Show Them Who's Boss

Rating: M for language

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Harry is standing on the battlefield with his eyes glazed over. He thought of all the training he had to go through to get where he is now. He thought of the extreme fights with Ron and Hermione that made the Golden Trio separate. He thought of the Slytherins that came to him for safety and to help him defeat Tom Riddle.

His wand is at his side and the ashes that used to be the body of Lord Voldemort is washing away in the wind. Harry was taught the Dark Arts so that he could defeat Riddle because no light spell would work on him because of all the rituals he went through. He was so full of Pure Darkness that only a dark spell could get rid of him.

Harry looked out over the battlefield at all the blood and carnage. From the looks of it the Light side had lesser casualties. He could see bodies of the Death Eaters that were loyal to Voldemort.

The spell he used was one that would kill Voldemort and only those that were loyal to him. The ones that weren't were set free. No Dark Mark to speak of.

All he could feel was numbness. He felt tired and worn down. All he wanted to do was sleep.

Out of no where a Stupefy spell hits him in the back. He fell to the ground… hard. He got his wish. He was knocked unconscious.

The next time Harry wakes up he is in a cell in the worse place possible. His very worse nightmare has come true.

At the age of sixteen he is put in Azkaban for doing the Wizarding World a favor. Now he will show the Wizarding World exactly why he was the chosen one. And why only he could be the one to kill Voldemort.

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