read it a second time.

Jack lifted a nonexistent brow. "Sally, we need to talk about this."

"Oh, you want another pet?" Sally asked. "Do you think Zero will get along with an animated plant?"

Jack sighed. "Not that, Sally," he replied. "Zero is enough of a pet for now." He cleared his throat then pointed to the phone in Sally's hands. "I got the phone bill today."

"Oh?" Sally asked. "Is it more than we expected?" Jack nodded. "Oh, dear," Sally said with a hand on her face. "They get you with the initial low rates then raise the price."

"No," Jack said shaking his head. "The price hasn't gone up—yet." He sighed and leaned closer. "It's all this texting and extra stuff that's costing."

"Oh, really?" Sally asked. She leaned back against the booth chair. "I'm sorry," she said. "But some of my friends don't talk, they text." She blew a strand of hair out of her face.

"Phones are for calling, not texting," Jack said with a nod of his head.

Sally laughed then retorted, "Not anymore. My dad and Jewel have these new iphones with touch screens that have internet access."

Jack sat up startled. "Internet on a phone?"

"Yeah, it's weird, but convenient," Sally stated. "Imagine needing to look something up that very moment, but you don't want to carry a computer."

Jack laughed. "Wow, that's amazing."

"I know," Sally said with a grin. "Then the Corpse family showed me their new phones this morning. They have a family talk and share program. And their son has all these things called apps where he can listen to music and check his Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter."

Jack's eyes widened. "Really all that?" Sally nodded. Jack put his bony arm on the back of the chair. "Though I'm not sure about all these children having phones. We did just fine in our days without them."

Sally nodded. "Well, it's up to the parents, sweetie." She placed a hand under her chin. "When we have children I want to be able to keep up with them at all times." She looked over at Jack. "Do you think we should upgrade our phone plans to include all these extras?"

Jack shook his head. "I don't want to think about the costs."

"It's not so bad if you get a package deal," Sally said. "Just think of what all we can do with internet access and unlimited texting."

Jack laughed. "You're already on the phone all the time as it is." He playfully slapped her on the wrist. "I'll never get you away from your cell."

Sally laughed and playfully nudged Jack on the arm. "I do not, you're so silly, pumpkin king."

Jack sipped from his latte. "I suppose adding texting won't hurt, but I'm not too sure about those apps right now," he said before taking another swallow.

Sally groaned. "Jack, by the time you make up your mind about that, they'll be outdated."

Jack shuddered. "I hate to think of what else they'll come up with for phones."

"Face the facts, Jack, the times aren't as simple as they used to be," Sally said with a hint of mourning in her voice.

"I know, it's a shame," Jack said sipping from the cup.

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