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Summary: (X-MenEvo crossover) What if, Harry Potter was abandoned by the Dursley's and was shipped off to an orphanage the same day he arrived on their doorstep, and was later adopted by a certain blue skinned shape shifter?

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Anette: I said that it's exactly one year since Harry's birth, because I'm GUESSING that he was born in July of the year 1980, and the attack happened in October 1981, which DOES make Harry exactly one year and three months old when Voldemort FINALLY attacked the Potters. Even if it's not true, I'm saying that in my story, the prophecy wasn't made until recently, so the Potters managed to live in relative peace for a whole year before Trewlaney had her vision and they went into hiding from Voldemort.

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Age's of Current Characters:
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Pietro - Quicksilver: 18 years old
Wanda – Scarlet Witch: 18 years old
Kurt - Nightcrawler: 17 years old
Marie - Rogue: 17 years old
Fred - Blob – 17 years old
Todd - Toad – 16 years old
Tabitha - Meltdown – 16 years old
Kyle Gibney - Wild Child: 15 years old
Illyana – Magik: 15 years old
Damien - Tempest: 14 ½ years old

Tempest Mage
Chapter 4: Meeting the Family
By: Sakura Lisel

~-July 25, 1995, Bayville, New York – 8:37am-~

An hour later found Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and a newly revived Severus Snape, who was later gagged because of the obscenities he was shouting when he awoke and saw the situation they were in, magically tied to dining room chairs in the Brotherhood mansions living room, and the entire Brotherhood gang were awakened by Damien and came downstairs, and were now glaring angrily at the four wizards, while Wanda and Illyana were holding onto the four wizards wands as they discussed what to do with them.

The four wizards could only stare in shock at the strange group of teens, as they recognized most of them from the picture Sirius had picked up earlier, but seeing them up close was a surprise. Especially when they saw the blond haired boy, who had been the last to enter who's nails on both his hands and feet were long and shaped like claws, and had rows of sharpened teeth in his mouth that they could see when he spoke with the others, then there was the boy with the pale green skin who hopped around like a frog, and the HUGE overweight boy who was sitting on the couch eating several bags of chips.

'What kind of place is this? I didn't expect this when I came here...' Sirius wondered silently to himself as he looked around at the gathered teens as they continued to discuss what to do with them, and paling a bit as he started becoming worried as he heard some of the things that were suggested, 'And what kind of life has Harry been living all these years?!'

"So what do ya think we should do with them, yo?" Todd asked as he perched on the back of the sofa, as he shot another glare at the four men before turning his gaze back to the others, "We should call the police to get them arrested for breaking and entering."

"Not the muggle police. They wouldn't know what to do with them. These guys are wizards like me, so the only way to deal with them is to call the American Ministry of Magic," Damien said as he shrugged a bit as he glanced around at the group for a moment, as a slow smirk appeared on his face as he turned his gaze back on the four wizards, "and ask them to send some Rangers to come deal with them. Maybe a month in lockup will teach them to not break into another persons house without invitation."

"Hey, we should deal with this ourselves, cuz." Pietro said, as he scowled about the group of wizards for a moment, "It's our problem to deal with, not the flatscans."

"I could send them off to Limbo and let S'ym and the other demons deal with them for awhile, to teach them a proper lesson," Illyana offered, as an evil looking small smirk appearing on her features as she glanced at the men for a moment, then noticed the shocked looks the others were giving her, and put on an innocent look on her face, "What? S'ym and the others are due for some fun. Don't worry, I'll just tell them not to kill them, just scare them a little."

"Illyana, I wouldn't send my worst enemy to Limbo, let alone put them in S'ym's hands," Kyle said, a small shiver running through his body, as images from one of the groups past trips to Limbo came to mind, "They wouldn't last long there, and you know it no matter what you tell S'ym and the others not to do to them."

"I'll have to agree on that one too, Illyana," Tabitha said, while the others all nodded their heads in agreement.

"Aw... You guys are no fun." Illyana complained with a small pout on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest, which caused the others to burst out laughing.

As the teens were busy discussing what they were going to do with the four wizards, the four men shared a look between them when they heard the blond girl mention demons and a place called Limbo, and they all also wondered what 'flatscans' were, though they were already getting an idea of what it meant, since the way the teens said the word almost reminded them of the way a pureblood witch or wizard would call a muggleborn a mudblood.

As he listened to the teens talk, both fear and worry appeared on Sirius' features, as he wondered just what kind of life his godson was living in if a bunch of kids were talking about demons so casually as if they were discussing an upcoming Quidditch match.

'Just what kind of people have been raising my godson?!' Sirius thought frantically to himself for a moment.

As the teenagers continued to talk amongst themselves and completely ignored the wizards, Albus decided to speak up to try and get their attention in an attempt to reason with them.

"Excuse me, children? If I might have a word with all of you..." Albus said, then stopped when the entire group of teens turned as one to glare directly at him. He quickly shrugged it off and cleared his throat as he continued speaking, as he nodded his head towards Damien, "I'm sure there is no reason for you to call these 'Rangers'. We're only here to speak with Mr. Potter over there and we'll soon be on our way. Is there maybe an adult around who we may talk to? Or could we at least speak to Mr. Potter alone?"

"Yo, flatscans who break into peoples homes uninvited," Todd called out as he shot a glare at the three adults, as the other Brotherhood members voiced their own agreements, "will remain quiet unless spoken to if they know what's good for them."

"Yeah so zip it, old man." Tabitha said with a slight huff, as she turned around to look at the group for a moment, as she placed her hands on her hips, as she glanced over at Damien for a moment in confusion, "Besides that, there's no one named 'Potter' living here, so I don't know why you are assuming Damien is this Potter guy your looking for."

"Now see here young lady, I'll have you know..." Albus started to say, only to have his words cut off by Wanda as she strode angrily towards them, as sparks started to shoot out of her hands.

"If you have anything to say to Damien, then you can say it around the rest of us. All of us saw the letter you sent to Damien claiming that he was somebody named Harry Potter, but as far all of us are concerned, he's not this 'Harry Potter' guy." Wanda said as she walked over to the wizards and eyed each one of them, with a dark look on her features, as her hands tightened into fists on her hips for a moment as more sparks started to appear, "I'll have you know, that I've known him my entire life, and I consider him like a little brother, and won't idiots like you treat him like someone he's not. He's Damien Darkolme, the son of the lady who owns this house."

"Young lady I assure you I only have the boys best interests at heart, and we are definitely not wrong about the boys identity. We mean him no harm." Albus said placatingly as he tried to calm the younger girl down, as he warily as the sparks seemed to light up her hands, "He's the mirror image of his father at that age with his mother's green eyes, plus the fact that he was able to even open the letter we sent proves that he truly is the one we seek."

"Wanda calm down, will ya? Don't get angry and go overboard with your powers," Damian said as he walked over to her and gently touched her arm, and after a few seconds the sparks shooting out her hands started to die down, as she reluctantly glanced over at him, "If you use your hex bolts on them, it might cause trouble."

"Fine, Damian. But I'm not through with you old man. You have a lot to answer to after the stunt you pulled this morning. You people break into our home in the middle of the morning and expect us to just leave you alone with one of our own so you can 'talk'?" Wanda said with a slight huff as she reluctantly forced herself to calm down for a moment, though she still glared angrily at Albus, as the others all gathered around her as well, "Sounds more like kidnapping or something if you couldn't be bothered to come at a decent hour, and WAIT for someone to actually come let you in the house before you let yourselves in like you owned the place. Normal people don't do that kind of stuff unless they are trying to cause trouble for the people inside, and you're lucky it was Damien's alarm system that caught you and not one of us, or else you wouldn't be here right now in one piece."

"As it may be, young lady, I would still like to Mister... Darkolme in private." Albus said, eyes twinkling a bit as he saw how the boy had seemed to calm down the girl, though he was still a bit worried as he wondered just what kind of lifestyle was the Potter boy living in and how he could get him to listen and come with him back to England, "Since this doesn't truly involve the rest of you children, what harm would there be?"

"Yeah not happening, dude." Todd said as he lounged in a nearby chair, as he flicked out his long frog like tongue at Albus, causing the elderly man to flinch a bit, as the tongue stopped just inches from his face before Todd pulled it back in, "It's our house, so our rules, and what we say goes. You're nothing but a couple of intruders who get no say in what we as the owners of the place do in our own home."

Damien turned to the rest of the Brotherhood, and spoke to them for a few seconds, before the rest of the team reluctantly walked out of the room, some of them shooting glares at the wizards before the last of them were out of the room, and Damien closed the doors behind them before turning back around to face the wizards once more.

"Sorry to disappoint ya old man, but as both I and Wanda have said, there's nobody here but what you see here living in the house. All of the 'adults' are out of town for the time being. Plus" Damien said with a slight shrug of his shoulders, as he scowled at Albus for a moment at the continued usage of his other name, "I already told ya, there's no one here named Harry Potter, old man. So I'd appreciate if you'd quit calling me by that name."

"Harry Potter is your name, my boy. There is no mistake about who you are. You look exactly like your father did when he was your age, except the fact that you have your mothers eyes instead of his." Albus insisted, sounding frustrated at how things had turned out so far. All his plans seemed to be falling apart already and he wasn't liking it one bit, as he tried to rectify the situation into his favor, "It's the name your birth parents gave you when you were born. Your parents would be disappointed that you don't go by the name they chose for you."

"Excuse me, but do I look like I care? The way I hear it, my birth parents are dead! Neither one has been a part of my life for fourteen years, so please tell me exactly why should I even care about what a couple of dead strangers" Damien said as a bored look appeared on his features for a moment as he scowled at the older man for a few moments, "might have named me or how they'd feel? I've never in my entire life answered to that name, and I don't plan on doing so now."

"Well I'm sure if your parents were still here, they'd have wanted you to..." Albus began only to be cut off by Harry once more, as the younger boy started talking again.

"Whatever the Potters may or may not have wanted means nothing to me. I don't consider Harry Potter to be my name," Damien said as he crossed his arms across his chest as he stared mutinously at Albus and the others, "and I won't answer to it simply because you old farts say so. You're not the bosses of me."

At this point, Remus decided to jump into the conversation, since everything seemed to be going downhill now.

"Har-Damien, my name is Remus Lupin and over there is Sirius Black, and we were your parents best friends." Remus said, as he glanced over at Albus and Sirius for a moment before continuing speaking, as he saw that he now had Damien's attention on him, "We've been searching for you for a long time, and I for one am glad to finally meet you."

"So you guys were my birth parents friends?" Damien asked as he cocked his head to one side as he walked over to Remus and looked the older man over for a moment, as he visibly relaxed a bit, "Why've you been looking for me for? You should have given up a long time ago."

"Because we felt that it was our duty to your parents to find you and try and bring you home where you belonged." Sirius piped in, causing Damien to turn his attention back on him once more, as the older man spoke "Your parents named me as your godfather, so you were my responsibility."

"If that's true, then why did you people dump me in an orphanage? My grams got the whole story from the lady at the orphanage." Damien demanded, a frown appearing on his face as he looked at the four bound men in silence, "If I was such a great responsibility you would have kept me, instead throwing me away like that?"

"Let's just say for now that something came up that was beyond my control at the time, that made it so that," Sirius said, flushing a bit in embarrassment, as he looked back at the youth for a moment, as carefully chose his next words, "I couldn't take care of you as I wanted. But I wasn't the one who put you in that orphanage."

"Then who did leave me at the orphanage if not you guys?" Damien asked as he crossed his arms over his chest once more, eyes narrowed a bit, "The way I hear it, whoever it was, left me out in the cold on the front step of the orphanage with nothing but a blanket and a letter with my first name and birthday on it.

"That would be my fault, my boy. We didn't 'throw you away' as you put it. I left you in the care of your mother's sister and her family," Albus interjected, embarrassment filling him as what the Dursley's had done all those years ago was coming back to haunt them, as visibly seemed to squirm in his seat, as he met Damien's eyes for a moment, "and instead of keeping you as I had expected, they dropped you off at that orphanage just hours after getting you. By the time we realized what they had done, you had already been adopted and taken away by your new family."

"So it was my biological mom's sister who didn't want me around? If I ever meet her, I just might thank her, because I wouldn't be with my current family now," Damien said with a slight shrug of his shoulders as a small smirk appeared on his face, as he took a seat in one of the spare chairs, "I'm glad she did, since I'd probably be living a totally boring life right about now compared to what I have now."

"You shouldn't say that!" Sirius exclaimed, worry filling him at the way his godson was talking, ""

"This isn't the life I saw for you when I left you with your aunt, my boy, and the main reason why we are here now. We've been searching all over for you," Albus said as he as a determined look appeared on his wizened features for a moment, "so that we may bring you back home where you belong, so you can finally begin your schooling at Hogwarts like your parents did before you."

"Okay first of all I am not your boy old man so calling me that. And second, what do ya mean by 'take me home'? As far as I'm concerned, I am home. I have no other place to call home that involves you guys," Damien said, as he sat back in his chair with his arms still crossed over his chest as he scowled at the four men, "nor do I want one when I have a perfectly good one right where I am, so you can just forget about it, old man."

"That's not true, Harry. You will have a home with Remus and myself, since your parents appointed us your guardians, we'd like to finally take up our duties." Sirius exclaimed, shaking his head hard at Damien's words, as he ignored the glare Damien was now directing at him once more at his words, as he continued speaking, "You will come live with us, once we get you back to England to attend Hogwarts where you belong once we talked with your current guardians."

"Mr. Black, my name is Damien Darkolme, and my home is right here in America. England hasn't been my home since I was a baby. My grams blood adopted me years ago, so whatever 'claim' you have on me thanks to my birth parents is now null and voided as far as anyone's concerned." Damien snapped angrily as he stared incredulously at Sirius for a moment, as if he couldn't believe what he had just said, as Sirius eyes widened in shock and disbelief at what Damien had just told him, "And as I already told your headmaster in my letter last night, I've already graduated from magic school and don't need to go to your stupid school."

"My boy, I know you have to be lying about your schooling," Albus said dismissively, as he eyed the youth for a moment, "Even if you did go to magic school I assure you that four years of school isn't enough to..."

"Try seven years of school." Damien suddenly said, interrupted Albus's speech, causing the older man to stop speaking and stare at the youth in surprise for a moment, as a slight smirk appeared on his features, "You guys really don't know how we do things around here in America do you?"

"What was that, Harry?" Albus asked confusion filling his voice, while annoyance filled him at being interrupted by the boy.

"I said, try seven years. Here in America, students attend magic school when their seven years old," Damien said as his smirk grew wider for a moment, "and are supposed to have ten years of schooling."

"If the curriculum requires you to have ten years of school, then how can you say you've graduated already if you've only completed seven years" Remus asked, confusion filling his voice as he tried to understand what Damien had just told them, "You have three more years of school to go."

"That might be true for some kids, but around here the graduation exams are offered only to the best students between ages fourteen and seventeen. The exams is only given, to the students who are considered really good at what they do in magic and have mastered everything they possibly ever could learn in school. You only get the one chance to pass the exams, and if you fail then you have to complete the remaining school years and graduate the old fashioned way." Damien said, as a proud note appeared in his voice as he spoke, as he held up a hand to exam his fingernails for a moment, before looking back at them, as a bored look appeared on his features for a moment, as he stretched a bit, "Luckily for me I managed to pass with flying colors and am now a legalized wizard, and no longer under any restrictions I had while still in school. Seven years was more than enough, and I'm not going to go back to magic school now that I no longer have to. I'm more interested in completing my mundane education now that I'm free and still can."

"What's a mudane?" Sirius asked.

"Mundanes is what we call muggles here in America." Damien said with a slight sneer on his face, "We consider it oit less insulting that what you UK wizards call non-magical people."

"Why would you want to get a muggle education? You can have any kind of job you want in the magical world once you '"

"Exactly who says I want a job in the magical world? I want to keep my options open depending on where my future leads me. Spending the rest of my life making a living in the magical world is not my plan." Damien said with another shrug of his shoulders, "There are more interesting things I could be doing, that can only be found in the mundane world, that the magical world seriously lacks in this day and age."

"There's technology for one thing. I'm a major techno-geek, but I think I'll go stir crazy without my electronics or TV or anything else I love. Here in America we've managed to assimilate technology with magic so it works in the magical world," Damien said as an almost wistful look appeared on his features for a moment, as he snickered a bit, "while I hear that over in the UK magical world, you people basically still live in the Medieval Ages, refusing to move forward with the changing times like the rest of the world is. I really don't see how the muggle raised witches and wizards can stand the boredom without their technology that they grew up with."

"Young man, I assure you that Hogwarts is the one of the finest magic schools in the world." Albus said, sounding a bit defensive about how Damien was acting about Hogwarts, "It's been around for a thousand years, and is the epitome of magical schools you can find in the world..." "Maybe in your backwards medieval part of the world where nobody seems to know better, Hogwarts might seem like one of the better schools. But around here Hogwarts has become nothing but a laughing stock,," Damien said with a loud laugh, as he lazily waved a hand in dismissal to Dumbledore's words about Hogwarts, as he chuckles a bit at the idiocy coming out of the old mans mouth, "compared to the achievement modern day magic school's have made. I have a reputation to maintain. If anyone I know in America, hears that I went to such a backwoods school, I'd never be able to show my face anywhere around here again."

"Be as it may, you should complete your education at Hogwarts. It's where your parents attended school when they were your age," Albus said as he took charge of the conversation once more, feeling a bit flustered as he heard Harry's explanation about his schooling, "and I'm sure that if they were still alive today, that they would be ashamed that you didn't come to Hogwarts like they hoped."

"Would you mind telling me exactly why I'd care about what they wanted is my concern why exactly? Even if what you said is true, it matters little to me. The people you consider my parents have been out of my life since I was a baby, and whatever 'opinion'" Damien asked, arching an eyebrow at the older man for a moment, as he crossed his arms across his chest and leaned back in his seat once more, as he gave Albus a disapproving look for a moment, "about my future they might have had when they were alive matters little to me. Those plans died with them and can never be brought back. I'm quite happy with the way my life is going right now to change it now all because of the wishes of two dead people I can't even remember, and I refuse ruin my laid out plans for my future because of them."

"Damien you should give it a chance. If you come with us you can learn more about your family history, and about your birth parents. " Remus said, finally speaking up once more, after listening quietly to the conversation between the other two, "Plus what you think about Hogwarts is wrong. I don't know who've been telling you such lies about Hogwarts, but your parents would have..."

"Once again not my problem. The past is the past, and I only live for what I make my future out to be. You're beginning to sound like a broken record, Mr. Dumbledore. All of you are." Damien said cutting into Dumbledore's latest lecture before it could begin, as he cocked his head to one side for a moment with a thoughtful look appeared on his features, "with the way you keep repeating yourself every time you try and bring up my dead parents wants like it's going to change my mind the more times you say it So why don't you jerks stop beating around the bush and start telling me the real reason why you are harassing me to the point you thought it was okay to illegally break into my home at the break of dawn to kidnap me I guess while I'm asleep if my silent burglar alarms hadn't woken me up?"

"My dear boy if you truly must know, the main reason that we have need of you in England is because we are," Albus said, deciding to go full out and try and explain the situation to the boy, "at war with a dark wizard, and require your help. It's your destiny to return with us and help us defeat our dark wizard."

"I've heard about this war of yours. Rumor has it that there's some kind of psycho wizard named Moldywart is going around killing people over there so why would I want to go," Damien said, ignoring the snicker Sirius made at his version of Voldemort's name, as he continued speaking, "to a country where I might get killed for no reason at all by some psycho and his followers, when I can stay safe right where I am? It's not my war so I have no reason risk my life fighting it."

"There is a prophecy that basically says that you are the only one who can beat him." Albus said, desperation filling his voice as he squirmed a bit in his seat in the magical restraints that bound him, "Your parents died protecting you from him, and if you don't return with us to fight, millions will die."

For a second Damien's eyes seemed to flash a bit in anger at the mention of what had happened to his birth parents, but it immediately disappeared before it even began as he gave a dismissive shrug.

"I don't really believe in prophecies old man. At my old school, we're taught that the only way a prophecy can come true is if everyone supposedly involved in it is willing to fulfill it," Damian said, as he once again ignored the incredulous looks he was getting, as he waved a hand and a bottle of orange soda appeared in his hand, and he popped it open and took a long sip from it, before speaking up again "I'm not willing to throw away my life fighting some psycho just because a dumb prophecy claims that I'm the only one can do it so forget it, and go find someone who actually has a death wish to do it for you. It will never come true or be fulfilled if even one of the participants refuses to willingly take part in it."

"Okay, I can't believe I'm hearing this from you, Harry! I don't want to see you die either, now that I've found you again," Sirius exclaimed, as anger started to fill him at his godson's dismissal of the news of what happened to his two best friends, "but doesn't it mean anything to you at all that your real parents were murdered by this guy? Don't you want to at least avenge your parents murders? You should show some loyalty to them for their sacrifice to you."

"Mr. Black, as I've said before, the people you consider my 'real' parents are dead. This may seem cold to you, but they haven't been in my life since I was a baby. It's been fourteen years, and avenging them even now won't bring them back to life will it? It'll only bring more trouble to the ones left behind. The only thing you can do now is move on as best as you can." Damien snapped angrily, as he recapped his soda bottle before slamming it down his soda bottle on the table in front of him with enough force to shake the glass table, before sitting back up to look at them once more, "I have a living family now that I love, who have a stronger hold on my family loyalties than the Potters ever will. The Potters weren't in my life long enough to even leave a permanent, long lasting impression on me before they died that deserves my eternal loyalty to them, in order for me to want to throw away everything I have now to help avenge their murders. The only thing I'm thankful of them is for giving me my life and for bringing me into the world, but that's it. As far as I'm concerned, I have no other loyalties to them except that and don't feel obligated to avenge their murders as you put it at great risk to my own life and safety."

"If your safety is all you are worried about, then I can reassure you that you'll be more than protected at Hogwarts, which has wards set up to keep Voldemort out." Albus said, as he shifted a bit uncomfortably in his seat, as he looked at Damien for a moment, "I don't know what lies this school you claim to have attended may have told you, but they are wrong. Once a prophecy has been made it has to be fulfilled no matter what, whether everyone involved is 'willing' or not."

"You're still not listening to a word I just said are you? I'm not going to freaking Hogwarts. Not now or ever. I'm more than safe right here, or did you guys forget just how easily the wards," Damien said with a slightly smug look on his face appeared on his lips, as he crossed his arms across his chest for a moment, "on the first floor of the house alone, took you four down within less than five minutes before you even knew what hit you? Seriously, you magical flatscans are weaker and more clueless than the normal flatscans."

"Excuse me, but I have to ask, why do you keep calling us 'flatscans'? What does that word even mean?" Remus finally asked, confusion filling his voice, as he voice the question that was already on the four wizards minds, 'If I didn't know better, the way they keep bandying around that word, it's like their calling us 'mudbloods'.'

"Flatscans, are what we call humans, which you guys are." Damien piped in, as he sat back in his seat for a moment, "It's our kinds version of 'muggle or mudblood or mundane or even No-Maj's' that you wizards use."

"What do you mean by 'us humans'," Albus asked, eyes narrowing a bit in confusion, "All of you children are as human as we are."

Much to the wizards surprise, Dumbledores words caused the younger boy to break out into uncontrollable laughter.

"What's so funny?" Sirius demanded, becoming frustrated by the laughter, as he saw that his godson wasn't about to stop laughing any time soon, "the headmaster was simply stating a simple fact."

"What's funny, is that you think we are still like you. Us? Human? Maybe in a completely different lifetime we might have been," Damien said, snickering a bit as he sat forward in his seat for a moment he finally reigned in his laughter for a moment, as a smirk appeared on his lips as he stared at the four adults as they stare at him incredulously for a moment, "Both my friends who just left and I aren't even considered human anymore. None of us here have considered ourselves as 'human' in a long time. We're mutants, and we're higher up in the evolutionary food chain than mere humans. Probably even higher up than you wizards too."

"Just what are mutants, and what makes them different from humans," Sirius demanded, as irritation started to fill his voice, as he stared at his godson with complete confusion on his face as he looked at his companions and saw the confusion on their own faces, "I've never heard of that word before."

Damien looked a bit surprised at the question, as he instantly sobered up a bit as his eyes narrowed once more on Sirius with a suspicious look on his face, as if trying to see if the older man was joking around, then looked at the other wizards and saw their equally confused faces as they all stared back at him.

"You guys really don't know what mutants are? Jeez you guys are more backwards than I thought." Damien demanded, surprise filling his voice as he continued to eye the group suspiciously, "Nearly everyone in the world has to know what mutants are by now, since we're popping up everywhere."

"Our society doesn't get involved with what happens in the muggle world, so we don't know of any new occurrences that happen out here," Albus said, looking angry at being called backwards by this slip of a boy, before his expression was replaced by confusion, "so would you be so kind as to explain exactly what mutants are to us?"

"Fine," Damien said as he went into a long lecture about mutants and how they were created, and everything else that he knew from his time with Magneto and Mystique.

About fifteen minutes later, the group was in surprise at what they had learned and as Damien even reluctantly demonstrated some of his elemental powers to them, as they remained quiet for a few minutes as they thought over what Damien had just told them.

"Are you sure you're not confusing mutants with the magical world, Harry?" Albus asked, as his eyes twinkled a bit in open amusement after hearing Damien's explanation, though a worried frown appeared on his features for a moment, as his mind tried to process what he had just learned, and try and come up with a rational solution behind what Damien had just told him, "from what you just described sounds like simple everyday accidental magic, plus having elemental powers isn't that abnormal in the magical world."

"As if! We're mutants plain and simple. There's nothing magical about what we do. If our powers were magical based," Damien said stubbornly, rolling his eyes for a moment at what Albus had just said, as he snorted bit in derision at what Albus had just said to him, "there wouldn't be so many of us out there with completely different powers. Some mutants go through physical changes as well when their mutations activate."

"Well whatever your extra special abilities are, you still must come with us back to England, so that you can be properly protected and kept safe," Albus said, as he decided to drop the subject of 'mutants' for the moment, and get back to the matter at hand, as he put his grandfatherly personality back on full throttle as he gave Damien a disappointed look, "Even if you graduated from one of the magic schools in America, you are still a citizen of England's magical world, and are required to finish your schooling at Hogwarts, where you will also be trained to face your duty against Voldemort."

"If you haven't noticed old man, but we're not in England anymore. I haven't stepped foot in that country since I was a baby, and I do not consider myself a citizen of it, or have to obey whatever laws that exist over there. Your stupid, prehistoric laws have no jurisdiction around here." Damien said as he walked over to the group and glared down at Dumbledore specifically from where the older man was seated for a moment, as he Damien stubbornly refused to acknowledge what Albus had just said, "I'm a citizen of the United States magical world, and the laws here are the only ones I obey. I did my time in magic school and passed with flying colors and I'm not about to be dragged back because of some stupid laws in another country that I don't call home, or allow myself to be forced into a war that has nothing to do with me. Besides I'm emancipated, so I don't have to do anything I don't want to do concerning you people anyways." "Emancipated?! Who the hell gave you that?!" Sirius barked out angrily, as he stared at Damien in shock at his announcement.

"It was a graduation present from my grams. She had me fully emancipated in both the muggle and Wizarding world," Damien said as a slight smirk appeared on his features, as he crossed his arms over his chest for a moment, "so that if anything happens to her and my godfathers, I can legally live without adult supervision. So I'm telling ya to butt out of my life and trying to tell me what to do."

"Damien you should show some respect to the headmaster," Remus said, as now looked disapprovingly at his godson, as disappointment filled him at what Harry seemed to have become because of whoever had raised him, "He's only looking out for your best interests. We all are. If you would just listen for a second..."

"He's not my headmaster. You want me to show respect? To him? My real godfathers have always told me to only show respect to those who've earned it, and who also show me respect, and I'm not seeing that here. It doesn't matter to me how old you people are, if you don't bother showing proper respect to me in my own home, yet you have the nerve to demand that I do it?" Damien said, ignoring the winces that Remus and Sirius gave at the mention of his new godfathers, as he continued speaking, as a dark scowl appeared on his features once more, as he crossed his arms over his chest stubbornly, as his accent seemed to deepen as he spoke, "Respect has to be earned and not demanded, or else it won't be any real respect if the person giving it doesn't truly mean it with all their heart and soul. They also say that anyone stupid enough to actually demand respect from people who they don't even know, aren't worthy of it at all. So I don't see any reason to show you guys any, until you earn it like everyone else."

"Mr. Potter..." Albus started to say only to be cut off once more.

"Darkholme, old man. You want me to respect you, then you should respect me by addressing me by the name I've told you repeatedly to call me," Damien said, as he crossed his arms defiantly over his chest for a moment, as he shot a pointed look at all four adults to show that he included all of them in what he was telling the headmaster, "It's a very simple and easy name to say, and if you want me to answer you, you will call me it or else I will start ignoring you when you talk to me while using that other name."

"That's not your name. Your name is the one that James and Lily Potter gave you, and not the one whoever's raised you gave to you," Sirius snapped back, as he met Damien's gaze without flinching from under the intense look Damien was now giving him, as Sirius' own eyes narrowed a bit at his godson, "You will always be Harry James Potter until the day you die no matter what you seem to think."

"There are only five people in the world who I will ever have any form of respect for, and you guys ain't them. You want me to properly respect you? Then do as I say and earn it," Damien said dismissively, with a slight wave of his hand as he flipped up the thumb on both of his hands and turned them upside down to make his point, "and at the rate you people are going with the breaking and entering stunt you pulled this morning, your way down on my respect charts. I don't appreciate being woken up so early in the morning by my alarms..."

A noise coming from Snape's direction caused everyone to turn their attention on the potion master, to find him trying to get their attention, but since he still had the Silencio spell on him, so the only thing he could do was stamp his feet on the floor and make grunting sounds.

"Oh you want to talk?" Damien asked as he looked at Severus for a moment, eyeing the potion master for a moment before coming to a decision, "You ready to say something that doesn't come out as an insult towards me and my family? Or do I leave the Silence spell on you?"

Snape made a grunting sound as his eyes narrowed a bit before he finally nodded reluctantly.

"Fine, but the first offensive words out of your mouth again, and you'll find yourself silenced until you get home." Damien said, frowning a bit in thought as he stared at Snape for a moment, Damien raised a hand towards him and called out the reversal spell that removed the one that was keeping Snape mute the whole time.

"You impertinent little brat, you're just like your father, acting like you think you're better than everyone here when your nothing but a spoiled brat just like your father." Snape exclaimed once his voice was back again, ignoring Damien's earlier warning as he glared hatefully at the youth before him for a moment, "Get over yourself, boy, because you're coming back with us one way or another whether you want to or not."

"Oh really? Then let me tell you a few things, greaseball. First of all. I don't just think I'm better than you, I know it for a fact, and you're not going to make me do anything, because I'll wipe the floor with you faster than you can blink. Second, you people ignore my refusal letter and come to try and make me come to your school anyways, then you break into my home," Damien said, as a small sneer appeared on his lips as he glanced at the faces of the four men before him, and saw that Remus and Sirius actually seemed apologetic about what they had done, while Snape and Dumbledore looked furious about being caught, "in the wee hours of the morning planning to do who knows what while you were in here if my traps hadn't caught you, and now you're talking down to me like I'm a preschooler with no mind of his own. If my uncle Victor was here, he'd rip you into itty bitty little pieces for your nasty mouth."

Damien turned his attention back to the bound wizards, the group flinched a bit, as they saw the smile on Damien's face. It looked like a totally innocent smile, except at the same time it seemed to be promising all kinds of pain and suffering as the temperature in the room seemed to rise a few degrees.

When he glanced over at Dumbledore for a moment, he felt a sudden pressure against his mental shields that Mastermind had helped him build up over the years signaling that someone was trying to break into his mind, and his eyes narrowed dangerously in anger at Dumbledore.

As Dumbledore stared into Damien's eyes, he activated his Legitamcy spell, and started probing the youths mind for any information of what Damien's life was like up until now, only to come up against some kind of barrier in the boys mind. Frowning a bit he doubled his efforts to try and break through the barrier, when there was a sudden blinding light followed by extreme pain as he was forced back out of Damien's mind, as everything around him became black as he lost consciousness.

Albus didn't know how long he must have been out, but when he finally came back to consciousness, it was to find himself waking up with a splitting headache, and out of the chair he had been tied to though he was still tied up, lying flat on his back on the carpeted floor about five feet away from where he had been sitting before, as the sound of arguing voices could be heard. Blinking his eyes open, as he struggled to sit up as much as his magical bindings would let him, and saw that some of the Brotherhood members had come back while he was unconscious, and were trying to calm the younger boy down.

"Let me at him! I'm going to flame broil him!" Damien's voice exclaimed loudly, causing Dumbledore's headache to grow, as he started to focus more on what was going on around him, and saw Damien starting to advance on him with a growing fireball forming in his left hand if it wasn't for his friends trying to hold him back, "The jackass tried to mind rape me, so I get first crack at him."

Just then the double doors leading into the room were flung open and group turned around just in time to see a redheaded woman dressed in a pair of black stretch pants and jacket, followed by two men come storming into the room.

What caught the four wizards attention the most about the three newcomers, was that one of the men had short white hair similar to one of the boys who had been in the room earlier, and piercing blue eyes, while the other man was tall with long blond hair tied back into a ponytail. But really caught the groups attention about the second man were the nails on his hands, which were long and curved like sharp claws, and his golden eyes had a wild, feral look in them as he entered the room with the others that sent shivers through the wizards bodies.

"DAMIEN HARRY DARKOLME! YOU PUT THAT FIREBALL DOWN THIS INSTANT!" Raven voice thundered, causing the youth to flinch a bit as he glanced up at his group for a second, before he reluctantly put the fireball out, "That's better. You can flame broil them after we get some answers, young man, and not a micro second sooner."

"Aw grams, can't I just flame the old man? Not enough to kill," Damien whined as he shot a glare at Albus for a moment before he turned his gaze back towards Mystique once more, "but as a reminder to keep out of other peoples heads?"

"Stop your whining brat," Victor ordered as he walked over to Damien and lightly cuffed the younger boy on the head with a closed fist, "You're starting to sound like a five year old."

"Am not." Damien said, as he glared at Sabertooth for a moment while rubbing his head with his left hand, "That hurt ya know."

"It was meant to, brat." Victor said, smirking a bit as he looked around at the gathered people, as his eyes narrowed a bit in anger and suspicion, "who are these guys brat, and why do you have them trussed up like stuffed turkeys?"

To be continued...

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