Winry woke up slowly. It had been about a month since the Elric brothers had come back from their journey. Al had successfully gotten his body back, and Edward had gotten his arm back, but his leg was still missing. After questioning him a bit, she found that he doesn't care that much about it, since his main goal was getting Al's body back. She was happy, though, that he had something to make her feel that she was still needed. Life had almost returned back to normal.

Winry quickly got ready for the day. After brushing her teeth, taking a shower, drying her hair, etc., she went downstairs to eat breakfast. When she arrived at the table, she found that only Pinako was there. Saying hi to her granny, she plopped down onto one of the chairs and started chewing on a piece of toast.

Putting down her newspaper, Pinako turned to the girl and said, "Hey Winry, I need to go into town for about a week to take care of some business. I'm taking you and Alphonse with me, okay?"

Winry looked at her, puzzled, "Why me? How come Edward isn't going?" Pinako just shook her head, meaning she doesn't want to explain. Winry just shrugged and continued to eat her breakfast. She was a bit down, not being able to see Edward for a whole week, but she didn't want to show it in front of Pinako. Sighing, she finished her breakfast and went upstairs to wake up the brothers.

First, she went to Al's room and knocked on the door. Lucky for her, Al was a morning person and was already awake. He opened the door and cheerfully greeted Winry. "Hey Winry! Good morning!"

Winry smiled at him and returned the greeting. She told him that breakfast was downstairs and headed to Edward's room. While Al went down the stairs, Winry frowned. Edward was going to be a lot tougher than Al.

She opened the door without knocking, knowing that Ed was probably still sleeping. She was right; he was in bed, snoring lightly. Sighing to herself, Winry walked over to the edge of the bed and proceeded to wake up the little alchemist. She shook him hard, while yelling for him to wake up. For some reason, this didn't cause him to even stir. She kept at it for a couple more minutes before giving up.

She decided to be harsher on the blonde. Winry climbed onto the bed and jumped. She jumped up and down and kept at it for a couple minutes. Finally becoming tired, she kicked him in the back before getting off. Now she was panting and sweating. Even worse, Edward still hasn't wakened up! She sat down at the edge and pondered what to do now.

She decided to use a different approach. Winry went into the bathroom and got a cup of cold water. She came back to Ed's room with an evil grin. Sneaking up to him, she quickly dumped the load onto the sleeping boy's face. To her surprise, and disappointment, he didn't wake up, again. Frowning, she wondered what to do next.

There, she saw it. For the tiniest second, she swore she saw a smirk tweak up from the boy's face. Narrowing her eyes, she realized that he was awake after all. Now she wanted revenge for making her go through all that trouble. Winry thought for a minute, and then got the perfect plan. "Oh, Eeeeedddd…"

She could feel the boy tense up at her voice. Giggling, she ran her fingers through his hair. She leaned down and grazed the tip of his lips with her own. This got a reaction, he almost jumped. Almost. However, he still didn't show any signs of being awake, so she decided to be even eviler.

Winry took the bottom of Ed's shirt in her hands and, slowly, started to remove it. After taking it off the top of his head, she ran her fingers across his torso. Winry blushed. For someone his age, he had a great build. A firm chest, broad shoulders, and even six pack abs. She could feel his muscles as her fingers brushed across them. She wondered how it would feel to rest on that powerful chest. Slowly, unconsciously, she brought her head lower. Finally, she lied down besides Edward and snuggled her head into his chest. Her arms wrapped around him and she pulled herself close.

Edward's breathing became sharper as he tried to maintain himself. Winry giggled slightly as she felt his muscles tighten to her touch. Acting on impulse, her tongue flicked out and brought itself across his chest. It seems the poor boy can't take anymore and he jerked away. "Okay, okay, you win, I'm awake!"

Winry sighed to herself as the warm pillow moved away, but giggled when she saw his red face. However, she realized that her face was just as red, if not more. She laughed nervously as he pointed her out the door. "Why did you do that? It was so… weird…" She scowled at him and hit him with her wrench before leaving. "Ow! What was that for?" Sighing, she walked down the stairs.

"What took so long, Winry? You two weren't doing anything you aren't supposed to, were you?" giggled Al.

Winry shook her head rapidly and answered, "What? Of course not! I was just waking him up! You know he's hard to wake!"

Al laughed out loud this time, "Then why is your face so red?"

Winry's eyes widened and she turned away, "It isn't!"

Al shrugged while laughing, "Whatever."

Winry, still red, hit him with a wrench. "Owww! I was just kidding, Winry! You didn't have to hit me!"

Edward came down the stairs after he recovered. However, when Winry looked at him, his face turned red again. Al's eyes widened in amusement at the reaction, "You two didn't do anything, right?"

Edward looked at his brother for a moment before responding, "What do you mean? She just came to wake me up. In a strange way, though..." He added the last part quietly, but Al caught it.

"Oh really? What way?" Al snickered at Winry, who turned red again and looked down.

"Ahem!" an annoyed Pinako cleared her throat. "Winry, me and Al already packed up and we're leaving to get the tickets. You better hurry up and catch us at the train station, okay?"

Winry jumped up, having forgotten about her trip, and rushed up the stairs to her room. Al explained everything to Edward, who just nodded and continued to eat his breakfast. Pinako and Al soon left for the train station. About 30 minutes later, a flustered Winry came bolting down the stairs.

Suddenly, she tripped and started falling down the rest of the stairs. Her eyes closed and she braced for impact with the floor. Before she hit, however, she felt a pair of strong arms lift her up. She opened her eyes, confused, and looked up to see an annoyed Edward. "Jeez, Winry, be more careful."

Winry stood back up and looked at him sheepishly. Edward raised an eyebrow and tapped his wrist, signaling the time. Winry gasped and hurried out the door. Before Edward could say anything, though, she was over the hill and heading to the station. Edward sighed and looked down at the floor. Lying there, beside his feet, was Winry's bag. He smacked his forehead and hurried out the door after her, carrying the bag.

Pinako sighed and checked her watch. "She's too late, the train is here."

Al nodded and wondered, "Should we just leave her?"

Pinako thought for a minute, then nodded, "Yeah, I guess we should."

Al nodded and carried the bags onto the train. Pinako looked back at the gate, wondering what was taking the girl so long. She shrugged and got onto the train. After a couple of minutes, the train pulled out of the station. Winry arrived at the gate, but was too late, the train left. She sighed and turned around to head back home, cursing.

Suddenly, a stranger rushed into her and knocked her to the ground. Winry was about to yell at him, but he grabbed her hand and slipped something onto her finger. Her eyes widened, but before she could say anything, the stranger had vanished. Her eyes lost focus and she felt faint. She tumbled backwards and fell to the ground, losing consciousness. The last thing she saw was everything around her growing bigger and bigger. Then, her eyes closed and everything turned black.

Edward cursed, how could Winry be so careless? He had run into the station, but the train had already left. He couldn't see Winry, so he guessed she made it on time. Too bad her bag didn't. Edward sighed, deciding he cannot do anything about it. He would just have to put her bag back and wait for them to come back. He wondered how Winry would do without the stuff she packed. His curiosity drifted to the contents of the bag, but he respected Winry enough not to poke around with her stuff.

As he walked out of the station, his eyes drifted to a little kitten. It was unconscious, sprawled out on the floor. Edward picked it up, looked for a collar, but found it was a stray. The poor kitten looked sick, so he decided it wouldn't hurt to have some company for the week. Besides, he still owed Al a kitty. Edward smiled and held onto the kitten close to his chest, protecting it from the people walking around. He thought it was a little strange though; its fur was a light golden color. Although he was no expert at cats, he couldn't remember any type of cat with this type of fur. He shrugged, it didn't matter, the fur only made it cuter.

Soon, he made it back to the house. After dropping Winry's bag in her room, he went into the kitchen and warmed some milk for the kitten. He wasn't too sure how to take care of it, but he read that kittens love warm milk. After preparing it, he left it in a small bowl and set it on the counter. He placed the kitten down next to the bowl. Deciding that he didn't know enough about kittens to take care of one for a week, he went into Al's room to find if he had any books on the subject. Sure enough, there was a shelf full of the books.

Edward scanned through the titles and picked one out. Beginner's Guide to Caring for Kittens sounded promising. He brought the book downstairs and sat down on the dining table. It felt safer to have the kitty near him, so he gently carried it over. It was so cute that Ed couldn't help but smile at it. Finally, he opened the book and started to read.

Winry felt dizzy. The last thing she remembered was that weird guy who bumped into her and put something on her finger. Slowly, she opened her eyes and let them readjust to the lighting. Looking around, she found that she was in her kitchen, but everything seemed bigger. She looked down and saw that she was on the table. Well, at least she was home. Wait, on the table?! She looked around once again and saw a giant Edward reading a huge book. Her eyes widened. She looked at her hands only to find that they weren't there. In their place are two furry paws with light golden fur. She felt the panic settle in.

"What's going on, Edward? Help me!" she shouted, or tried to. What came out was more like soft meowing. She realized that she was now a kitten. Thinking back, she realized that whatever that stranger had placed on her finger did that to her. Oh my god…

She looked up at Edward, who had stopped reading the book. In a soft voice, he said, "Hey, you're awake. Wow, you have really nice blue eyes. They kinda remind me of Winry's." He paused a second in thought, "Hmm...Why don't I call you Winwin? It fits you."

Questions floated into her head. Edward didn't know she was Winry? Edward thinks the name Winwin fits her? Edward thought her eyes were nice? She tried talking again, only to hear more meows come out of her mouth. Accepting defeat, she looked at Edward, hoping he would recognize her. Then, she gave that up too, there's no way he would recognize her later if he didn't recognize her now.

Edward put down his book and picked up a bowl from the counter. He brought the bowl down next to her. "Here, I warmed some milk for you. I read that little kittens love milk. I don't understand why, though, that stuff is disgusting."

Winry giggled, which sounded like purring, at Edward. Trying to get used to being a kitten, she attempted to lick up the milk. However, she got more milk on the table than in her mouth. She hoped Edward wouldn't be mad at this and looked up at him with pleading eyes. To her surprise, Edward just offered a kind smile.

"I guess you are a baby after all, I think that means I have to feed you the milk from a bottle or something." At this, Edward got up and searched through the cupboards. Winry was confused. A bottle? Edward let out a victory yell as he found what he was looking for. Winry's eyes widened when she saw a little baby bottle in his hands. He washed and dried it. Then, he took the bowl and filled the bottle up with milk. He frowned as he realized the milk had gotten cold. Putting it back on the stove, he warmed it up a bit and brought it over to Winwin the kitten.

"Okay Winwin, come on." He gently picked Winry up, who was a little nervous about what he was going to do. Edward sat back down and brought the bottle to her little kitty lips. He smiled and whispered, "Come on, Winry, you need to drink your milk."

Winry narrowed her eyes at him, since it was usually her that said that to him. She decided to play with him a little and pushed the bottle away. Ed gently nudged the bottle back towards Winry's mouth, but she just pushed it away, shaking her head. Edward frowned and thought for a minute. Then, he placed the tip of the bottle to his own mouth and sipped a little. She smiled as his face turned a little purple from drinking the white liquid. "S-see, Winwin, it's g-good."

Deciding that was enough, she took the bottle between her paws and started sucking on the little tip. The warm liquid felt good running down her throat and made her drowsy. The sight of her little paws holding the bottle, while she nibbled at the tip, melted a little of Edward's heart.

"Hehe, you're so cute." Despite being a kitten, Winry blushed. She was glad her fur hid the red, though. She was beginning to feel very sleepy, so she pushed the bottle back. Edward, getting the message, put the bottle down and cradled the little kitty in his arms. Winry couldn't help but purr, which made her blush more. Edward almost couldn't stand how cute she was. Surprisingly enough, Edward had a soft spot for things that were extremely cute.

"Almost as cute as Winry…" he let it slip. He blushed a little, but didn't think too much about it. After all, he and the little kitten were the only living things for miles, right? Meanwhile, the poor Winry felt her face warm up even more. Edward thinks that I'm cute? Feeling the effects of the milk once again, Winry decided to sleep on it. With the soft rocking and the warm feeling in her stomach, she quickly fell asleep.

Edward brought her upstairs and laid her down onto one of his pillows. He decided that it would be best if she was kept close to him. It was only a bit into the afternoon, so he decided to continue the book. After a while, he learned pretty much all he needed to know and was feeling sleepy as well. He petted the cute little kitten beside him and drifted off into his dreams. Not surprisingly, those dreams consisted of alchemy, kittens, and Winry.

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