Sesshomaru folded the last letter and placed it back into the stuffed cloth envelope a messenger had brought to him a few days ago. What was his brother trying to accomplish by sending him outlandish letters? Like he didn't get his daily dose of nonsense from Rin and Jaken. Still what was the point? Did Inuyasha expect him to respond to these 'letters'?

Placing the stuffed package back into the fold in his haori he took out a piece of parchment and an inkwell from Ah-Uhn's saddlebags. He found a smooth rock near the river they were camping out by as an impromptu desk and the light made by the flickering fireflies was enough for him to see by.

Before writing he looked back to make sure his companions were asleep, he really didn't want to have to answer any questions they might have, then he started writing. Not all that sure what his mind would let slip to spill into words on the crinkled parchment.

His first letter started out with 'Dear Inuyasha,' then he noticed that none of Inuyasha's started out like that he scratched it out and began again.

Pretty soon he was just writing with no particular thought in mind and soon all he could hear was the occasional cricket chirping and the skritch-skritch of the feathered pen on parchment.

When he was done he read over his writing and was rather appalled at what he wrote.

Inuyasha no I have never just sat idle and done nothing at all. My status and the fact that even when I travel I take care of two vassals, I cannot just sit and do nothing and give myself time to think over nothing. Though I do know what you mean about the butterfly, but unlike me I think the butterfly could survive without it's vibrant wings. Without them the creature could easily camouflage itself anywhere in the environment. Whereas I would stick out more so than I do now.

The kimono I wear signifies that I am royal and less people look at me with them on than if I were to wear commoners clothing. Do you know how slight and fragile I'd look and even feel without my silk robes?

Yes, I have gone without them before but it was completely by accident. A young woman had spilt cranberry juice all over me then offered me some of her fathers clothing while her and her sister spent the entire day scrubbing the stains out. Though I had spent the better part of the day in a river scrubbing my hair, some of the juice spilled on it and died it a pink tint, the short time I did spend in them I felt extremely uncomfortable and bereft. I don't necessarily understand why I felt like that. Maybe it was because of the fact I felt my title was taken away from me or the fact that everyone treated me the same as them granted I was a demon but that didn't seem to mind that at all.

The women flirted with me and the children played and teased Jaken just like Rin does. I suppose it was nice. I am not usually used to such things so I wasn't sure how to react to the friendly villagers.

When the girl who stained my clothing and her sister were done washing them it was well past the setting of the sun and my clothes wouldn't be dry until morning and then they wouldn't be wearable until noon, they invited me to stay until my clothes were completely dry.

My stay with her family was a pleasant one Rin played with the children and family dog and I eventually shed my aloof façade and chatted with the father and mother.

I was sad to leave them when I did but I had to I have a lot to do in the West.

So no I've never just sat idle but I don't regret that I haven't. May be I will try it sometime though…

While he was writing that he had pictured himself telling Inuyasha and it made it extremely easy to write. Tomorrow he'd find a messenger to send take to the village his brother has taken to.