"Ew! Get rid of it!" Selphie's screams were heard throughout all of Christmas Town as she stood on a rocking horse that she had just finished putting together. She held the horse's mane in a tight grip, not seeming to grasp the fact that she wasn't actually high enough to put some distance between herself and the "terrifying" thing. The rocking horse was meant for a three year old.

An auburn haired girl bent down lazily and lifted the poor snake that was being tormented by the girl's silly wails. It wrapped around her slender arm and almost seemed to purr where it rested. She raised an unimpressed brow at her friend, almost as if contemplating why on Earth she was friends with her.

"You're scaring the poor thing! Why is it you're about a hundred times its size and you're the one screaming?" She placed her unoccupied arm on her hip, giving her the "you should be ashamed of yourself!" look. Her pearl necklace seemed to twirl as she adjusted her position so that her red mini dress that barely reached her finger tips hastened itself up her leg. It was a rather tight fit, with an easy to move around in skirt with a white furred hem. Her dress held itself up by a halter which connected to a white, faux furred hood.

Selphie wrinkled her nose, not loosening her grip. "It's scaly and slimy and gross! Get it away!" Her own red and white striped jumper bunched up at her waist, revealing panties that weren't meant to be seen.

Kairi rolled her sapphire eyes and pulled her friend up onto her feet. "What do you expect? It's a cold blooded animal, it makes sense it would be looking for warmth! And besides-snakes aren't slimy at all! Here, touch it, I'll show you …" She gestured to her arm.

"Ew! No! No! No! No! No! Keep it away, you hear? I don't want it near me, much less touch it!" She stepped away from Kairi, grasping her white jump rope that she wore as a belt. "Let's kill it." She whispered, wide eyed. Kairi held the snake closer to herself.

"It hasn't done anything wrong!" She looked at its tiny face, staring into yellow eyes. She smiled. "Let's keep it." She stroked its head and it seemed to calm down a bit, uncoiling slightly.

"No! I sometimes share a room with you, remember? I don't want that-that thing killing me in the dead of night …!" She shuddered at the mental image. "It could be poisonous!" She added in a hushed whisper. Kairi did a double take on the tiny snake which had taken rest on her arm, having taken a liking to her. She cocked her head to the side, debating on something.

"Well, we could always look it up, right? Besides, it isn't impossible to have a snake's venom taken from its fangs." She met Selphie's eyes. The brunette squirmed in her place.

"Oh, all right … You're too nice, you know that?" Kairi squealed and nuzzled the snake on her arm. She then hugged her friend (who was squirming to get away from the reptile). She broke away. "But how is it going to survive here, anyways?" Selphie gestured to a window which was covered with a sheet of ice. "Like you said earlier, cold blooded, not the ideal place, don't cha think?" Kairi smiled.

"I'll keep it with me, I'm sure my co-workers won't mind it." She cuddled the snake again. It slithered up her arm so that its head rested on her shoulder. She pulled her hood up and nudged the snake inside of it. A little head leaning on the side of her cheek was sticking its tongue out, sensing the new area. Selphie shuddered, and picked up a hammer that she had dropped earlier from all of the excitement. She sat on a low, wooden stool and started hammering at one of the looser nails. Kairi stood where she was blankly. Selphie stopped after a moment, sighed and looked up at her.

"Just go and find out how you're going to feed the thing, ok?" Kairi nodded and scampered away, passing others who were working on other trinkets that were meant to be given to good little boys and girls. The workers were hammering away for a certain Saint Nicholas (less formally known as Santa Claus) who makes his way around the world with flying reindeer who help him deliver presents. No, this little red head does not happen to be one of "Santa's Little Helpers" other wise known as elves, but something that is of more significant value than that.

Her red clogs that curved toward her legs held little silver bells that chimed with each step she took as she dashed into the reserved room. She happened to be Santa's daughter. No, no, she's not that old. The original Santa Claus had been dead for quite some time now. Her father wasn't even the next actual Santa, yet, he still had some years (and pounds) to gain before he had that luxury. Her grandfather is the eighth Santa Claus of their time and she is to be the next Mrs. Claus. Normally she'd be married off to some other family who is extraordinarily good, but her mother who, as sweet of a person as she is, from having such a tiny body is unable to conceive another child. Such a predicament has now been laid on Kairi's shoulders.

She is what one would assume to be "the perfect child". Her birth was predicted to the second, introducing a quiet, pink-cheeked baby into the world. She had grown into a curious, playful girl who had the special magnetic force that attracted others to join in on her little adventures. The only subjects that could deter her from her shenanigans were her studies and cooking.

The High Elves who oversaw the workers, as well as the legal affairs of the Clauses were still debating on Kairi's future role: if an outside man should be Mister Clause, or if she should take on the role herself, or if her generation should just be skipped, and any sons of hers will become Saint Nick XI. Because of her unsure future, she was being given a new sort of training that combined the roles of Santa Clause and Misses Clause. She did not overly mind too much (she considered herself much more rounded than her previous generations), but found that too much thought was going into the whole procedure. Who cared if Santa was male or female?

Would it be too sacrilegious for her to travel across the world?

Kairi pranced into the main hallway where a domed room with glass paintings for a ceiling was present. The floor was a smooth, golden marble with an oak, winding staircase that was situated in the middle of the room. She glided up the stairs, giggling and holding the hem of her skirt. She slowed to a walking pace, saving her energy for the rest of the flight of the stairs she'd have to climb. She huffed a little, then reassuringly petted the snake which adorned her furred hood. Her slender hand held the railing firmly as she slowed her pace more and more, having little physical energy. She was halfway up the stairs. "When I'm Mrs. Claus, I'm installing elevators."

No, she didn't mean it. Elevators were tacky in her opinion when one could easily walk. And these stairs, despite how new they appeared, were an important part of her family. It's where the original Saint Nicholas fell in love with the original Mrs. Claus and it is also where all weddings of the Clauses has been held since then. It was tradition and as much as she didn't want to walk up the entire flight of stairs (it only has a lead to the top floor of the five stories) in a wedding dress she can hardly move in, but tradition was tradition and there were plenty of other things to look forward to.

She licked her lips almost remembering the taste of the batter she got to lick along with her cousins for the wedding of her Aunt. It was absolutely huge and it was tradition of all women except for the new Mrs. Claus to help bake the five foot cake. She wanted her cake to be marble, since she couldn't decide which flavor she preferred; chocolate or vanilla. Her Aunt's had been golden, she liked it, of course, she loved nearly all sweets, but hers would be the first with two flavors. Then she'd be able to please two different taste buds.

Once she reached the top of the stairs, Kairi bolted to her bedroom; the third room down the line, grinning at the floating letters that spelled out her name in bubbles. It was a spell that the High Elves had put up for her for her eighth birthday. The High Elves were elves that were adorned with magic when they were born, having their own burden of making sure Christmas goes just like it's supposed to. Selphie was actually training to be a High Elf and was going to be her flower girl; because only High Elves can be flower girls. It was tradition. She poked the dots in her "i's" that helped spell out her name. They stayed gone for a minute, then popped back just as if she had never touched them. She giggled again, entering her room with glee after taking off her shoes.

Her room was mainly white, a sheep skin rug stretched across the room (faux, every fur she owned was faux). Her bed had a lavender bug net that fell from the head of the Queen-sized bed. The sheets and pillows were white with a dark plum colored blanket. Her tan desk held a lap top and mouse with a chair that she was frequently found spinning in. A bright lava lamp that was currently off hung low, over her desk. Her room also took a dome shape, having watched Aladdin, she modeled her room after the princess in the movie. Her magicked closet doors appeared to be ones that led to an outside balcony. It led to a walk-in closet.

She strolled over to her computer, spinning once in her chair before turning her laptop on. Her snake seemed to know that it was safe to come out, for it slithered out from her hood and used her arm as a bridge to come to the computer that was quickly beginning to radiate heat. She giggled to herself and cooed at the snakes antics which she found adorable. She quickly found exactly what it was that she was looking for.

Pueblan Milksnake, huh? She stared at the critter who was striped with red, black and white. She smiled. Just like a candy cane! She scrolled down on information on it, wrinkling her nose at the little tidbit that snakes tend to pee on themselves (maybe I can ask a High Elf to train her…), finding them easy to care for until she came to one not so minor factor: food.

No, she wasn't stupid, she knew that snakes happened to eat each other as well as rodents, but it never actually dawned on her that she would have to go out of her way to find a critter for the snake to eat. She glanced at the snake who seemed to have dozed off with a hint of doubt. She looked away. No, she happened to like the snake, she was going to have to find some of the animals herself! She bit her lip. There was no way anyone, not even a High Elf would be willing to get poor mice for it to eat! They had done nothing wrong … But the snake would need to survive, the poor thing …

She moaned loudly. She'd have to go and find some pre-killed mice herself, perhaps from an already fat owl? Snakes can go a while without a new meal anyways, not like it would be a big deal for her. Tomorrow she had some free time, that would be when she would go out and find some rodents to feed to it, but first. She picked up the snake.

She was going to take her new snake to a High Elf for some magical behavior training on how not to pee on one self (or others) and other things.