Yusuke's POV

You awoke abruptly the next morning with vibrations coming from your pocket. You groaned and took your communication device out of your pocket. It reads BOTAN. Of course it read Botan who else would call you from this device.

"Hello Botan" You said very tired cause she woke you up this morning.

"Good Morning Yusuke" Her bubbliest voice came though the device and you just wanted to kill it. "I am just wondering if we are getting together this fine morning" You looked around your room and notice Mika was lying at the foot of the bed sound asleep.

"Botan I really don't think this morning. I want to go back to bed. I'll call ya when I get up okay" You really didn't want to wake up Mika, and also you did want to go back to bed. So it is a win-win situation.

"Okay Yusuke. I'll talk to you later" With that Botan hung up and you went and covered yourself up. Before you did you took one last glance at Mika. Why did you let me sleep in here? Was the only thing that you thought about when your eyes were closing and you went back into a sleepless sleep?

You awoke couple of hours later with breakfast being made. What is going on here! You looked around and saw that Mika was no longer sleeping where she was this morning. So you made your way to the bathroom to get washed up. When you were finished you made your way to the kitchen to see who was cooking. You walked trough the door way and you saw fruits were all cut up and there was some a loaf of bread sitting beside it. Its weird, all of the food was so simple but it looked so good. Nothing like Kurama's meals in the morning, He always out did himself.


The next morning you awoke about 11am and you notice that there were no loud noises, there were no running around; it was actually pretty peaceful. You got up from the bed and notice that Yusuke was still sound asleep. You changed into your normal form and walked to the kitchen. You went trough Yusuke's kitchen and notice that he had a lot of good food. So instead of the usual pancakes or French toast you started to cut up fruits that you have found, like strawberries, lemons, watermelons, melons in general. Then you put a loaf of bread beside the fruits and you started on some fry eggs. You didn't really know what Yusuke liked because you only saw him eating what Kurama cooks for him.

"Wow" was the only thing you heard from behind. You look at Yusuke and smiled.

"I didn't know what you like. So enjoy" You put down plates one of them had the fry eggs on it and 2 empty plates in front of Yusuke and yourself.

"You know you didn't have to do this" Yusuke said while grabbing some fruit and cut up a piece of bread.

"I didn't but waking up to nothing was kind of nice this morning" It was your 3rd day living with Yusuke and it really wasn't that bad. It might be cause you feel closer with Yusuke for some odd reason. Yusuke and you sat and ate breakfast in quiet with random conversations. After breakfast the doorbell rang so Yusuke went to answer it and you went to clean the dishes.

"HIYA YO YUSUKE" was the only thing you heard over the intercom coming from downstairs.

"Hey Kuwabara. 1 minute and I'll buzz you guys in" Yusuke said back over the intercom thingy. He then pushed another button that had made a buzzing noise then he walked into the living room. Right when you were done the dishes the door opened up to have Kuwabara, Kurama, Hiei, Yunika, Keiko, and Botan.

"Heyy!" Botan said cheerfully you accompanied them to the living room where Yusuke was.

"So how was your morning?" Yusuke asked the gang and they all started to talk at once. It seems like they all just sat around for us to be ready. Kind of creepy but you had to try and work with them cause they are not your old gang.

"Woah Yusuke, Seems like when your mom came home she had a fun night" Kuwabara sat there pointing at the empty bottle and the 2 glasses. Yusuke just kind of laughed it off. "Whats wrong Yusuke?" It seems like they are best friends when they can tell the other is in an awkward situation.

"Yeah, umm my mom didn't do that he he he"

"Yusuke Uramshi you didn't" Keiko screamed at him. You took a deep breath.

"Sorry Keiko it was my fault. I started this little game and well we kind of drank the whole bottle." Keiko looked over at you and glared it was a pretty hard glare.

"How dare you let him drink, His mother is an alcoholic don't you think him drinking will effect the way that he feels" You were slightly taken aback by her comment.

"Keiko! I didn't force Yusuke to drink, and he will not turn out like an alcoholic by having a couple of drinks." It seems like she was so ticked off. You really didn't know why. You worked at a bar, doesn't mean that you or any of your clients are alcoholics.

"You, Mika would not understand." That was the last thing that was said. You walked over to the other side of the room. The day was a quiet one; you just wished that they had leaved. About 5:30 in the afternoon Botan was the person to break the intense quiet. Sure there was some noise like the boys talking, or the girls talking amongst themselves.

"Lets go out for dinner and a movie" Botan stood there finally being happy with her. She wanted to do something. You swore sometimes she has ADD but you knew her way to well and know that she was just the person you need sometimes.

"Yeah lets go" Yusuke said and others started to agree. Botan was making people leave as quickly as possible. It was only Botan, Hiei, Yusuke and yourself left in the room. "You coming Mika" You gave him a look of 'ARE-YOU-KIDDING-ME' but Botan knows why.

"Yusuke it might be best if Mika stays here." Yusuke gave Botan a worry look.

"My mom is asleep in her room what if she sees Mika though with nobody to explain" Botan started to laugh and Hiei just hned.

"Mika will just be in her wolf form. Then your mother would not know. Don't worry Yusuke. Mika can take care of her self." Yusuke just leave the room in defeat "Hiei it's our job for Keiko not to kill Yusuke" Botan just laugh and waved goodbye and Hiei just hned and then they both left the room.

You changed into your wolf form and looked around the room. You curled up onto the ledge of the windowsill just so when the sun is setting it will touch you, and when the moon is rising it will put all of its light onto you. When the sun was touching your fur it make your blood boil. It made your blood to speed up and the fire flows trough your body. You haven't felt this good in ages. You love when the sun is like this, it's not the brightest and it's not the hottest but it is the prettiest. 2 hours has gone by and the moon is rising. With your eyes closed you know where the moon is placed in the sky. With the white light of the moon coming over you your blood freezes. It slows down to an almost stop and ice flows trough your body. While you were lying there a hand had touch your head. You opened your eyes and looked up to see it was Atsuko Yusuke's mom. At first she didn't say anything she just kept on petting you.

"You know you seem familiar." Atsuko said while petting you. "You are far to cute. How did you get here?" She knows that you wont answer her back it was more of a comfortable thing for Atsuko. She got up and moved onto the couch you watched her and when she was sitting she tapped the other seat for you to come. You got up and jumped off of the windowsill and went and sat beside her. She grabbed your face so you had to look at her. "You are the same one aren't you little one?" You knew exactly what she was talking about. She sat there though and petted you and talked about everything that has happened since that one fateful day.

It only felt like a couple of minutes after but you knew its been about 2 1/5 hours later the door opened up with Yusuke and the gang laughing about what they were either talking before or about the movie that they went to see.

"Mika we are home" Yusuke called out.

"Mika that is your name?" Atsuko asked and you nodded your head. Yusuke walked into the living room.

"Mom! I can explain" Yusuke said and everybody rushed in afterwards.

"For what dear?" She has asked like you have been there forever. Yusuke just kind of looked at his mom like she was crazy. "I see that you 2 have met up again." Atsuko pointed to Yusuke than to you.

"What do you mean Mrs. Urameshi" Kurama had asked.

"Ok well I'll tell you guys what happened. I don't think I have ever told Yusuke this before." Everybody grabbed spots on the other couch/love seat, the floor, and well of course the windowsill.

The story has started like this:

Atsuko was walking down a street outside of Tokyo with her son Yusuke in her arms. The weather was horrible it was pouring down rain so it was making the roads slippery. Baby Yusuke had started to cry because he was getting cold and wet.

"Don't worry Yusuke we will be at grandma's and grandpa's house soon. Daddy should be there!" The word daddy would always cheer up Yusuke for some reason. But then Atsuko thought Yusuke's dad better be there before he leaves. Atsuko had always known that there was something different about Yusuke and his father but she just wouldn't let them know.

While turning onto all different roads it started to get slippery and slippery and little Yusuke was getting moodier and moodier. Atsuko thought a little singing would help. So Atsuko started to sing a Japanese nursery song to little Yusuke. Until something out of the ordinary happened. Something started towards them but they were pushed out of the way.

Atsuko couldn't really remember what happened at that specific part but then she just knew that there was a wolf standing in front of them. The wolves eyes were different then those of normal wolves eyes. One of them was blood red another one was an ice blue. The only thing that Atsuko knew was that she needed help for little Yusuke.

Go get help. I'll look after your baby for you popped into Atsuko's thoughts. She looked down at the wolf and nodded. Atsuko and the wolf went more to the side of the road.

"You'll protect him right?" The wolf just nodded and lay on the ground. Atsuko bended down and put baby Yusuke right beside the wolf and left to go and get some help. The wolf had made sure that the baby was right beside wolfs the stomach and that wolfs the tail was slightly beside the babe and was slightly covering him up also. The wolf placed its head onto the baby's head to make sure that nothing can ever happen to the baby.

A half an hour later Atsuko came back with a car and a strange looking human. She walked over to the wolf and thanked it for all its help. The wolf untangled itself so the baby would not be harmed. Atsuko picked him up and started to walk to the car with the wolf following.

"Thank you wolf. I do hope we can meet again. Thank you for saving our lives. We owe big time" off they go into the car to Atsuko's mothers and fathers house and the wolf went it's way also.

Atsuko was scratching your ear afterwards. "Oh wait I got something for you" Atsuko ran to the kitchen leaving way to many eyes on you. Atsuko came back with a plate and placed it on the floor.

"There you go. A thank you gift." You went to the plate and it was your favorite a raw artic rabbit. You started to chaw down on that while others were talking. You haven't had anything so good like that since you have been in the demon world.

"Well I am late. Yusuke I probably wont be home tonight, but your friends can stay over. Good night" Atsuko came over to you and hugged you then she was off most likely to drink. When you made sure she was gone you changed back into your normal form once again and sat on the couch with your raw meat.

"EWWW Mika do you really need to eat that?" Kuwabara asked you, he looked like he was ready to vomit.

"You want some. Its so good" You offer but he turned it down.

"Um, Mika I think we might have to go and see Koenma about all of this and get what really happened that night if it was you" Botan said and called for a portal all ready.

"Well it seems like you are not giving us a choice are you?" Botan smirked then you went and jumped through the portal with your meat. Everybody else followed you soon after.

"Hello Koenma! Soon to be Mr. Botan" You joked and sat at the corner of his disk. It was all too normal for you to sit there for this type of thing. Everybody else showed up and Koenma sat there like what is going on?!

"Botan why did you send all of them here?" Koenma asked pretty annoyed but soon recovered over the initial shock of everything. "Ok well where shall we start?" Koenma asked.

"Lets start with her" Yusuke said pointing at you.

"Ok. Starting with Mika. What do you want to know?" Koenma asked

"Lets go with everything" Koenma was going to answer but you beat him to the punch.

"I'll only tell what you need to know about the story and that's it" You smirked because its not that easy to get stuff out of you. They only receive how much you give to them.

"Fine tell us about the story" You took a deep breath.

"This is what happened. My gang and I were doing this case where one of the demons escaped to the Ningenkai. So I went there to kill him because that is how we do stuff. When I found the demon it was going to attack you and your mother. Not realizing that it was you who was there. So I picked up your mother and yourself and move you guys out of danger I fought and killed him then you know the ending of the story. I thought I had erased her memory." Yusuke and everybody else sat there confused.

"I don't get it." Everybody yelled out.

"What don't you get that I saved your life while you were little. It was 16 years ago. I thought everybody would have forgotten about it. When your father came back to the demon world he had forgotten about it." Yusuke just sat there.

"You said my father, and my mother also said that my father was going to be there. I don't get it."

"Your father came to the ningenkai I have no clue how but he did. He also preganted your mother; your father came back and forth from the ningenkai to the makai but he liked telling your mother that he had business to do internationally. Then that same night you and your mother was attacked from the demon your father finally told your mother that he cant come back no more that he was a demon. That was when she started to drink, drink until she couldn't remember that her love of her life was a demon that her child that she had with him was a hanyou, and that a demon almost killed her the same night that everything had went down."

Yusuke just sat there looking at you like you were crazy. You couldn't help it. It wasn't your fault. Atsuko told you everything that had gone on that night until you had seen her tonight. You knew everything that happened with her in the last 16 years. Yusuke looked hurt but there was nothing you can do. He just has to suck it up.

"So you saved my life and you weren't going to tell me?" You kind of sat there shocked cause that wasn't the reaction you were looking for.

"I didn't know it was you. The time I saw your mom was when it clicked in and your stupid stench."

"Stupid stench?"

"Yeah" You and Yusuke kept on yelling at each other until you can hear almost all of the room starting to laugh.

"What?" Yusuke and yourself yelled.

"Yusuke I think we found your sister" You and Yusuke both hit Kuwabara.

"BAKA" You yelled at him then looked over to Koenma "Can I stay here tonight and sleep in my bed?" Koenma nodded. You start and head for the door. "Goodnight you all" You made it to your room and sleep.

For the next 2 days it went rather quickly you read some of Kurama's books that he had brought over to Yusuke's but never got them back. You and Hiei got to spend some time together. You swear it was your best time was there with Hiei, just cause it was quiet and you didn't have to worry about people being stupid. Yusuke and yourself started to act more and more like brother and sister the more time you spend time with him. Which is kind of scary. You have learned a lot about them but you want to learn more. Not about Kuwabara and not about Yusuke because you swear you have known everything about them. It was Kurama and Hiei who you want to get to more of. Especially Hiei he was the one person you knew the least about. Hiei has that little something that is making you want more and more. The last night you spent at Yusuke's you were sleeping on the windowsill. You still could not believe the next day you'll be up at Genkai's temple. Now that would be an adventure itself.

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