Veronica's POV

I have been home for a few weeks now. I lay in bed this morning with my arms wrapped around Logan's naked chest waiting for Alexis to come in to wake us up.

"How about if we don't go to work today" I suggest really wanting a day to ourselves.

"Is this an all day booty call?"

"maybe. But I know you want it"

"and that I do" he says getting up to ring his work telling them he wont be there today.

So we ended up having sex a few times that day followed by sleeping, watching TV and skinny dipping in our pool.

It was the best day I had in a while.

I think my life is getting better.

- I really didn't like writing this chapter

Logan walked into the counselling room, only because he had promised Veronica to go if she would move back in.

The brown head man walked into the hall he noticed a familiar face Madison Sinclair.

"I have only been here a few weeks and I though I should tell you some thing about me" Logan tells the group just feeling like he can trust them.

"My name is Logan Echolls. I have a wife called Veronica we married when we were 18. We have two children. A son Ryan he's 16 in two months and Alexis my little girl I spoil her rotten she's seven.

My Father is a murder. You might of herd of him. Aaron Echolls? He killed my girlfriend, Veronica's best friend. Then he nearly killed Veronica and her father Keith Mars.

I have been coming here this past month to talk about the bad problems I need to sort out. This was actually Veronica's idea." Logan tells the group.

"I see you love this Veronica very much?" one of the counsellors says

"She is my everything. We have been married sixteen years and I still love her as we were teenagers."

"have you ever thought of drinking away you problems?" Maddisons asks knowing that he has stuffed up so many times with Veronica being drunk the blonde looking in his eyes licking her lips slowly.

"I don't drink. My Mum was an alcoholic. When I was seventeen she committed suicide. Also Veronica's mother was an alcoholic so we don't keep much alcohol in the house".

Veronicas POV

Ryan, Natalie and I decided to surprise Logan by meeting him at the counselling hall then going out for dinner.

As we got there we saw people walking out of the hall so the three off us decided to walk in.

One of the ladies asked if I was Veronica and told me where Logan was.

I walked into room where Logan was followed by Natalie and Ryan.

I entered the room to see a blonde making out with my husband. Him un buttoning her blouse. She on top of him they still haven't noticed that we walked in.

"What the Fuck" Ryan screams out as he walks in the room after me.

"Ryan" Logan says scrambling to stand up pushing the blonde off him.

She turns around and I noticed who it was Maddison Sinclair I used to go to high school with her.

I just stood there shocked. I though our relationship was going well. I thought the day we spent a week ago brought us back together. Tears started rolling down my face as he hasn't notice me standing there.

"How dare you do this to mum" Ryan screams.

Logan looks at me with regret. I' m not sure if he regretted making out with her or getting caught.

"Veronica" he says to me as he walks towards us.

"Please stop" I say wiping the tears away. Once again Logan has disappointed me. He was cheating on me with her. That bitch.

"come on Natalie, Ryan I'll drop you home" I say as I turn around. Looking once more into Logan's eyes. Then turning around and walking to my car.

"Mrs Echolls I'm sorry" Natalie says as we get into the car.

"call me Veronica honey Mrs Echolls sounds too much like Logan's mother" I tell her as the two sit in the back as I drive Natalie back to her house.

As we get there I ask Lizzie if Ryan could sleep here tonight. In separate rooms of course. I tell her that Logan could become violent right now and I was scared.

I walk back out to the Dining room.

"Ryan your going to stay here tonight" I announce.

The couple look at each other strangely.

"In different room's offcourse"

"I hope this has nothing to do with Mr Echolls Veronica" Natalie tells me.

"Mum where are you going to go? You can't go home and you can be alone" he tells me showing so much concern.

"I love you really Ryan but you looks so much like your Father" I stop myself before I say too much.

The second part will be this week.