It was a sunny day in Port Royal, but days like these meant storms followed. In a large white house not far from the shore were seven people.

"We're going out so…" Will Turner said to his five children.

"Tom, please watch them." his wife Elizabeth finished.

Tom unwilling nodded and replied, "Great." Since he was the oldest, the most responsibility lied on him and Tom didn't enjoy it.

"First mate," Will asked his daughter.

"Aye," Casey answered.

"No mutinies," he warned like a concerned parent. She smiled and nodded thinking about how it'd be fun to overthrow her older brother. Casey always wondered why her parents ran their household like a ship, being he always called her his first mate, but decided not to press the matter. The five children then waved and said goodbye to their parents.

After they were gone Jack, the youngest at age two, asked his sister, "What are we going to do Casey?" Casey then looked at her confused looking thirteen-year old brother and thought of an idea.

"You chase Willy through the house," she responded, and before Willy could acknowledge the use of his name he was being attacked by his two younger brothers.

"I won't be hearing from them any time soon," she said to Tom.

"Case, follow me," Tom told his sister using one of the two names she let anyone call her by. She followed Tom upstairs into her parent's library, where they didn't like them to be.

After Tom closed the door he posed a question, "Watch them for me please."

Without thinking of her answer she swiftly replied, "No."

"Please," Tom asked again hoping for a different answer from his sister.

"No, Mom and Dad said you watch them," Casey said defending her answer.

"Well technically if I tell you to watch them you have to listen to who is watching you and if you don't listen to me, I'll tell Mom and Dad," Tom told his sister thinking of the loophole he found.

"You scheming little…" Casey spat at her brother but not before he cut her off with, "No talking back to me Cassidy Turner."

No one referred to Casey by her full name, unless it was her parents only if they were really mad at her.

"You…" she tried to continue but was cut off again by Tom.

"Now go do a favor for your favorite older brother," Tom said with a feeling of superiority over his sister.

"First, you're my only older brother and second you're not my favorite either," she replied sarcastically.

"Who's your favorite," Tom asked feeling instantly jealous.

"Dieum because he leaves me alone!" she shouted angrily at him. Thinking about how he could change his sister's mind, Tom finally got an idea.

"If you don't listen to me, I'll tell everyone where I saw you and Jake last week." Tom replied with his sense of power restored.

"No!" she pleaded.

"I'll tell," Tom said smiling.

"Find, I'll watch them," Casey unwillingly agreed.

"Good little sister," Tom told her.

"Don't push it," she replied glaring at Tom as she left.