The Empire of the Wolves I DON'T OWN YYH

Chapter 1

You are surrounded in darkness; you're standing there not knowing what to do. Then a man walks in front of you.

"You are not strong enough to be in my pack." A man yells at you and you just back away. Not able to take the yelling. When the man fades away a little now appears standing in front of you with a stuff animal in her arms.

"Look at you, you have 2 colour eyes." She picked on you from with in the darkness. You haven't done anything and yet, she is treating you like this. Just then a woman appears with tears in her eyes.

"I cant!" She yelled. You looked up at her with sad eyes.

"But you have to" You cried out. Not knowing what she would do. But she to fades into the darkness crying.

So you keep on backing up with what the man and the little girl had said to you. They were so hurtful, so you kept on backing up. Until the earth below her started to crumble. She quickly turned behind her to see a young man standing there.

"Come with me, I shall give you power, you'll be able to come back only if you are needed." He offered his hand to you. But you backed away not knowing what he will do.

"No" You snapped. He walked closer to you. Everything was playing in your head.

"I'll make you a ninja!" You looked at him like he was crazy.

"Ok" You smiled. You stopped crying, but the earth below you started crumble again. Then you fell into a sea of darkness.

You woke up with short of breath. You looked at the clock and notice that it was 4:30 it was time to get up and to get ready.

Somewhere else

"What do you want Koemna." A boy seemed to get frustrated with the baby sitting in front of him.

"There is a problem, they're thieves that wants the valuables that the artic wolf clan has. Problem is that they would have to kill off the king, the queen, and their only daughter to get the valuables." The baby told the black slick hair boy that was about 5'5.

"So what do you want us to do?" A boy with red hair asked not knowing what they will be doing.

"Right now I want you to go to the Dog's Paw in the Makai. There is this wolf demon that runs it. I want you to go there and get her. But" He said glaring at everybody in the room, the boy with the black slick hair boy, the red headed, a guy with orange hair, and another one with black hair that 'defines gravity'. "I do not want any troubles. She will come willing if you wait for her after the night is done. Let me repeat I do not want any troubles, and trust me she will make clear to you and to everybody that she doesn't want any trouble."

"Ok baby-breath, can we go now?" the frustrated boy asked and getting up from his place from the wall.

"Yes, You can go!" Koenma said smirking. (Ha ha a baby smirking) "Unless you would like to know her name!" He also mumbles out when the teen turned away. Koenma made a portal and the 4 teens. Well what would appear to be teens, jumped trough the portal.

Somewhere in Makai

You went out to grab everything that was needed for tonight. You went back to your room to find Jiro (Japanese for second male) still asleep. So you went up to his bed and started to jump on it. Up and Down, Up and Down. You did it for a while, Until he woke up.

"But mommy, I don't wanna go to school today!" He whined. Sometimes you think he should be a human.

"Get up" You kicked him "We got to get ready for work, I am not doing by my self." You jumped off his bed so he could get up.

"Aren't you a little sunshine this morning" You looked back at him and flipped him the bird.

Its weird how you guys live. You have a house in the ningenkai which is only a bedroom, then when you go out of your door and started to head down the stairs it leads to your bar in the Makai.

You are down in the bar area making sure that everything is just right.

"Hey" You heard the voice of Jiro just coming into the bar. "You ok? Cause that kindof hurts" He said rubbing his sore ribs from where you kicked him.

"I have a bad feeling. Something isn't right" You sat at a bar stool and gave him a look. He just looks at you and smiles. That somehow makes you always cheer up. " Lets get ready"

A Couple Hours Later

Yours and Jiro's guest started to come in and grab a table, all being Demons of course. They came up to the bar and grab a drink from either Jiro or yourself. It was a good turn out. They were all laughing and very talkative and wanting the band to come on. It was a Thursday night so you usually have a band there for entertainment.

"Hey" Jiro nudged you and pointed towards the door. It was Koenma's team Urameshi. Now you know that something is wrong. They went and grab a table to the far left of the bar in a little corner. You look at your watch and notice that it is almost 7:00 so you should introduce the band.

"I should go. I'll be back" While you were walking away from Jiro you yelled over to him "Save me one ok!" You walked up on the stage where the mic was.

"ARE YOU READY TO PARTY!" You yelled and the crowed started to cheer. "But may I introduce our special guest that are here tonight" Your crowed looked at you weirdly. "Now I don't want any trouble out of you our most loyal guest and I for sure don't want any trouble out of our special guest here this evening. Now let me introduce Team Uramshi. Now they are here not to cause you any trouble. Now let us get one with the SHOW!" You guests started to cheer once again. They hate that Spirit Detectives are there, but they love the Dog's Paw better. "NOW LET ME INTRODUCE BLACK NIGHT" You walked off the stage.

"Thank you! Thank You. Now can I say that the owner is the best?" The lead singer asked. He looked at you and wink. "Now this song is for you" He pointed at you and started to sing. You smiled at the light demon singing before you.

You and Jiro was not busy at all so you pulled him to the dance floor to dance. The night went by quickly as it always does every night. You guest started to leave, then when the band was done it all cleared out except for team Urameshi, Jiro and you.

"Yo! You need anything?" You called over to the Spirit Detectives.

"Um, Yeah do you think we can talk to the owner of this restaurant?" The one with the red hair asked while they were all walking over.

"Yeah, You're talking to both of them. What's up? Why are you here?" You asked hoping that they are here just for some entertainment and not that of your country.

"Umm, Koenma sent us here to pick up the owner of the Dog's Paw. He said that she will come willing" The teen that has the slick back black hair said.

"Stupid Urameshi, he said she, and if a chance of both of them of being a she, I think this one is her," A teen with orange hair that was about 6'4 said. He was taller then you, and he didn't make that much sense.

You stood there waiting for what the team leader had to say or what he will do. Everybody notice that he was going to do nothing so the red headed teen stepped in.

"Would you come with us to see Koenma?" He held out his hand and he had a soft smile on his face. He was the most personable out of the 4 that was there, but also a little to personable for your taste. But you let out a sigh.

" I told Koenma that I would come if he ever calls me. So Yes, just one minute." You walked away from the group and head out of the door that leads to go upstairs. "Jiro I might be away for a little bit." Jiro looked up at you with a sad face.

"it finally happened" You look at Jiro with sad eyes. The one thing that you and Jiro have in common is that you guys almost live the same life. You somewhat ran away from your old life, and Jiro ran away from his life.

"I'll keep you updated and don't think that you can get rid of me that easy. I'll be back soon. I promise." He looked up at you with a big smile on his face. He came over and embraces you in a hug.

"You better come back" You felt happy being in his embrace, but you were still worry about what happened to your home. You went into your dresser and grab some clothes and your weapons and went into the bathroom to change. You came out and went back downstairs.

"Alright." They all look at you and were wondering where did you come from. But you smiled and you guys left from the front doors and trough a portal.

Prince Koenma's office

"Oh good you guys are back" Koenma was beaming with delight. "Now where is she?" You step out in front of the orange hair teen and the slick black haired teen. "Ohhhhh" He was in aw-ed.

"Prince Koenma" You simple said with a smile "What would you like to see me for?" You're there trying to simply act stupid.

"Oh yes!" Koenma now looked serious. "I asked you here to help the boys out on a mission"

"What! No Koenma, You can't just ask a simple owner of a bar to help us. The Spirit Detectives" The boy with the slick black hair said which you only let out a 'huff'.

"Simple?" You asked. You couldn't believe that he would say simple. You stood there glaring at him, which makes him quiver.

"No Yusuke, She is not some simple bar owner. She is one of my top ninja's and she will kill you and I if we didn't let her help out with this case." The Demi-God proclaimed. Which he was right in so many ways.

"So why Prince Koenma would she even want to help us out with this mission?" The red haired ask.

"Because Kurama, her country is in trouble, and she is the only one who can save it. Now do you want me to explain how this is going to work?" He asked while you were thinking of many ways to kill the Yusuke spirit detective. "MIKA" (Mika means the new moon.) the demi-god yelled at you, and you simply snap out of your little daydream.

"Yes Koenma" You smiled at him but he glared at you.

"Anyways, this is what happened. The King of the wolf pack of the Artic got a letter of supply and demand and if he doesn't go with what they want they will burn down his country and take his only daughter away and marry her." You glared at Koenma because you know that he sugarcoated the whole letter and what it said to the king.

"Now this is what we will do. Mika is going to go and live with Yusuke for a week so you all can get to know each other better. Then after that week ALL of you will go to Genkai's temple and ALL of you will train for a couple of months. Then when they said that they would come and take the princess, we would switch them. The princess and Mika." You kept on glaring at Koenma because you know him, and he likes leaving things out and you mean a lot of important things out.

"Ok well here is a portal. Now all of you behave" A portal appear right in front of them and you all jump trough the portal to end up in Yusuke's house.

Yusuke's House

Yusuke took you around his house showing you where everything is. You looked down at your watch to say that it was only 5:00am.

"Ok well I am going to go to bed. Night" You walked out of the living room where they all seem to almost past out and into your room where Yusuke showed you.

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