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Chapter 7

Draco gasped when he finished reading the list causing Sev to spin around coming face to face with his godson. His look of concern and hurt flashed to anger in a millisecond. "Draco" Snape hissed glaring at him; you do know that you must not tell anyone, not even, Blaise. This is not something that can go around, it stays in this room." Snape said in a deathly voice.

"He is right Draco. You may not tell a soul, it is to stay in this room. Harry would not want to live with this kind of thing hanging over his head while at school." Narcissa said, after reading the paper that Sev hadn't noticed that he dropped. Draco looked at them with disbelief.

"You want me to stand back and watch him get hurt?!" Draco couldn't believe what they were telling him or the words he had just said, he didn't want anyone to get hurt, but since when had he cared who it was that got hurt, since when did it matter that a boy he barely knew got hurt a lot? He may of just been very clumsy and had just never told anyone about it.

"That's not what your mother meant and you know it," Sev hissed "She meant keep it between us four, but don't tell Harry that the three of us know." He explained, Draco formed an O with his lips sighing in amusement at his stupidity. Since when had his mother ever been someone that would let people suffer.

"Ok. I'm going to crash here for the night the room is a little woody," Draco said thinking back on all the times he had slept outside, Blaise is probably going to like it though since he always liked camping in the yard more. Draco thought, the only time he would do it was on the Sabbaths and full moons when he could.

"Sounds good Draco, we'll see you tomorrow morning for breakfast" Narcissa said heading toward the bedroom door with Sev. Draco sighed sprawling out on the reclining chair next to the couch where Harry was laying. He slid his tired eyes over the small boys body, feeling a small tug of need in his chest. Little did he know that underneath a memory spell there were a million memories that were screaming at Draco to curl up next to the small boy and comfort him in his arms, with kisses and sweet words. They were struggling to get out, but very few had managed to squeeze out to be a presence to his subconscious let alone a full memory of his forgotten love.

Harry leapt off the couch when he woke to a waffle buzzer going off in the kitchen. Had he left the waffle iron on and gone to sleep? Oh know this was bad. He slide into the kitchen, stopping when he saw someone already at the iron taking the waffle off and putting it on a plate with fruit and whipped cream. He recognized her, Narcissa, how had he gotten here? Then it all came back, Draco had been kissing Pansy and he had fainted, someone must of found him and taken him to Sev. It was probably Granger or Longbottom. Before Harry could contemplate it any more Narcissa turned around. "Hello there dear, would you like some breakfast?" She asked and Harry nodded "You look like you need a good meal." She said. Harry smiled weakly remembering the last time he had actually had a full meal instead of a slice of bread, or a glass of pumpkin juice. It had been when he was with Draco, the day everyone forgot him. He had needed to take some potions and they only worked on a full stomach. That was the last time. "When was the last time you had a full meal dear?" Narcissa asked dishing him up a waffle with whipped cream and fruit , bacon and eggs on the side.

Harry answered without thinking, feeling comfortable with Narcissa to be open with her even though she didn't remember him "Last year,"

He froze realizing what he had just said. He looked over to Narcissa who was frozen with her eyes glazed over; Harry took the plate from her and set it on the counter, grabbing her arm to see if she was okay. As soon as he touched her, he was pulled backward into his memories next to Narcissa. They were standing in the room and Lucius was explaining the orb. In the mirror on the wall you could see the rest of the school asleep as their memories were cleaned of Harry. They jumped back to the beginning of the recount, Lucius telling about the orb, but this time Remus was also next to them. Narcissa and Remus looked confused but had they looked at Harry they would have seen him with his eyes tightly closed shaking. Reliving a nightmare was not what he wanted to do this morning. Narcissa and Remus watched the orb glow and vanish and just as the flash of light went off they snapped out of the memories. Harry had no idea what had just happened but he hated it, He was forced to relive the worst day of his life. He didn't even realize he had curled into a ball on the ground until Remus put a hand on his shoulder. "Cub?" Harry stared at him wide eyed in disbelief Remus had called him Cub, not Harry, or Potter, he had used his name from last year. Remus held open his arms, beckoning Harry forward. Harry flung himself into Remus' arms hugging his middle shaking slightly "Its been rough hasn't it?" He said. Narcissa knelt down next to them rubbing Harry's back. Harry nodded, it had been hard going from having so much love and some any caring people to none. "Has your uncle..." Remus trailed off. Not trusting his hiccupped voice Harry shook his head sincerely, his uncle hadn't done anything to him this summer until the last fifteen minutes but like Harry was going to say anything about that. Remus nodded smiling as he held Harry to him.

The three of them sat down for breakfast around the table Narcissa on one side Remus on the other. Harry was picking at his food only eating a few bites here and there. Harry looked up at Remus and Narcissa, who gave him a friendly questioning look. "Can we let everyone remember on their own? I still don't even know if I want things to go back to the way they were. If I lose everyone again it will just be even more painful," he explained.

Remus grimaced but understood the logistics of what Harry was doing. "We won't let things get that out of hand, not this time." Narcissa nodded.

"But getting Dumarkus fired isn't going to be easy, when all we have to go by is a memory that he doesn't have but you do. I never would have thought that man could be that evil." She said with a sour face as she shook her head back and forth in disgust.

"He said something about it being my mother." Harry whispered.

Remus and Narcissa's eyes widened both whispering a soft "Ohh" in understanding. "I see that now," Narcissa whispered as the small kitchen fire suddenly blazed. It was a note from Dumbledore requesting that Harry come to his office. According to his uncle, he had a spontaneous family reunion to attend to.

Remus narrowed his eyes clenching his jaw. Harry put a hand on his shoulder "Remus, it's a family reunion, my uncle wont dare hurt me in front of a public audience." Remus still looked unhappy but nodded once stiffly before hugging Harry and pushing him toward the fire so he cold floo to Dumbledore's office and then to the Dursely's.

It didn't take Harry long to get back to the Dursely's, the house he had been so glad to get out of just the day before. But no, he wasn't allowed peace of mind in this matter. He had to worry about what would happen the whole time he was home because he knew this family reunion would not be pleasant. Harry knew from experience that he would probably spend his whole day trying to stay away from everyone. "Boy!" Vernon yelled threateningly, Harry cringed curling his shoulders forward protectively as he turned to his uncle. "Get the food started, Marge wants Meatloaf sandwiches for lunch and my mother wants roast beef with thanksgiving dressing and mashed potatoes for dinner, hurry on with it!" He yelled. Harry tore off for the kitchen shaking. Dudley's, Aunt Marge which meant Ripper, Grandma Katherine, Uncle Chester, Chester's Wife Terri and their kids Curt and Kaila. Harry would only have two spots for the rest of this three day visit. The kitchen and his cupboard. He might venture outside, but no where else that was for sure.

Harry looked up he felt a pair of eyes watching him, it was Kaila, He picked up the small girl. He felt bad for her, She was so different from the family and yet they hadn't received her letter, they would though in a days time. Harry had found out she was a witch a few years ago with accidental magic, her father had put her in a timeout last year in a locked room and she had managed to unlock it. Harry had seen it all, and he told her not to do it again, she would understand in time. He was excited for her, Kaila was nothing but kind. Very different from her family and the cruelty they harbored. Harry would have to make sure he got it and told her about Hogwarts separately, away from everyone else. He set her on the counter as he worked to make lunch and dinner for the family. He had to make triple batches of everything because each person in the family ate triple what they should have. It was normally quite sickening though really to watch his relatives scarf down large portions of food in one sitting.

He put out the hefty sliced meatloaf sandwiches on white bread, with cokes and an assortment of crisps. Harry munched down a quarter of a sandwich with some water. He probably wouldn't eat much for the next three to four days, knowing his uncle. Harry listened to the family talking loudly with their mouths open; he couldn't imagine the stress his Aunt was under. He felt bad for her having to put up with the rowdy and messy family; he cared, even though she had never cared about his self wellness.

Harry cooked and cleaned in the kitchen for the rest of the day and was granted being able to go into his cupboard to eat his small portions instead of having to face the family. But he could still hear them, they were talking about him and his incompetence the only two not joining in were Kaila and his Aunt. He liked the fact that Kaila hadn't been corrupted by her parent's narrow minded view of the world.

Harry fell asleep right away in his small cupboard; he was exhausted, but happy. He could survive as long as he had Remus and Narcissa. They would understand his suffering. But he felt guilty now that they knew because they would go out of their way to help him, and he didn't want to be a burden, or for his presence to weigh them down.

Harry woke to a blaring alarm clock, the Dursely's had put one in a few years back so he could get up on time to make them breakfast, they hadn't turned it off yet, he had only been gone one day after all. Harry stumbled into the kitchen making scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes, sausage, hash browns and biscuits with gravy. Harry looked up and saw an owl at the window. He gasped and looked around, he opened the window quickly untying the letter and shooing the bird out with a crust of bread from the toast he was nibbling on. Harry tucked the letter deep into his pocket; he would have to wait for someone to come by. With the letter he wrote another note on the back, it told Kaila that if her family rejected the idea with in the envelope for her to go to the house across the street, the home of Mrs Figgs and that he would be by for her as soon as he could. He felt eyes on his back, he looked in the mirror on the wall, and saw that behind him was Kaila. He smiled, patting the counter beside him, she hopped up as Harry pulled out the envelope for her. She opened it squeaking as she read through it. Harry smiled at her. "Harry?" she asked, he nodded for her to continue as he cut the biscuits in half. "Do you believe in magic?" He smiled nodding. "Really?!" He smiled.

"Of course I do. Who wouldn't with a witch in front of them?" He said poking her nose she shook her head laughing.

"How I'm I going to get there?" Kaila asked. He smiled tapping his head with a mysterious smirk.

Picking up the bowls of food and putting them on the table for the family. Kaila sat down putting the letter next to her placemat. Harry finished putting everything out before the door rang, he walked to the door to see the person in the doorway, was none other than Sirius. "Right this way Professor" Harry said leading him into the dining room. "Excuse me." Harry said politely and softly, but still managing to catch everyone attention." This is Professor Black. He is here to speak to Kaila and her family in private." Harry said and as he past Sirius "Don't tell them I'm a wizard too." He hissed in a low tone Sirius nodded slightly.

Harry made his way back to the kitchen to clean up everything. About twenty minutes later, Kaila came running into the kitchen latching on to him sobbing, "They won't let me go!" She cried "They said we are leaving early later tonight! They said I'm going to a house on the sea! A nuthouse." she finished in a low tone.

Harry bit his tongue "Go pack, be fast about it too." She ran up stairs packing everything, she came back with a small traveling trunk. He rushed her out of the house to Mrs Figgs explaining quickly what had happened. He was glad that she was willing to help and also that he had figured out she was a squib over the summer. He ran back to the house and he was lucky that no one had noticed his absence. He was just done with putting down lunch when they noticed Kaila was gone. After lunch they spent the rest of the day running around town looking for her, but at the end of day just as it had been planned Kaila's parents and brother left. Aunt Marge and Grandma Katherine followed the next afternoon.

That night Harry slept for a long time while Dudley was allowed to have his girl friend come over. Harry really was trying to sleep but the loud banging and grunting coming from Dudley's room filled the house making it very hard to sleep. Sadly his aunt and uncle were sound sleepers and slept right through it all. Finally, Harry managed to get to sleep around two that morning, not anticipating at all what the next 24 hours would hold for him.

Harry yawned and stretched his arms as much as he could before they ran into the top of the small bed he was sleeping in. He would be out of there that afternoon. After that he was, hopefully, gone for good to stay at Hogwarts for the rest of the summer until his last year at Hogwarts officially started, in three weeks time.

He got up ignoring the blur of his eyes from getting up too fast even though it was making him dizzy, even with his glasses on. Harry stumbled toward his dresser stubbing his toe on his uneven floorboards. He grabbed a baggy black long sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans that were much too big around the waist. They had once been Dudley's but had been given to Harry when the knee ripped. He slipped an old muddy shoelace, also Dudley's, into the jeans belt loops and tied it to hold up them since all the other belts in the house were to big and used for, other things. He sighed grimacing at the constant thumping throb, his wrist didn't hurt but it just felt awfully uncomfortable. He reached for the final thing, the old iPod that had been given to him as a present from Dudley, if you could call it that when he had come back from Hogwarts, when Vernon had been semi nice to him.

The only reason he had gotten it was because the screen didn't work, which defeated the purpose of it playing video's and it only held a five hour charge instead of twelve and the most important reason, Dudley wanted the new iphone now and the 80g iPod video instead of the 30g. Harry didn't care though, it worked. He closed his eyes as he remembered the menus, iPod to music to playlist, down three clicks to the playlist 'on the go 1' and hit play. Harry smiled as one of his favorites 'Out of My League' by Stephen Speaks.

His mind raced with memories of the last year, it had been prefect, until it had broken into a million pieces along with the crystal orb. Draco and the whole school had lost their memories of anything that had been to do with Harry. Harry walked down the stairs quietly as soon as he reached the kitchen and closed the door. Unknown to Harry, he started to sing the song quietly changing the song to be about Draco instead of a girl, as he prepared the coffee, hot chocolate, eggs, waffles and toast for the Dursely's and as for himself he just had a piece of toast with butter and strawberry jam and hot chocolate. "Its his hair and his eyes today that just simply take me away and the feeling that I'm falling further in love makes me shiver but in a good way. All the times I've sat a stared as he thoughtfully thumbs through his hair and he purses his lips bats his eyes and he plays with me sitting there slack jawed and nothing to say cause I love him with all that I am and my voice shakes along with my hands cause he's all that I see and he's all that I needed and I'm out of my league once again." Harry sang as he cracked the eggs into the pan scrambling them for Dudley and his girlfriend, Priscilla, that had stayed the night.

Harry could have sworn that she was Bulstrode and Goyle's daughter because she was thick through her middle with wide hips, pasty white skin, acne and long frizzy black hair that looked like a raccoons lived in it. Harry could also swear that she had an adam's apple, he would have never gone out with her, but obviously Dudley could stand her horrendous looks. Harry dished up the scrambled eggs, toast, two waffles with butter, maple syrup, and a mug of hot chocolate, whipped cream and five mini marshmallows in it. He took it out to the living room where Dudley and Priscilla were watching TV and occasionally eating each other's faces off.

Harry exited quickly, trying in vain to keep down his toast and chocolate milk, he officially never had wanted to see Priscilla in a too short and small hot pink camisole with a built-in bra, the kind that only work on people with A cups, not people with E cups, and a black mini skirt and with a lacy orange thong showing above that. Harry heard his Uncle and Aunt come down as their chairs creaked out in the living room. He reached for the eggs and cracked two Vernon's easy over not soupy at all while Petunia's was done as a Benedict. Harry reached for the toast and he buttered one piece for his aunt and two for his uncle. As he did so he started singing again the same song as before. It had been on repeat on his iPod since the incident. "Its his mistiful melody, when he calls out my name to me. As the world spins around him he laughs rolls his eyes and I feel like I'm falling but its no surprise cause I love him for all that I am and my voice shakes along with my hands cause its frightening to be swimming in this strange sea but I'd rather be here then on land. Yes he's all that I see and he's all that I need and I'm out of my league once again." He hummed along with the piano solo until Dudley came in.

"Oy Potter, I want some more hot chocolate!" He said slamming his glass down into Vernon's jellied toast. "Now!" Harry nodded taking the glass, he spooned in the powered mix, wiped off the bottom of the glass, poured some milk in and stirred it up. He placed it in into the microwave, and hit the numbers harder than he had to. When it beeped, he pulled it out, threw in the marshmallows and topped it with the whipped cream before handing it back to Dudley, who nodded and walked out of the kitchen with not even a second glance. Harry didn't except any more than what he got at home. He had believed he deserved more for a short time the year before and look where it had got him, forgotten, taunted, berated and treated like shit even more than before, hopelessness and depression had sunk into his life after the incident.

Harry sighed getting back to his Aunt and Uncle's breakfast since the last time he took to long... Well he didn't want to think about last time "Its his hair and his eyes today that just simply take me away and the feeling that I'm falling further in love makes me shiver but in a good way. All the times I've sat a stared as he thoughtfully thumbs through his hair and he purses his lips bats his eyes and he plays with me sitting there slack jawed and nothing to say cause I love him with all that I am and my voice shakes along with my hands cause its frightening to be swimming in this strange sea but I'd rather be here then on land. Yes he's all that I see and he's all that I need and I'm out of my league once again." he hummed to the piano as it came to close the song. The song started over again and Harry sighed. He really would always miss his once upon a time, but he would also always remember it. Harry finished the eggs and placed them on the plates with two waffles maple syrup and butter for Uncle Vernon and boysenberry syrup and margarine for Aunt Petunia.

He took the plates out and gave them to his relatives. He was about to walk back into the kitchen when Priscilla asked him a question. "How old are you? You look like you 13 but Dudy baby said you were 16 almost 17. How did you get so short? Bad genes or what?"

Harry glared at her. "Dudley and me are the same age and I may be six inches shorter than Dudley but that doesn't mean I have bad genes." He walked back into the kitchen picking up Vernon and Petunia's coffee. He walked over to Petunia fine but as he went over to Vernon, Dudley tripped him causing Harry to spill all of the hot dark coffee over Vernon's best Sunday suit.

Vernon went bright red with anger, Harry flinched and looked down, this wasn't good. He hadn't even gotten through the week of the 'holiday' without upsetting his Uncle. "You had better pray this comes out, boy" Vernon hissed in a lethal tone. Harry gulped staring at the ground, he nodded. "Now go make me another cup of coffee and you had better not spill it too." Harry nodded.

He turned to dash from the room, he started toward the door, but tripped over Dudley's foot again and he tumbled to the ground falling into the table, ramming his stomach into the top of the new metal chairs before falling to the floor. As he fell the empty cup crashed on the metal sending shreds of the ceramic mug showering over his head, cutting his face, head and neck as they fell down. Priscilla, Dudley and Vernon laughed, and Petunia was doing her best to just ignore them and focus on the window. She was searching for the young man the neighbors across the street had hired to cut their lawn every Sunday.

Harry scrambled to pick the shards up which was hard seeing that his glasses were practically useless nowadays, he needed a stronger prescription. He finally got all the big pieces into his hands and a few smaller ones balanced on his wrist. He dumped them into the trash; he grabbed the broom and stormed back out into the living room. A light wind rushing though the room as his anger followed him. No one noticed, no one but Uncle Vernon. Harry swept up the remains of the coffee mug and walked back into the kitchen to get Vernon another cup of coffee before Vernon had to drive Priscilla home and then take him Petunia and Dudley to church. Harry had never come. As Vernon so lovingly put it his 'dirty/ evil witchcraft' would make the church crumble to dust if he ever set foot in one. Harry didn't really mind, it was the lecture by Vernon upstairs afterward that bugged him. After church, Vernon would give Petunia and Dudley three hundred pounds, what he would make up again the next day before his one hour into the job coffee break, and then come into 'talk' with him. Dudley and Petunia were normally gone for a good four hours then Vernon would take them out to dinner to one of the greasy all you can eat buffet places leaving Harry a few pounds so he could go eat at the local fast food restaurant. He finished heating up the coffee and walked back into the living room, being careful not to trip over Dudley's foot or anything else and he handed the coffee to Vernon.

Vernon took a sip and grimaced glaring at Harry. "YOU KNOW I LIKE MY COFFEE WITH FOUR SPOONFULS OF SUGAR NOT ONE!" he yelled throwing the steaming cup of coffee into Harry's face. Priscilla had gone up stairs to pack up her stuff. Harry nodded and held out his hands to take the cup but Vernon threw it at his head instead of handing it over. Luckily Harry's rarely fast reactions kicked in and he caught the cup just before it collided with his nose. He walked back into the kitchen. "If this keeps up I'll have to go buy more coffee." he said frowning as he remade Vernon's coffee.

Harry walked out and gave his Uncle his coffee for the third time that morning. Vernon took a sip, grimaced but all the same drank it. He tossed the cup back at Harry who caught it gingerly. He used his wrist to hold the bottom of the mug and his other hand around it, just to make sure another mug didn't break. "I'll see you after we get back from church, boy" Vernon snarled glaring at Harry, who just stared at the ground wishing for this not to be happening. He had just stopped hurting from the past week.

Harry sat in the living room listening to his music, until the doorbell rang; Harry crawled off of the couch and walked to the door. Opening it he found Uncle Vernon "Upstairs, boy. Into the guest bedroom and it had better be clean" he growled. Harry raced up the stairs and tossed all of Dudley's old broken things into a pile in the closet as best he could. Harry stood leaning slightly against the dresser, as the door burst open to show his uncle standing there...in his boxers? He tossed Harry a small bag. "Put it on... Now." Harry opened the bag and reached in... what the heck? Harry bent over to put it on over what he already had on... "No, Boy. All your clothes come off then put it on." Harry looked up shocked this was... new. Harry undid his pants and pulled off his shirt turning his back to his uncle. His pants slipped down and off his slender but boney hips and Harry pulled off his boxers, slipping on the black thong his uncle had got for him. He stood there, shivering under his uncle's gaze. "Down on your knees." Vernon said. Harry fell down onto his knees, then watched in dawning horror as Vernon began to unclothe himself. Vernon walked up to Harry and pushed him over so his back was on the ground.

Harry closed his eyes and swallowed hard. "Why?" he managed to ask.

Vernon pulled off his boxers "Sit up on your knees. Why? Because you're dirty, and don't deserve to live, and God has granted you right into this family and left it as my job to cleanse you of your dirty wickedness, you queer!" Uncle Vernon said sitting down on the bed a few feet in front of Harry. "Now to cleanse you, I first have to break you. So crawl over here and suck me. Petunia has been lacking in this particular department." Vernon said. Harry just gapped at him. "Boy, you have about half a second to start sucking on me or you won't be able to move for a week!" Harry scrambled over fear over taking his body just like it had always done in the past, his uncle always won in the end anyway. Shutting his eyes, Harry put his uncle's penis in his mouth and started to suck him, he tried to imagine it as Draco, but he couldn't do it, all he kept seeing was his uncle. Finally his uncle came his load gushing into Harry's mouth, Harry swallowed it all stiffly, he had to try hard to keep from retching. "Up on the bed, boy." Harry climbed up onto the bed and suddenly gasped as Vernon's hand came on to his cock. No, this wasn't right it wasn't supposed to be Vernon; it was supposed to be Draco touching him, Draco kissing him, Draco that he lost his virginity to...not Vernon. Vernon's hand stroked Harry's cock and Harry's face turned red with embarrassment as his body reacted, he closed his eyes turning his face away. Vernon smiled at the pleasure filled haze in Harry's eyes, as well as shame.

He straddled his nephew's hips. He thrust in violently, delighted at the ear piercing scream erupting from Harry's lips, "No..." Harry whispered breathlessly, Vernon just smiled cruelly. Harry let out a whimper of pain, his voice raw from his earlier screaming, and let his eyes close. Tears flowed freely down Harry's face.

Vernon looked down at his cowering nephew, smirking. He grabbed Harry's wrists, and hissed at him, "Look at me boy, or you will live to regret it more then you do now!" Harry turned his head and cowered at the look of crazed anger and lust in his eyes and continued to look at him. Vernon smirked, and then began thrusting in as hard and as fast as he could. Harry let out a horse scream, but was overpowered by loud grunts and moans of pleasure from Vernon that filled the room.

Harry looked at Vernon in the eye and in a desperate attempt to get him to stop began to plea, "No..." Pain rippled through Harry, something inside him tore; "Please..." loud grunts assaulted the room, adding to the humiliation Harry was feeling, "No..." He cried out as the thrusts became faster and rougher, "Stop..." Vernon threw his head back and let out a pleasured moan, then started laughing, "Please..." Harry gasped as Vernon began to stroke and feel him, "No..." Harry whimpered pitifully ashamed at his body's reactions with the fact that it felt so good, and brought him so much pleasure but the pleasure was coated with burning shame, he began to openly sob. Vernon went even faster, with a wide grin on his face, "Don't..." Harry pleaded weakly he was losing consciousness. Vernon neared completion; his thrust became even more violent.

Vernon pulled out smirking, "Now no one will want you, they will see just how dirty and filthy you are you freakish little queer!"

Harry fell unconscious. But he got no rest since he was in his own nightmares. He relived everything bad that had ever happened, his parents, Dumarkus, Lucius, everyone forgetting him, his uncle trying to kill him, his lover forgetting him, the first time Vernon hit him. But at the end there was a single a good thing, Draco had him wrapped in a hug, pressing a kiss to his forehead, "Be strong Harry, be strong." It was kind and reassuring that Draco would actually remember him. But that faded away as well... into Vernon raping him viciously. Harry sat straight up gasping, he looked at the clock, it was 2:30 in the morning.

Harry got up, his arse hurt as did everything else. He stood up; he could still feel Vernon all over him. He had to get out of here; he suddenly had an idea, magic, accidental magic! Sirius would vouch for him, Sev even might, but no he didn't like that idea, of everyone knowing about Vernon. He had hated that Draco knew last year and he hated that Sev had figured it out again this year, Draco had been too preoccupied to notice the "I'm really clumbsy" lie. Last year he would have noticed and would have cared enough to look into the lie even if it Harry hadn't wanted him to. He'd have to run away, he had been taught how to apparate, he just didn't have his license, but his birthday hadn't passed yet.

Like Harry cared, he grabbed a pair of jeans out of his drawer and a long sleeve shirt, his other clothes having been ripped, he grabbed his glasses, he didn't have to worry about anything else having forgotten his wand, and again, it was a bad habit. He shuffled slowly out the door to Ms Figgs knocking lightly, he had told Kaila to be ready at anytime. She walked out sleepy, "Hold on to my wrist tightly as well as your stuff" Kaila gripped him tightly in her small hands, he grabbed her small traveling trunk in his other hand. Concentrating on the spot inside the forbidden forest where he knew his way out and what lived there. He also new that when it came down to it he could control his magic enough to protect him and Kaila from anything in the forest. Pop.

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