I cant think of a better way to end this happy little story other than, THE END!

Author's Note: Ok then now that that is over I would like to give some information. There WILL NOT be a sequel. I have decided that I dont want there to be one and that is that. However, if you are interested, there is another story that is alot like this one that I have also written. It is called Colorful Bottles and it is complete also. I AM working on a sequel to that one. I know you are so happy. :) Ok thank you. Now lets move onto the credits:

(Yes, I know they are the same in this book as in Colorful Bottles

Special thanks to Haley and Molly aka Feed The Foxes and Feed the Cows! For Most of you that Don't know this (which you shouldn't) Alex is based on Haley and Sapphire is based on Molly. Ok I will now give a thanks to the people who actually had people based on them in my book.

Twilight Characters: Twilight Characters

New Moon Characters: New Moon Characters

Skylar: Me (Ashley or Smiles)

Sapphire: Molly

Alex: Haley

Tally: Caroline

Acebo: Holly

Austrella: Shawn (Yes Shawn is a girl thank you)

Michael: Michael

Troy: Unknown (I made him up OK?)

Zane: Zane

Steve: Unknown (Way! I made him up to!)

Austin: Austin

Way People! I know this was like a total waist of your time but I would still like to give one more special thanks to...


STEPHANIE MEYER! WAY! -crowd goes wild for the wonderful STEPHANIE MEYER!-

Thank you for reading my story. You can give yourself a pat on the back now that you have endoured 28 long chapters (that includes this and the sequel info) Yay you! -claps-