A/N: Extremely fluffy/corny chapter ahead. The plot will develop more after this.

Elliot awoke with a horrible case of morning drowsiness. Her eyes wouldn't open more than halfway and her head felt like somebody was pressing down on it. She let out an involuntary grumble and, eyes squinted, suddenly realized that she had a heavy pressure on her thighs. She forced herself to open her eyes and reflexively jumped in surprise.

JD went crashing to the floor.

"Oh shit," Elliot cursed. At least she felt somewhat awake now. JD, always a light sleeper, groaned loudly. He opened one eye and gave her a wounded look.

Elliot couldn't help it. She started to laugh loudly, the distinct belly laugh that always involved her snorting. Her dropping JD and his face expression were too much for her to keep a straight face. "Sorry, JD," she gasped, restraining herself. "I forgot where I was when I woke up."

"Glad to hear it." JD was still sprawled on the carpet, his broken arm and leg lying there stiffly. He attempted to sit up, but immediately dropped like a stone back to the ground. "My head hurts like a bitch."

"Here." She tossed him a cushion on the way to the kitchen. "I'll get you some painkillers. Do you want some for your arm and leg?"

"Sí, por favor."

She could feel his eyes still on her. She tried hard not to show any signs of being flustered.

"So how well did I seduce you last night?"

Elliot spun around in alarm and saw that JD had his usual stupid grin plastered on his face. He was kidding. "About the scooter incident?" she asked breezily.


She reached for the painkillers. "I still think it was amazingly sweet...for you, the king of insensitivity."

"Aww, Elliot. You hurt my feelings." The dumb grin returned and she watched him swing his legs onto the couch, giving him a comical upside-down look. "You were nearly in tears."

"I was not," she shot back indignantly.

"I saw your eyes get all shiny...and I felt your breathing grow uneven when I told you," he replied smugly. "I could feel it so distinctly."

Suddenly, Elliot threw back her head in frustration. "Maybe I did because you would have most likely gotten killed for my sake!" She felt her eyes widen. The outburst had come out of nowhere. It was as if a demon had taken possession of her and screamed those words without her wanting to. She glanced reluctantly at JD and saw him staring at her in surprise, not moving a muscle.

She sighed. "JD...forget it, okay? I...I just had this nightmare after you told me last night and you died in it...and the guilt and suffering and all of that felt so real." She shook herself slightly and lifted the tray of water and medicine, cautiously making her way over to the couch.

JD still stared at her guiltily and started to lift himself onto the couch, not paying attention to his headache. Elliot suddenly felt exposed, as if she were naked. The tension in the room made her back stiffen in anticipation.

He spoke first. "I'm sorry, Elliot."

"You shouldn't be sorry," Elliot said at once. She looked at him and nervously brushed her bangs out of her eyes. "You were just doing this incredibly…sweet, sweet thing for me."

She felt his arm slide around her and firmly grasp along the side of her arm, which was what he always did when she was upset. Elliot got the familiar feeling of total security. She tilted her head and rested it on JD's shoulder. There wasn't any awkwardness about it. She just released all her tension and feeling his comforting arm still holding her, she sighed deeply.

"It's just that…" she started shakily, feeling unstable. She wasn't used to feeling like this. She was usually the strong female doctor who rarely showed her weaknesses. "…what would I have done without you?"

She felt his head turn in surprise and she met his eyes. She was surprised to see the doubt in his eyes. "Come on, JD. You're my best friend. When you were in the coma, the hospital felt so empty. You're one of the few people I can actually relate to, except the times when you totally desert me."

JD looked like he was about to say a snarky comment but thought better of it. "I was expecting you to be happy that you wouldn't have to put up with me," he said jokingly. "But you know what I was thinking the moment before I blacked out?"


"For some reason, I thought, I won't see Elliot again. Even before Turk…before Carla…you popped up into my mind." He looked down at her and gave her a crooked smile, which looked so charming to her. Her mouth opened in surprise and she stared transfixed at him.




She cleared her throat stiffly and untangled herself from his arm. "Um…here's your pain killers." She handed him the tablets, growing pink as their hands brushed when he received them. "...and the water's…oh, here. I'm going to go out for a bit, so just lie down and sleep." She avoided his confused gaze as she grabbed her purse.

When did JD turn into this charming guy that she was so fricking attracted to?

Maybe, she thought guiltily, he was like this the entire time. She just didn't pay enough attention.

It doesn't matter. I have Keith. He's amazing, too. Elliot dug in her purse for her car keys. You'll get over this. It's just a phase since you and obviously don't work according to your track record, she tried to reassure herself. She swung open the door and shut it a little harder than she meant to.

She desperately needed a drink.