This Synapse goes quickly. The writing style IS NOT like the rest of the story, it jumps around. It's just for you to get a feel of where Zen is coming from and a bit of his history.

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The only true family he ever had was probably himself, and the vengeance that lived inside of him.

But Zen Blade was not always what he was now. He was once a carefree child, whose free spirit did not worry about vengeance and the spill of blood. He was just a regular child of Surda, who loved his parents very much, even though they were not always home all the time.

Zen's Father was half Elvish and half human; His mother was Pure human. Their names were Zule and Sain. They had no last name.

Zen was born in the small province of Dauth in the country of Surda. His parents were both warriors for the Surdian army. It is said by the Surdian gossip that they both died bravely in battle, when he was 12, protecting their country from a siege of evil in one of the many battles in their history. Zule was his father. Sain was his Mother.

But he saw.

He saw how "They" came into his house and assassinated both his parents in their sleep. He saw this when he was only 12 years old, from the hiding place of his home in their ceiling. Their style of assassination was none that he had ever seen before. There was no honor in the way that they died. It was clearly cold murder.

Swift and silent.

There is more mystery than he knew about his parents. His parents were to be sent out to reveal the truth about their war at the time, which they have spied between Surda and Galbatrox's armies, and present the information to the King of Surda. He never knew what type of secrets his parents were hiding, or how valuable it was to Galbatorix, but it was enough to silence them to their deaths.

He spent his entire life up to now learning how to kill with more stealth and swiftness than his parent's assassins, for vengeance to his family's unjust deaths. He had always had near perfect aim, so he sharpened his skill with the short bow. His agility and unusual strength aided in becoming an excellent swordsman. He later became a mysterious and well known bounty hunter to pay his dues. On one occasion, his service's for a Forest spirit was requested, to dispose of several hit men sent after him; in return, he would provide him with The Lotus-an ancient sword that provided the beholder to be in an enlighten or filled with a "Zen" like feeling. That gave Zen the peace and serenity that he needed in his life to calm the rage and fury that has haunted him from the years torment that trailed in his past. The origin of the necklace he wears has never been revealed.

He disappeared from Surda for several years. In this time he was working for different people as a bounty hunter. He was very dedicated to his job. At times, he would track down people for almost a year. The evil and emptiness in his heart was completely consuming him, forgetting all about love and vengeance. He called himself Zen Blade, for the way of the blade has shown him more than anyone else ever could; that is of course until he came back to Dauth.

Coming back to the town he was born in flooded him with memories, his evil shedding away with every good face he saw. There was no one to kill here, all were happy and bright. He was 20 years old now. In this new time, he met Kira, a beautiful girl that worked in the Archery range in Dauth. They became good friends until the day when someone put the bounty on him! Danger loomed in his every step, especially when their friendship turned to love, and when he realized this he felt he could no longer stay with Kira in the simple life of the village, for fear that Kira would be killed, just like his parents when he was young.

But Kira was not as fragile as Zen had though; that, though, is another story.

He left Kira, visiting her on few occasions, keeping their love burning. Love was his weakness, his past and vengeance his strength.

While living in Belatona, Zen was hired to assassinate an agent for Galbatorix. The messenger was sent to deliver a very important message regarding sensitive Surdian information to the evil King, and Zen Blade's task was to sever that message, by any means necessary. In the Mountains by Leona Lake, the messenger and his three solders were no hard task for a man who has lived and hunted in shadows his whole life. But one thing he had not expected was to fine a large, round, and grey stone, harder than any stone he had ever seen. He didn't know what to do with this, so he decided to sell it, for it looked valuable since it was carried in secrecy by the Evil Kings messengers. But something in the back of his mind told him to hold on to it, so he decided not to return home through the main route and take through the forest instead; Zen always did prefer taking the longest route as possible back to his home.

He didn't mind learning more about the forest and its hiding places. One night while sitting by a fire he built and staring at the flames he decided to take out the large stone. He stared at it for what seemed hours, so beautiful, so smooth and so brightly it glistens in the fire and moon light. Then, surprisingly, he saw a crack in the stone. He could have sworn the Stone was perfectly smooth. The crack got wider and he soon found out that his stone was actually an egg! But and egg to what? All he saw were silver gray scales and moving about the insides of the stone. Since the crack was now the size of his hand, he decided to feel the animal within, since its scales had an almost trance-like grip on Zen's mind, luring him, yearning to be touched. Has soon as Zen had placed his hand inside the egg and onto the still egg-dwelling creatures scaled body, he screamed in pain as a burning feeling went down to his very soul. He lay unconscious for several hours, meanwhile the creature, which you all very well know was a small silver grey dragon, scurried about the immediate surroundings, absorbing all this new world had to offer. Zen woke up later to find the winged creature staring face to face with him. It seemed as it had been studying him for some time now. And that is how Zen Blade and Grey Stone Met for the very first time. The story of their adventures will unfold as the story continues…