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At this point, the shouts had died down and she had her focus on one thing only. She had always wondered how his hair had managed to stay in its gravity-defying condition. She was more than shocked to find his hair soft to the touch. After this discovery she had been continuously stroking his hair, in a slight trance. Kairi grazed her fingers through his hair, slowly making her way to the roots. She mentally appreciated his thick hair, as she slowly moved her hands to the base of his neck. She traced her finger around his hairline, trailing her fingers away from each other, stopping when her hand reached his left temple. She did not want to touch the recently formed gash.

She bent over to the point where she could feel her breath radiate against Sora's chin. She tilted her head to the side, just to check that he was still breathing. After a moment's wait, a rush of warm air softly stroked her in reassurance. She shyly lay her lips to the side of his jaw, then retracted herself so she was once again sitting up straight.

She slowly repositioned her body, one hand holding Sora's head delicately, whilst her other hand supported the rest of her body. She was tired, and wanted Aerith and the woman called Sally to return with the stitches. At this point it was a given that he would end up needing them.

Leonardo hisses in her ear, allowing her to take a deep breath, not having realized until then just how tense she was. She lifts her hand to stroke the snake and Sora's unconscious form grunts slightly. Even the slightest drop in warmth seemed to irritate him.

She hushed him softly, stroking his face after giving her pet some attention. His short moans stilled and a slight smile grazed his face.

Despite knowing that none of this was her fault, guilt did well up inside of her as she could not draw her attention away from his damaged head. She hoped nothing would be permanent.

Oogie Boogie grins impishly at the two teens. "Do you like games?"

Neither answered, knowing anything he had in store for them would be good. Chances are, it would be worked against them. The moving sack pouted mockingly.

"Aw… And here I was hoping that I would have some new friends to play with." He claps his hands together, and Lock loosens Kairi's shackles from the wall and hands them over to Oogie Boogie's grasp. "Silly me."

Sora's eyes don't leave the two as the young girl warily follows where Oogie Boogie guides her. Her violet eyes dance around in a calculating manner. If we move several steps to the left, I can hook my chain around the lever and the moving abrasions would rip his arms off … to the right several yards is a pit, and if I can somehow keep myself up … Her upper body strength limited what she could do.

Dejectedly she stole a glance to her demon friend, knowing well how useless she was in the situation. If only it were Sora being dragged around in chains, then he would be strong enough to evade his take and do something. She sighs. It sucked to be able to come up with a plan, yet not be able to execute it.

"What's wrong, dollface?" She ignores the antagonist's jab.

Stay calm … She chided herself. This man is obviously insane, and you do not want to do anything to upset him. He was a ticking time bomb waiting to burst.

"Hmph." He turns around to face her. She tenses immediately. She didn't have to look around to practically feel Sora crouching down, despite not being capable of breaking his bonds. "This is where you're supposed to say 'on no, Mr. Oogie Boogie, I'm just worried for my poor little half breed of a friend.'" She glares at his imitation over her voice. "'You see, he won't be able to live with himself once I'm dead'."

Sora hisses behind them.

Kairi tenses, a strike of fear crossing over her face.

The four captors laughed at their reactions.

Sora tilts his neck over. "If you so much as scratch her I'll…"

"What?" Shock laughs from her stance. "Chew your hand off to break yourself free so you can avenge her?" She throws her head back in laughter. The others do likewise.

"You'll die from shock and blood loss." Barrel teeters where he sits. "Besides, I doubt you have the drive to do so, anyways."

Sora began snarling again. More laughter was directed toward his frantic wriggling. He was just as weakened as Kairi, with more bruises to boot. Kairi wanted to cry as she watched her friend struggle pitifully. Lock yawned and eyed Oogie Boogie imploringly.

"I'm bored. Are you sure I'm not allowed to touch girlie here?" The man leaned over to stroke Kairi's face, but Oogie Boogie slapped his hand away.

"Ya touch her when I say ya touch her, no sooner no later." He eyed Sora whose eyes were blazing a ferocious yellow. "Maybe sooner."

Oogie Boogie had then taken a lever, snapped it out of its holding and whipped Sora across the head, knocking him unconscious. He unceremoniously tossed Kairi on top of his limp form, and had turned to his subordinates and told them he was hungry and to entertain him. They left the two alone, clearly not seeing either one as a threat.

Kairi sighed and leaned against the stone wall.

She was frightened. She was too weak to teleport herself, let alone teleport the two of them. She was too weak to not be frightened and to be brave instead. She cursed herself, angry for falling for the trap in the first place. How could she have thought Sora had come to see her? Wasn't she always the one who initiative in their relationship? Images of their time together went through her mind. The initiative seemed fifty-fifty to her.

She then gasped as the sake unraveled itself from her neck, and for the first time in a long time, slithered away from her. "Leonardo!" She called out. Her restraints made it impossible for her to reach out. "Come back, it's too cold!" It paid her no heed, and with a flick of its tail, shimmied up the wall and through the barred window Sora had entered through.

Kairi began to cry. The snake was going to die trying to save itself, the innocent animal. Sora was going to die, and Oogie Boogie was never going to let her go. She bowed her head, resting it on Sora's chest. The rise and fall of his chest was comforting. Almost as comforting as the rhythmic beat of his heart. She couldn't help but smile beneath her tears at the feeling and sound.

She jumped when a hand grabbed her arm.

"K … nngh… Kairi." Sora was awakening. His blue eyes were bleary, but pleasant as he took her in. He then frowned and held his head. "Oh… Oogie …" He closed his eyes and furrowed his brows. "Damn him."

"How are you feeling?" She asked softly. He groaned.

"We… are we still in the lower floor?" His voice was very groggy.

"Yes, we haven't been moved. I'm glad they haven't come back." She turned to the area that four captors had left. "I think if we're really quiet, they won't come back as quickly, cause they may think we're asleep." She somehow felt 'playing dead' would help them in the situation.

Sora shook his head, and began to sit up, then froze. He looked down at where he had been napping and then at her. He shook his head, then sat up fully. Kairi missed the warmth only for a second. Sora positioned himself next to her, wrapping his arm around her, and pulled her close. She lay against him.

"Leonardo left." She murmured. He regarded her in surprise, then out the window that he suspected the serpent had left through.

"Good, he can get help." Sora said wearily.

Kairi bit her lip. "You think that's why he left?" She honestly was not sure how aware Leonardo was of the earth around him, and of the situations that occurred, to trust him to get help from others.

Sora nodded. "He wouldn't leave you." He smiled at her. Kairi smiled back.

"I don't think he'd leave you, either."

"And I'll never leave you, doll face." Kairi and Sora both snapped their heads up as Oogie Boogie trotted up to them. "Not to interrupt this little fest of hearts and coos 'n all that jazz, but, well," he paused then snickered. "Actually, that's exactly what I want to do." He then leant down to take control of Kairi's shackles.

"Don't you touch her," Sora sneered. Oogir Boogie regarded him as if he were as harmless as a Chihuahua.

"Sora …" Kairi warned.

"Oh?" Oogie Boogie smiled. "Don't touch her, you say?" He took a hold of Kairi's chains and yanked her away from Sora. She stumbled as she was half dragged. She winced against the skidding against the ground and Sora's pinching grip on her ankle. He refused to let go.

Kairi cringed, physically and mentally torn. Sora's grip was beginning to tear her skin, and despite him noticing, and trying to adjust his grip without losing it, the skin continued to break. Oogie Boogie was taking antagonizing steps backward to emphasize Sora's grip, and alarm the two. Kairi bit down on her lip to prevent herself from crying out; she did not want Sora to let go, no matter the pain.

"Let … go…" The brunet said through clenched teeth.

Oogie Boogie cocked his head to the side, and with a finalizing smirk, yanked Kairi closer, literally ripping her out of Sora's grasp. She cried out.

The sack continued to walk away, dragging her by her arms across the floor. She stumbled to get to her feet. Her heart hammered in her chest. Shame for being dragged about like some useless object, and fear toward the unknown actions that the monster before her may commit. The walking picnic rug took her to the gambling table, hushing her to be quiet. He pulled several levers, and some chains and a steel trapeze lowered from the ceiling. He attached the hooks on her chains to the trapeze, and before she could react, he flipped the lever, and the trapeze shot up into the ceiling, jerking her into the air. She screamed as a sharp pain went into her right shoulder. It had popped out of its socket.

"Kairi!" Sora called out.

Oogie Boogie rolled his makeshift shoulders, sniggering at their wails. "Gotta say I was awfully bored earlier, but you guys have so much entertainment: I love it." He then turned specifically to Kairi who was attempting to move her weight to her shoulder that was not dislocated. "Dollface, how do you feel about gambling games?"

Kairi ignored him, still trying to adjust herself. Oogie Boogie frowned. He did not like being ignored. "Dollface, I'm a'talkin' to you." He reached up and yanked on the same leg that Sora had been clawing at earlier. She hissed in pain. "I was askin' you a question."

She shuddered.

"Hmph," Oogie Boogie pouted. "Shall I … heat things up a bit?" He giggled at his timed pun: he had skipped over to another set of levers and adjusted their positions. A loud creaking noise sounded below Kairi, and the machine below her swiveled its gears, revealing an acidic liquid that sizzled in reaction to the oxygen. She began to sweat further, awkwardly struggling, not knowing where to put her attention.

"Sora," Oogie Boogie drawled. "I don't like that look you're giving me." Kairi snuck a glance at the demon.

Sora was sprawled across the floor, despite no longer twitching and squirming in his restraints, his limbs were tensed. His wrists were shaking, and Kairi realized that they were bleeding from all of his thrashing. His chest was heaving with adrenaline. He bowed his head and rolled his shoulders back. His chest swelled again as he inhaled deeply.

Kairi shrieked as her chain slackened and dropped so that she was only a yard above the acid.

"RAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Tensed fists strained against the metal cuffs, no matter the cutting on the skin. He leapt to his feet and ran as far forward as the chains would let him, and yelled again. He repeated the motion, again, and again. He needed to get to Kairi. She was not about to die. In his frantic movements he did not notice that Shock's weakening spell had ebbed away.

Oogie Boogie took a nervous step back. "Oh no … Shock! Where are you? Why is he strengthenin'?" He looked around wildly, but no one came. "Lock! Barrel! Get down here!" Still nothing. He shook his head wildly and in an awkward stance to make sure his back was not turned to the boy, he situated his hands on the array of levers. "Boy, you come at me, she's dead." To emphasize his point, he slowly pressed the same lever as earlier, and she was lowered to a foot above. She struggled to bend her legs, and tried swinging. She wanted to get away, but the instant she the chain swung, her wrists that she was hanging from cried out, and her shoulder screamed in pain. She gasped, only then noticing the coat of sweat that had built up on her.

Sora did not hesitate in his struggles, if anything, they only intensified.

"I-I'm warning you." Three inches were lost. A resounding snap of metal and rock sounded as some of the attachments broke from the wall. "No qualms about losing these legs." Her legs swung, her left shoe slipping off her foot and splashed a few droplets on her skin. She hissed in pain.


With a resounding clatter the chains were freed from the wall and Sora shot off from the wall, wings flapping spastically. With another clink, the chain that had a hold of Kairi snapped, Kairi in Sora's arms. She draped her good arm around his neck and buried her face in the crook of his neck. Snarling he perched himself high up on the wall where Oogie Boogie couldn't reach them.

The sack's shouts were ignored. Sora was more interested in checking the amount of damage Kairi had taken, and just what the severity was. Whereas Kairi was trying to coax Sora to stop and leave. "Please, Sora, the window is across the room, let's go." He made no inclination that he had heard her, but instead had dipped his head to her wrists and began lapping up the blood. She cringed. His saliva had the slightest sting, and if he weren't Sora, she would have pulled away. She assumed his saliva had some sort of healing component.

In actuality, his saliva did not have any sort of healing component, the boy just happened to be half vampire, and therefore was not letting any blood go to waste. In the back of the sane part of his mind, he reasoned that it was the perfect chance to see if she really was human as he had wanted to check long ago. And although she would not be healed, the wounds would be numbed (much like vampire bats).

"Sora, please," Kairi's breath hitched as he sniffed at her collar bone. No blood, just some funky bone action. "Before that … loon does something." She shuddered into him. "We don't know what's happened to the other three, but they could show up at any minute." Sora bowed his head down to her legs, giving swift licks to the gashes where the acidic liquid had splashed her. He then sat up fully, and for good measure licked her cheek. She scrunched her nose, but made no verbal comment. They really need to leave…

He then extended his wings, and took her into his arms once more after wrapping their chains around his shoulder.

"Oy! Where do ya two think you're headed?" Oogie Boogie demanded, shaking a fist at them. Sora paused in his flight, and regarded the checkered man. Despite Kairi's protests, he lowered himself and swiftly kicked the figure in the head. Oogie Boogie had the wind knocked out of him.

"Okay, let's go now!" Kairi pleaded. Sora grunted and began to raise his altitude.

"I don't think so!" A chain shot out and wrapped itself around Sora's ankle. The additional weight of Oogie Boogie pulled Sora down. Realizing that pulling away was not an option, he swerved about, snarling at the offender. With extended claws he slashed through the chest of Oogie Boogie. Kairi began to scream at the sight of the screaming insects.



The two teens looked up to see Saint Nicholas and Jack Skellington running hurriedly towards them. They looked a little worse for wear, but besides that, were fine. It occurred to Kairi that they must have been the ones holding up the trio, she only wished that they would have gotten here sooner. Sora seemed to be of similar mind, for once he saw and recognized that they were safe, he collapsed to his knees and fell unconscious. Yet as the adults swarmed around them and unchained them, he refused to let Kairi out of his grasp.

They were then taken to Jack Skellington's home to get some medical help. Sora and Kairi were situated in Sora's room, and the two were going to stay there until either Sora awoke or Kairi's grandfather decided to whisk her away. Normally she would have expected him to send her home sooner, but the older man seemed to have been humbled by his misjudgment and misunderstanding of the skeletal man. The Pumpkin King was of similar mind.

Sora had yet to wake up, so Kairi was just killing time. Or more so, she was avoiding going down to the main hall of the house. Not only was it immensely creepy, but the adults were still shouting downstairs. And arguing. Over something as trivial as who was more apologetic. She rolled her eyes, continuing to stroke Sora's head. It was times when she was stuck listening to her grandfather make a fool of himself that she felt that she really did not want to grow up.

Sora moaned beneath her touch. Her hand shied away. It occurred to her for the first time that Sora was going to wake up his head on her lap. And he was shirtless to make room for bandages. And she was just in a borrowed, oversized shirt. Sally had said he wouldn't mind. She said he would want her to be comfortable and out of her bloodied clothes. She had also said that he would be more than happy to wake up to her presence.

Naturally Kairi was more than happy to hear this originally, but once she realized he was going to be waking up, and she was in his room, and she was not really dressed, and he was not really dressed, she couldn't help but worry. Not in the stomach dropping teeth chattering sort of worry, but the heart hammering cheeks blushing sort of worry. The one that was more associated with situations where two parties were rather fond of one another. Such as the one she was in at the moment.

Sora yawned widely, first dropping his jaw, then pulling back his lips to reveal his canines, and then his tongue peaked out before his mouth closed again. At times Kairi found him to be a lot more catlike than batlike. His eyes then crinkled a bit before they opened again, and she was treated to the vision of his dark blue eyes. They were hazy, a bit watery from being asleep. He lifted up on fist to rub his eyes, then blinked several times.

"Mmm … Kairi…" He then lifted up his hands, held her head, guided her face to his own, and kissed her.

Wait, what?!

It took a full second for Sora's eyes to pop wide open, and then an eighth of a second after that to realize just what he was doing. He rolled away from Kairi, sputtering and blushing like he had just landed in a boiling pot of water. He had his head bowed, not daring to look at Kairi, entirely fearful of her rejection.

Kairi resembled something of a howler monkey that had been muted and had been petrified in the middle of screaming.

The room was filled with loud silence.

Kairi was the first who dared to utter a noise. "Ah … S-Sora…?"

"I-I'm sorry Kairi!" He wailed. "I… I…" What had come over him? He kept replaying over and over in his mind his incoherent thoughts that came to him as he came into the world of consciousness. He felt warm, and despite a slight quirk in his neck, was very comfortable. Especially with a refreshing, comforting aroma: the scents of home, his bedroom wafting around him, with a tint of Kairi. He had never had the two smells combined before, but he had found that he liked it. And then he remembered opening his eyes, and as if he were peering through fuzzy lenses, saw Kairi, and felt a wave of relief wash over him. She had been so frightened earlier, and he simply wanted to … kiss her?

"It's, um, it's okay." Kairi murmured, still bright red. She did not want him to say something about mistakes. Especially toward her first kiss. "I, um, uh, if it wasn't an accident, I'll forgive you." The last part her voice lowered considerably.

"Oh." Sora's eyes were the size of dinner plates. "Well, um, okay, then." Of course he wouldn't want to offend her, and he supposed if she wanted to look at it from that angle, he definitely wanted to kiss her. He warily crept closer to his bed, closer to her, for the first time noticing her attire. He rather liked it, but he supposed that moment would not be the best time to voice his thoughts.

"…Did you reopen any wounds?" Kairi asked timidly. Sora paused in his creeping for a moment, and looked down. It wasn't until she had said something that he was aware of the pain in his body. But no new blood was seeping through the bandages, just some ooze here or there.

"No." He situated himself next to her, mirroring her folded hands in her lap. He very much wanted to hold her in his arms, but he wasn't really sure what the story was at the moment. He was debating if he was given a green light or not. He certainly couldn't tell. She then leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed.

Sora decided an arm draped over the shoulder would be acceptable.

Kairi snuggled further into him. He was warm.

He tilted his head on top of hers. Then lifted his head off after a moment. Her warm breath was tickling his neck. And he very much wanted to smother her with love, and not just the verbal or mental kind. And as good as his sense of smell was, he couldn't smell her obvious openness to his presence, since he was so caught up in his own doubts.

And he would have continued in his thoughts of doubt, if it weren't for dear old Leonardo, who had slithered out and away from Kairi's neck onto her lap, and onto the floor, near the radiator. Sora had watched the snake make its way over to its new napping place. He had vaguely wondered why it was leaving the two of them, when they were clearly warmer than the radiator, when the snake cocked its head toward him, and gave him a look that indicated the snake was the very opposite of a cockblocker, and that if he was going to make a movie, then and there would be the time.

Cause who knew how Jack and Nick would react when they realized they had created the perfect Romeo and Juliet setup. Without the dying piece. And if things were to turn south, there were numerous numbers of holiday towns to live in.

Screw tradition.

Sora cocked his head over to Kairi, first nibbling on her ear. She bent her head toward him, raising one of her shoulders as a reaction. And then she squealed slightly when he kissed the side of her mouth. She was silenced when he captured her second kiss.

Of course, the two men that ran their two separate holidays were completely unaware of the occurring events happening in the upstairs room. And perhaps if they were aware, they would not have acted nearly as friendly as they currently were. They would have most likely objected because they were too young in their minds, and had way too much of a responsibility toward their holidays.

Sora Daemon was to be the future Pumpkin King; that had already been decided. Kairi Claus was still a bit of a mystery, but there was no doubt that her path lay in the hands of Christmas Town. The two had their duty to millions of children everywhere, as well as their friends and family.

But that was not their main concern at the moment.

Nor would it be their main concern in six years, on their wedding day.

It would not be a concern in eight years, either, when their first child would be born.

The two holidays were going to have to sort themselves out because of the two love struck beings.

Leonardo flicked his tail with an attitude that almost resembled a smirk.

If only Kairi had never been allowed to keep the damn snake.

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