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Jasper's POV

I hadn't eaten in a while. I was so... hungry. I felt like there was some kind of monster in the pit of my stomach trying to claw it's way out and eat.

I quietly stepped out of the house to go for a walk. I drifted to far in thought. It was so hard for me... I had tasted human blood. It was the sweetest thing ever! If I could just drink from one human! No! I had to be strong for Alice! And I was tired of playing God! Deciding what human lives or dies! I couldnt do it any more! That was why I was here, getting help and suport from my clan and my Alice.

Darn it! I should have went hunting instead of staying home and testing my strenght! Why I wanted to test my stringth is just a distand memory. I was to hungry to think! Darn it!

Something scurried. I crouched down ready to pounce. Then I saw it in a clearing. I crouched behind a hedge.

I spoke softly out loud to my self, "Mmm... look at that bunny..."

The rabbit slowly hopped toward me. What a stupid rabbit! It had no idea that it was walking strait into it's death! I held still forcing myself not to move so that I didnt go running after it just as soon as I smelt it well enough.I hated the fact that I needed its blood. I knew that if Alice where to find me right now she might rip me up and burn me for almost hurting a bunny rabbit, her favorite animal. I was just about to pounce. I jumped a little.

"Jasper?" that familliar voice called. Oh no, oh no, oh no, not now. Not Alice, not now... oh why couldnt I just be strong for her? Why couldnt I just forget about that rabbit sitting in front of me? Why did this monster inside me torment me so? Why? Why? Why? Did life (or afterlife) have no mercey at all? Did I have to hurt my dear sweet Alice? Why was a such a moron? Why had I come out here? Why was I asking myself all these questions that I didnt know the answer to? I was fait so cruel?

Alice's POV

I was taking a hike around town. I was secretly hoping to find Jasper. I loved being with him. I noticed a clearing. It was sunny and far from civilasation. I listened intently for any passing humans that might see. I heard nothing. I walked out into the clearing. I saw a cute little bunny rabbit. I looked at it an aww of how cute it was. Then I saw him. Jasper was crouched behind a hedge. Was he really going to attack that bunny?!

I tried to fool myself by saying over and over in my head, He is just looking at the bunny, he does not want to eat it...He is just looking at the bunny, he does not want to eat it...He is just looking at the bunny, he does not want to eat it... I almost believed myself unil he jumped up to pounce. "Jasper?" I questioned as if I didnt know the answer. He froze. He was probably so embarased..

"Alice..." he choked out.

"Jasper! Dont you dare hurt that bunny!" I yelled a little louder than nessesary. I emediately regretted it. The bunny ran away. Thank God! Run little bunny rabbit run! In fact your new name is... ! Bye ... I am sorry my husband tried to eat you! I turned toward Jasper.

"Alice, let me explain..." he began.

"Jasper..." I sighed.

"But Alice..." he started again.

"But nothing! March!" I emediately regretted yelling at him.

He turned and started running but before he was out of hearing distance I heard, "I'm sorry I wasnt strong enough Alice..." I ran up and hugged him tightly. I felt bad about shouting.

"No Jasper, I'm sorry, I should have forced you to hunt." I smiled playfully trying to tell him not to feel bad.

"I should be stronger..." he started. (Wow I was interupting him alot today!)

"You are strong, you are just strong enough for me." I kissed his lips and smiled.