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Summary: (X-MenEvo crossover) What if, Harry Potter was abandoned by the Dursley's and was shipped off to an orphanage the same day he arrived on their doorstep, and was later adopted by a certain blue skinned shape shifter?

Word Count: 5,571

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Tempest Mage
Prologue: A New Home and a Family
By: Sakura Lisel

~-November 1, 1991 - Number 4 Privite Drive~-

"I won't have it, Petunia! Do you hear me?!" Vernon Dursley roared at his wife as he paced angrily around the living room, his face a bright red color and slowly turning purple as he shot glares at the basket next to the couch, where a sleeping black haired toddler with a lightning bolt shaped scar could be seen, "Just who do those freaks think they are leaving their trash here and actually expect decent normal people like us to raise it?!"

"Vernon, please calm down!" Petunia pleaded from her spot on the couch as she watched her overweight husband worriedly, as he paced around the room, while holding her one year old son in her lap while feeding him with a bottle, "Becoming this angry can't be good for your blood pressure, dear."

Vernon had every right to be angry at that moment, because just as hour earlier Petunia Dursley had opened up the front door of her home to pick up pick up the new milk bottle off the front step only to find an extra addition had been left there too, in the form of her newly orphaned nephew, Harry Potter, who was quietly sleeping in a brown basket with a note attached to the blanket covering him.

Hurriedly bringing the basket inside the house before any of the neighbors saw her with it, she quickly plucked off the letter that had been attached to the blanket and started reading the reading it, before she had let loose with a loud outraged shriek that seemed to echo through the house and brought her husband running downstairs half dressed with shaving cream still covering his face, in order to find out what was the matter.

After calming herself down and handing over the letter to Vernon, who had by then spotted the basket and it's contents, he went into a rage of his own which got worse as he read the letter that told him that he was expected to actually keep his nephew.

"Don't tell me to simply calm down at a time like this, Petunia! We have to do something about this mess," Vernon shouted as he rounded on his wife, causing her to flinch away from him under the heated glare he was now directing at her, before he quickly turned away and started pacing the room once more, "your bloody sister and her freak friends left us with, because I refuse to allow that little freak to stay here."

"I know how you feel, dear. But what exactly can we do? Those freak friends of Lily's will be expecting him to stay here. The letter also said that as long as we kept him here, we'll always be protected by spells," Petunia said as she tried to calm her husband down unsuccessfully, as she shot an irritated look at the basket, before turning away to look back at Vernon once more, just as Dudley finished his bottle, and she quickly burped him, "fueled by the 'blood ties' Harry shares with my side of the family. Though I don't see how it would even work. Lily may have been my sister, but she was adopted, so we're not related by blood, and the protection spells shouldn't even work."

"I'll tell you exactly what we're going to do, Petunia, and I don't care what those other freaks do about it. We're getting rid of him. He's not related to either of us by blood, so we don't have to keep him if we don't want to," Vernon snapped as he strode over to the couch and picked up the basket, roughly hefting it up and into his arms, and carried it over to the front door, and settled it down right in front of the door before turning away, "There's no way in bloody hell am I going to let this little freak stay in my house. If he's anything like his parents, then he'll contaminate Dudley with his unnaturalness. Nobody's going to tell me how to run my own house."

"But I don't think we can, Vernon! They might be watching us even now to keep an eye on him!" Petunia exclaimed as she stood up and approached her husband, stopping long enough to place Dudley in his playpen before following her husband out the front door to his car, "What'll we do if they find out about what we did with him, and make us take him back even if they managed to find him?"

"I don't care. If they really are spying on us, because they can come and take him back. I refuse to let him stay in this house another second! They should have kept him among his own kind, if their so worried about him." Vernon snapped as he turned back around and walked over to the coat rack and pulled on his jacket, while reaching into his pants pocket to search for his car keys, and quickly pulled it out as a thoughtful look appeared on his features, as he grabbed the basket while pulling open the front door and started making his way to his car, "Now, I've already called in sick at work and told them I'll be late for a few hours because of a family emergency, which will give me more than enough time to get rid of the brat."

"What are you going to do with him?" Petunia asked as she followed after him, and watched as he yanked open the backseat and practically threw the basket inside, "Will it be far away from here?"

"It's better that you don't know, just in case one of them come asking questions about the boy, Pet. All I'm going to do is that I'm going dump him at some orphanage where he rightfully belongs," Vernon said as he slammed the passenger seat and climbed into the drivers side of the car, and started up the engine as he rolled down the window and gave his wife a small peck on the cheek, "which will hopefully be as far away from here as I can get him. Someone else can deal with the little freak from here on out. Wish us good luck, Pet."

As she stood on the driveway watching her husband drive off with her nephew, Petunia bit her bottom lip worriedly as she glanced around her surrounding, half expecting a witch or wizard to pop out of thin air with their wands pointed at her and accuse her of abandoning Harry, but when it didn't happen, she let out a small sigh and turned on her heel and hurried back into the house to check on Dudley.

'I just hope nothing bad comes out of this whole thing. But Vernon's right about one thing.' Petunia thought silently to herself, as she stopped at the front door for a second, she looked down the street at her husband's retreating car as it disappeared down the street, 'I don't want Harry around here to complicate my family's life like Lily did after she got her Hogwarts letter.'

Entering her home, she quickly shut the door behind her and locked it, deciding to put the morning's events behind her, deciding that it was best to not think about her dead sister and her nephew any longer.

A few hours later found Mrs. Elisa Quint, the headmistress of Lady Pembroke's Home for Lost Youths that was located in downtown London, opened the front door of the orphanage to find a brown basket with a black haired infant with a lightning bolt shaped scar waiting on the front step.

Stapled to the blanket was a note that simply said:

To Whom it May Concern:

The boys name is Harry, born on July 31, 1990. Both of his parents were killed in a drunk driving accident late last night which left him with the scar on his forehead. He was left in our custody, but we are unwilling to take him in, thus we are leaving him in your establishment's care. We won't be returning for him so you may feel free to do whatever you want with him as you will.

As she reached the end of the letter, Elisa noticed that whoever had written the letter hadn't bothered to even sign it, and as Elisa read the note, she felt anger fill her, along with disappointment at the way the boy in her arms had been treated by his former guardians, as she crumpled up the note in her hands and tossed it into a nearby trashcan, as she reentered the orphanage with her new charge.

'What kind of person would simply leave a child out in the cold like that without bringing him inside? There's no telling how long he could have been out there before anyone discovered him,' Elisa thought angrily to herself as she carried the basket into her office, placing the basket on the desk top so she could keep a better eye on him while she worked, before taking a seat behind the desk, pulling out a few forms from drawers as she started writing up the paperwork that would put Harry into the system, 'He's obviously been abandoned, by whoever his previous guardians were so I might as well list him as being open for adoption or fostering...'

As she filled out the paperwork, she put down information on everything that she could see of the boy so far, while making plans to call in the local doctor to come give the boy a thorough checkup to see if he had any other injuries other than the scar on his forehead.

'Though I wonder why he seems to be sleeping so soundly?' Elisa thought silently to herself as she bit the back of her ball point pen in concentration, as she glanced back at the basket, as she wrote filled out his first name and birthdate, while leaving his last name blank, 'He hasn't woken up once since I brought him in here. So is he on some kind of medication that's making him sleep...'

As she was writing, a soft sound caught her attention and she looked up to see that Harry was now awake, and yawning in his basket, as a pair of small hands reached up from within. Moving forward to get a better look at the toddler, she found herself looking down into a pair of bright green eyes, that were now looking up at her in sleepy curiosity.

"Ma?" Harry asked as he sat up in the basket as he stared at the strange woman in confusion while rubbing his tired eyes, as he looked around at his unfamiliar surroundings for his parents but didn't see them anywhere, as he turned his gaze back on the strange woman, "Da?"

"You poor little thing," Elisa said sympathetically as she got out of her chair and moved around the desk until she was right in front of the basket, and gently lifted Harry out of it, and cradled him in her arms, as she took her seat once more, "Your mama and daddy aren't here anymore, Harry."

~-April 15, 1992 - Lady Pembroke's Home for Lost Youths~-

"Are you sure that boy is the one we came for, Irene?" A redheaded woman asked her companion as they observed the black haired child playing by himself in a sandbox in the back of the orphanage, as other children ran around happily playing games, "I only see one child that matches the description you gave me, but he doesn't look that different from any other I've seen over the years."

One of the women was a middle aged woman who looked to be in her mid to late thirties, with long red hair tied back into a ponytail, and bright green eyes that roamed over the courtyard in open disdain, while holding the hand of a three year old little girl with dark brown hair with a long white stripe going down the middle of her hair, and violet eyes who was busily sucking on her thumb as she watched the other children play.

Standing next to the two was an older woman who looked to be in her sixties, with graying brown hair tied up into a tight bun, with a pair of dark black sunglasses perched on her nose and was carrying a walking stick in one hand.

The two women had arrived in England early that morning after taking catching a late flight from their home in New Orleans, after Irene had gotten a vision of a certain black haired green eyed boy with a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead living in an orphanage, and had insisted that they come and get him and bring him home with them to live in New Orleans.

The only thing the older woman would tell Raven was that the boy would have a special talent that would be important to the plans they had been working on for the past year with Magneto, and that it was imperative that they go get him now before it was too late.

After getting a few hours of rest in a hotel, they had set out into the streets of London, checking out every single orphanage in London before coming across Lady Pembroke's and hit jackpot.

They had arrived over an half and hour ago, and after giving a description of the child they were looking for, they were informed that they had him, and now the two women were simply just observing him from the outside the playground area in the back of the orphanage, while one of the caretakers went to get him.

"Calm down, Raven. If the child has the lightning bolt shaped scar, then he definitely is the one we've been searching for all day." the older woman, Irene, said as she gently patted Raven on the shoulder in a reassuring way, as she reached up to pull off her sunglasses, revealing her unseeing blank blue eyes and rubbed them tiredly for a moment, before returning the glasses a few seconds later, "Have I ever been wrong before when it comes to my visions, Raven? Besides, I think little Marie here would enjoy having a little brother or sister to play with."

"Never, I'll admit, but there is always a first time you know." Raven said teasingly before letting out a loud sigh as she glance at her companion, then down at the little girl who was with them with a worried look on her face, before bending down to pick her up and tickled her, causing the little girl to giggle as she wrapped her arms around her mother's neck, "I'm sorry for questioning you, old friend. But it just feels odd being back in England after so long."

"It's been exactly twenty-two years since you left here hasn't it?" Irene asked as she turned her head to look at her long time friend with open curiosity, "You made a right decision in leaving here during that war you told me about."

"That was one of the reasons why I left. That stupid war was worse than anything the normal humans could have come up with, so I had to cut my losses and left. I mostly left to protect the daughter I left behind all those years ago, because of that stupid war." Raven said as she looked down at the little girl in her arms, as she let out a soft sigh as she turned her gaze back towards the playground, and saw one of the caretakers come along and take Harry away, "I left her in the custody of her father's relatives and hadn't been in contact with them since then, so by now she'd be almost twenty-one years old by now."

"Maybe we should look them up while we are in England, to see how your daughter is doing," Irene said with a sage smile on her features as she turned her unblinking gaze back towards the playground as the sound of childish laughter caught her attention for a moment, "From the way you described her in the past, I'll bet your daughter looks a lot like you do now."

"I don't think so Irene. There wouldn't be a point to it after all these years, so I'm not even going to bother trying," Raven said with a sigh as a downhearted look appeared on her features, as she looked around for a moment, "I seriously doubt they told her she was adopted, she probably wouldn't appreciate a strange woman coming into her life and claiming to be her mother."

Before the older woman could say anything, they both became distracted by the sound of someone clearing their throat to get their attention, before the other person spoke up.

"Mrs. Darkholme? Ms. Adler?"

Hearing the familiar voice of the headmistress of the orphanage the two women turned around to see that she was standing a few feet behind them with an expectant look on her features, while clasping a small folder in her hands.

"Yes, Mrs. Quint? What is it?" Raven asked politely as she shifted Marie in her arms for a moment to get a better hold on her, as she waited for the other woman to speak up.

"Please, call me Elisa. The background checks you gave me look fine, so if you've really made your decision about little Harry," Elisa said, smiling brightly at the other two women, as she gestured for them to follow her back into the building, and started walking away from them, "the two of you can follow me to my office, and we can fill out the paperwork, and you can take him home with you today."

"Come on Raven, let's go. The sooner we get the paperwork filled out," Irene said as gently pushed the redhead in the direction she had heard the headmistresses' voice in, as she slipped her arm into Raven's so that the redhead could lead her back inside, "the sooner we can take the boy back home with us to New Orleans."

"All right," Raven said as she gently took Irene's arm into her own with her free arm, and led the older woman than the walkway leading back into the building, "We might as well get this over with shall we?"

A few minutes later found the ladies in Mrs. Quint's office, as the headmistress pulled out legal papers and had both women sign, naming them both as guardians of Harry.

"Is there anything you could tell us about Harry that we should know about, Elisa? Any medical problems or something along those lines?" Irene asked as she settled back in her chair with Marie sitting in her lap, as Raven finished signing the rest of the adoption papers, "Do you know anything of his background, or how he got that strange scar on his forehead?"

"Well for one thing, Harry is perfectly healthy in every way, though he seems a bit depressed and moody, and barely interacts with the other children here. We don't really know much about Harry other than his first name and his birthday." Elisa said with a slight shrug of her shoulders, as a saddened look appeared on her features as she remembered the reason why the boy was there to begin with, as she started telling them what she knew, while omitting certain details of his parents death, "Someone dropped him off on the front doorstep of the orphanage back on November first with just a note, that had his first name and birthday on it, and explained that his parents had been killed in a traffic accident the night before which left him with that scar. Whoever left him here didn't want to take him in after he was left in their custody, so they dumped him here."

"That's horrible! It's a shame that people like his former guardians are around in this day and age," Irene exclaimed as she heard Elisa's explanation about Harry, while a small frown appeared on Raven's features at the news, as a thoughtful look appeared on her features as she listened to the conversation, as she handed over the signed forms, "How's he been adjusting to living here at your orphanage since then?"

"He's doing better now, though he cried a lot once he realized that his parents weren't coming back for him, plus mostly shy around strangers," Elisa said with a sad smile on her features, as she stared at the other two women, as she took the forms back and put them in a folder, before turning her attention on the other two women once more as they awaited Harry's arrival, "Though I have to warn you that some nights he wakes up screaming because of nightmares. The doctors we've taken him to say that he's still traumatized over the accident that took his parents away."

"It's alright with us," Raven said dismissively as she stared back at the headmistress, as she reached over at took Marie out of Irene's arms and set the little girl in her own, "We have experience with dealing with cases like Harry, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem."

Just then a loud knocking could be heard, and Elisa told whoever it was to enter, and one of the caretakers entered the room holding Harry's hand as he walked in with her on wobbly legs. Raven and Irene could here the other woman talking soothingly to the young boy who was crying a bit, and was clinging tightly to the woman's skirts with his free hand as he tried to bury his face in their folds.

"Harry, it's alright, sweetie," The woman was saying as she tried to calm the toddler down, as she tried to get him to pull away from her skirts, as she glanced up at the gathered people in the room, "Come on and look, there's some people here to meet you."

After a few seconds, Harry finally looked up at the woman's insistence as tears continued to run down his eyes as he maintained his death grip on the woman's skirts, as his eyes scanned the room for a second before he spied Raven seated in front of the headmistresses desk, and his eyes seemed to light up with recognition and delight, as he immediately pulled free from his caretakers grip.

"MOMMY!" Harry cried out happily, startling everyone in the room as they watched him with wide eyes, as he took a few stumbling steps towards Raven, with his arms spread wide like he was expecting her to pick him up, "Mommy!"

'What's going on? Does he really recognize me somehow, but he shouldn't. I've never though seen him before today...' Raven was already standing up from her chair as she stared down at the raven haired boy, confusion filling her as she wondered why he was calling her his mother already after just meeting her, yet from the look on his face, it seemed like he actually seemed to recognize her, 'Unless could he be...'

A huge smile appeared on Harry's face as he saw his 'Mommy' get up from her chair, and he took another step in Raven's direction, only to have his foot get caught on the edge of the rug and was sent flying, landing face first on the rug. After a few seconds, he sat back up and burst into tears once more, as his wails seemed to echo in the room, as he raised his hands to hold his head.

Raven started to make her way towards Harry to pick him up, when the room suddenly started shaking as the windows and tea cups they had been drinking from suddenly cracked then shattered, sending broken shards of broken glass flying everywhere.

"What's going on?!" Elisa demanded as panic filled her voice as she struggled to stand up, but found it hard to do because of the shaking room, "Are we having an earthquake?!"

"Oh Harry," the caseworker who had brought the toddler into the room said, as she stepped forward to pick him up and try and him calm down, only to have Raven beat her as the redhead reached the child within seconds and had scooped him up into her arms, and was already rocking him in her arms while making soothing sounds to him.

As he was picked up, Harry instantly wrapped his arms around Raven's neck as he held onto her, as he continued to cry, burying his face in Raven's neck as his tears soaked her shirt, as his cries started to come to a stop, as the room stopped shaking.

"There now, Harry, you're a big boy," Raven said as she gently patted his back, before pulling him away and held him at arms length so that she could get a better look at him, "and that fall couldn't have hurt that much to be putting up such a big fuss. There's no reason to be crying."

"Mama?" Harry asked timidly, as he sniffled a bit as he pulled away from Raven, so he could get a better look at her, as tears continued to pour down his cheeks, as he reached up with one hand to lightly pat on her the face, as a bright smile appeared on his features as he stared up at her, as he started chattering excitedly.

Shifting Harry's smaller frame in her arms so that she could get a better grip on him, as Raven looked down at the toddler in her arms, she could almost feel her heart stop as she stared down into dark green eyes with a golden glint in them that was already fading, that reminded her of her own eyes while growing up back before her mutant powers had fully activated and they had turned completely golden.

'Damn it! Why does he have the exact same eyes as mine? I'm the only one left from my family here in England, except for...' Raven thought silently to herself as she started walking back to her seat, and sat down, in her chair and placed the toddler in her lap with her arms around him, as she frowned a bit in thought, then mentally cursed to herself, 'Now I have a bad feeling. If this kids mother is who I think it is, then it means that my daughters dead...'

"Mrs. Darkolme?" Elisa called bringing the redheads attention back towards the headmistress, only to find the other woman staring at her worriedly, as Raven returned to her seat with Harry in her arms, "Is Harry all right? He's not too badly hurt from his fall I hope?"

"He's just fine." Raven said as she turned her gaze back on the headmistress, while gently still patting the one year old back, as he clung to her like he wasn't about to let her go anytime soon, "The fall probably just startled him more than it hurt."

"It's strange that he latched onto you so quickly," Elisa said as a thoughtful look appeared on her features as she stared at the two for a moment, "And instantly called you his 'mama' as soon as saw you."

"Maybe I just have a passing similarity to whoever his mother was. Maybe his mother had red hair and green eyes like mine." Raven said with a slight shrug of her shoulders as she glanced down at Harry's head, as he shifted a bit to look up at her, "He's still young enough to make that kind of mistake, I would think, because I haven't been in England in many years."

"You're probably right about that, though I'm glad to see such a positive reaction from him," Elisa said as a bright smile appeared on her features as she saw how happy Harry seemed to be with Raven, which was a miracle seeing how sullen and moody the boy had been over the past few months.

Standing up and pushing her chair back from the desk, Elisa walked over to the nearby filing cabinet and stuck the folder with Harry's adoption paper forms that Raven had filled out inside, then opened up another drawer and pulled out a smaller folder, and brought it over to the desk and placed it in front of Raven.

"Before you go here's a copy of Harry's medical records and a birth certificate the doctor who treated him made for us," Elisa said as she took her seat again, as she watched as Raven reached out and took the folder and opened it to look it over, "Now that the paperwork has been signed, you are free to take Harry home with you right now."

"Thank you we'll be doing that right now," Irene said as she started to sit up straighter in her chair, as she placed Marie on the floor in between her and Raven's chairs, when Raven spoke up once more.

"Before we go, I'd like to know if it would be possible for us to change his name before we go?" Raven said as she held the squirming one year old her arms, as she looked down at him with a thoughtful look on her features as she looked at the birth certificate, and removed it and handed it back over to Elisa, "I'd like to give him a new name."

"Yes it'll be fine if you want to change his name or add onto it," Elisa said as she pulled out a pen, "Is there any particular name you would like to give him?"

"I want to rename him Damien and make it his first name." Raven said after a few seconds of thinking it over, as she took another look down at Harry, who was starting to drift off to sleep in her arms, "We'll keep Harry as his middle name."

"That's fine with me. Damien sounds like a perfect name for him" Elisa said as she wrote down the new information for the adoption papers, as a bright smile appeared on her face as she saw how well Harry seemed to be getting with his new family, "So from now on he'll be known as Damien Harry Darkolme."

To Be Continued...

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I've had this idea running through my mind for a long time, and finally decided to put it all down to paper to see what everyone thought of it. I've already decided on what his power(s) are going to be, and lets say that it'll be more than one. He'll almost be like Xavier's son, Legion.

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