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That Freaking Koala

Lily woke early the next morning. She sprang out of bed, her eyes wide open, and proceeded to get ready for breakfast.

A happy smile adorned her face as she brushed then knots out of her long red hair, she hummed tunelessly to herself. Lily had never been much of a singer.

Today, she thought as she gazed out the dormitory window at the deep blue sky, was going to be one of those days.

The sun was shining in through the glass panes, bathing the dormitory in a warm yellow light, and casting a shimmering rainbow onto one of the beds by the door.

She skipped into the adjoining bathroom, and surveyed her vast collection of perfumes and body sprays. These always enhanced her feeling of freshness in the mornings, although the other girls in her dormitory were sceptical of this muggle idea ( 'why not just use a Scenting charm? Those are so… wet!')

From the shelf, Lily plucked a thin green tube labelled 'Minty Fresh'. A few puffs completed her feeling of lively contentedness.

She skipped back into the dormitory, grabbed her satchel bag from her bed, and threw open the door.


Clinging to the banister opposite her, looking like some sort of absurd koala, was the gangly body of James Potter.

Then again, perhaps not one of those days…

"Potter!" Lily's heart was beating at a million miles per hour. "What- the- HELL- are- you- doing?"

"Um…" , Potter said intelligently, obviously unable to think of a good excuse as to why he was clinging to the bannister of the girls' staircase at 6.30 in the morning.

"Ummmmm… Uh- Stretching?"

Lily glared at him.

"I'm- well, if you must know, I'm trying to get up the staircase."


"The staircase. It slides, you see. This is the only was I can get up", said James the koala boy, from his awkward position.

"You look like a freaking KOALA."

"A- what, sorry?"

"A Koala. Australian animal. Climbs trees? Oh come on, don't tell me you have never heard of Australia," she said at the confused look on his face.

"No, no, I have. A kwalla? Koo- wah- laa… Koowalla?"

"That's right."


"Fat. Lazy. Likes to sleep. A LOT."

"Oh. And that's what I look like?"

"That's what you are."

"Oh. Okay."

Lily folded her arms and glared at him.

Silence ensued, James still straddling the banister, his arms wrapped tightly around it. Lily's eyes bored into him.

She seemed to be waiting for something.

"Well?" She demanded.

"Well…what?" said James.

"Well, why were you trying to climb the banister."

"uh… no reason." James said with an attempt at a casual tone.

"Uh-huh. SO you just decided to get up at…. About what time would you say it was?"

"About 6.30."

"At 6.30 in the morning and climb up the banister of the girls' staircase for NO REASON?"

"Um. Yeah?"

"That's pathetic."

"Er. Sorry."

"Are you going to tell me why you're REALLY clinging to that thing like a KOALA?"

"Do I have to?"



"Well?" There was a slight pause.

"Uh…. Gottagobye!" said James in one breath, releasing his grip on the banister and sliding the length of the rail to the bottom.

"Potter!" Lily sighed in frustration. She turned to go back into her dormitory. She needed a panadol.

As she looked out of the window, a cloud moved across the sky to block out the sun. She sighed again.

Ah. Definitely not one of those days.

James crossed the common room to the boys staircase, and hobbled up to the door of his dormitory, hobbling up the stairs gingerly.

When he reached the door, he went in and collapsed on his unmade bed.

The other marauders gathered around him as he massaged his thighs painfully.

"Ouch" he said to the world at large.

"SO. What happened?" Inquired Sirius.

"Wait, don't tell me- Lily", said Remus.

"Lily? Who's Li- Oh, Lily ! What about her?" said Peter.

"I spent a full half hour inching my way up that stair rail" , cried James, wincing at the strain in his leg muscles as he attempted to stand up.

"Cramps," he explained.

Remus was staring at him incredulously.

"You climbed the banister of the girls staircase at this time of morning?", he said, eye brows raised.


"WHY?" Remus asked.

"Wow, that is SUCH a good idea! Why in all my years of stalking young girls, I never-" Sirius rambled.

"Padfoot- shut up. WHY?" Remus said again.

"Well, because…. Because, Lily." James said, obviously under the impression that this was a sufficient answer to the question.


"Yes. Lily."

"James Potter," Remus said, rolling his eyes.

"You called?"

"You are a hopeless, stupid, foolish, case of an idiot."

James bent his body into a ridiculous bow, with much flamboyant twirling of his hands.

"Thankyou, kind sir."

He then collapsed under the strain of his aching muscles.


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