Armour 01...Arise.

" Curses that Kim Possible! That would be the last time she foils my plan! " said Dr. Drakken. The night falls on Dr. Drakken's cell, the stench of the prison toilet fills up his nostrils. " P-hew! What on earth do they do to the toilet!? Its stinks as...Huh? " Dr. Drakken words stopped as he gasped at the creature that was coming out of the toilet bowl.

"Dr. Drakken I presume?" it asked. The dark green slime on its body drip to the floor and it release an awful scent. Dr. Drakken stammered, " Y-y-y-es?"

The green slimy creature grabbed Dr. Drakken by the arm and threw a smog bomb in the cell. It exploded and soon...

Possible's residence

" Ron, how are things going on at Smarty Mart?" Kim asked through her Kimmunicator. Ron's Ronmunicator is still streaming Ron's face, with Ron's Smarty Mart uniform. " Not so well Kim, believe me, who on earth can cut the price of Tacos to none? I mean, come on! ITs Taco! " cried Ron.

" RONALD ADRIAN STOPPABLE!" roared a voice from behind Ron's screen.

Smarty Mart

Ron turn and it was his boss. " What do you think you're doing!? " he ordered.

" Sorry Kim, gotta go! " said Ron as he disconnect his chat session with Kim. His boss stood in front of Ron, " Mind explaining what the heck is going on!? " He ordered. His saliva landed on Ron's face and Ron had to take out his tissue and rub it. " Sorry sir, its my break time now and I'm free to use my mobile. " replied Ron meekly. He looked up at his boss and shuddered at the sight of his eagle eyes. His boss reached out his hand and demanded for Ron's mobile. " What!? No way sir! " Ron defended, holding his Ronmunicator tightly as ever.

" If you are not going to cooperate with me then you soon shall be fired! " Ron's boss roared again. This time, the glass shattered into hundreds of pieces. His voice echoed throughout the entire Smarty Mart mall and all workers at Smarty mart began shivering.

In his weakest state, Ron handed over his Ronmunicator to his boss. " I shall confiscate this until next week everytime, after you work then you may have it back." Ron's boss snorted. As he exits the store room, he grinned at the Ronmunicator. Ron, on the other hand sank down to his feet and poke his tongue out at his boss. Rufus did the same. As his boss quietly exits the mall, he reveals himself as a synthodrone. The synthodrone took out his handphone and dialled a number. " Hello? Shego? Yes its me, synthodrone no. 0198-3456. I have the Ronmunicator, I will bring it to you at once. Huh? Oh yes I know, at once your highness. " said the synthodrone as he shuts his call. He took out the Ronmunicator and spits at the back of the Ronmunicator, jamming its signals so that Wade could not locate it.

Dr. Drakkens lab

" Shego! Where are you!?" shouted Dr. Drakken. He stormed into the room with his wet and smelly usual blue but now green uniform. Shego came swinging out of the room, " Oh, look at what the cat drag in! Hi Dr. D! " Shego greeted Dr. Drakken. " Oh shut up Shego! Come here quickly! I want to take some very important details to complete my new suit to destroy Kim Possible once and for all! " Dr. Drakken replied. Shego came and stood in front of Dr. Drakken. " So? Whats with the new suit? " Shego asked. Dr. Drakken, with full of ignorance he slapped him in the head and sighed. " Perhaps you have forgotten about Kim Possible new suit that enables her to power up way more powerful than your natural powers , Shego? " he continued. Looking at Shego, he jolted down the details that are required into his notebook.

" Okay, I'm getting really sick out of this. When are you going to make it? " Shego asked.

" Patience Shego, i'm almost done. " Dr. Drakken said..."Done! Now, i'm off to shower! Where's my rubber ducky? "

Possible's residence

Beep! Beep! Be-beep!

Kim ran to her bed and answered her Kimmunicator. " Whassup Wade? " Kim asked. Tidying her hair, she place her Kimmunicator on the side bed. " Uh Kim? We got a problem...Actually, 2 problems..." Wade said. Kim continue to comb her hair, " So? Whats the sitch then? " she asked. Wade took a deep breath and continued, " Well uhm, 1st, Dr. Drakken escaped from prison again and 2nd Ron's signal dissapeared from my satelite. "

..."WHAT!? Wade, try to contact Ron immediately! And Dr. Drakken!? Argh! What is going on here!? " cried Kim. She grabbed a pillow and threw it at the wall. "Kim? I think we better check on where is Ron's whereabouts first." Wade suggested.

" You do that Wade, I'll contact Smarty mart to see where he is. " said Kim.

Dr. Drakken's bedroom

" Finally! Yes! I finally manage to complete my first suit! " cheered Dr. Drakken. He waved his blueprints around but then...

"NOOOOO! SHEGO!" cried Dr. Drakken. The blueprints he worked hard on accidentally flew away from his hands and was soon carried off by the winds. Shego came busting into the room, " What is it this time!? Its 4 in the morning! " said an angered Shego. " Shego! My blueprints have been blown away! Quickly, go and fetch them! " ordered Dr. Drakken.


" Sorry Doc, the papers are gone... " said Shego. She trudge along the lab and sat down on the couch and pick up a magazine and began reading it. " NO! Shego! I want you to go out there and find it! " ordered Dr. Drakken, only this time his voice sounds like a demon. Shego stills ignore Dr. Drakken, frustrated Dr. Drakken went back to his room and lock the door.

Global Justice HQ


Dr. Director turned around and the agent saluted her. " What is it?" she asked. The agent handed over a blueprint, " It was found just outside the HQ, Madam. Advance security checked that it is just a mere blueprint but was somehow believe to be one of Dr. Drakken's schemes." he answered. As he handed the paper to Dr. Director, she recalled of the incident where tried to take over the world with his mini-bots or watchamakallit. " This is a very interisting suit...Hmm, I guess he design it to destroy the new super suit that Kim Possible's friend came up with...Fine, go and create the armour immediately. " ordered .

" Yes Maam! " the agent replied, saluting once more before he exits through the capsule. smiled as she continues her research on the world.

Bueno Nacho

" sigh Rufus, I'm so bored! I wanna do something! Argh, this heat is driving me nuts! " Ron cried. It was a hot afternoon indeed, after his work at Smarty Mart he couldnt find his boss so he cannot claim his Ronmunicator back. " Rufus, do you mind passing me the ketcup? " said Ron. He sat on the table with his Nacho...'Grande size' again. Rufus, popped out of Ron's pocket and climb onto the table and grabbed the ketchup.

"Kim...Where are you?..." sighed Ron, grabbing the ketchup from Rufus. "sigh, Huh? RUFUS!"

Rufus happily snacked Ron's Nacho in one big gulp. Then, its gone forever. " No, Rufus! Thats my last hope to make me smile again!" said Ron loudly. Rufus giggled, then after realizing that Ron wasnt joking he stopped. Then, " RON! Your alright! " said Kim at the entrance of Bueno Nacho. Ron turned, looking puzzled as usual, not knowing whats going on as Kim ran for Ron and gave him a kiss with a complimentary hug.

"Wow, whatever I did, I must have did it right." said Ron, loving the kiss from Kim. Kim held Ron so tight, Ron couldnt even breathe. " Uh, kak! Kim! Kim! Cannot breathe! Kim! " gagged Ron. " Oops, sorry Ron. " apologised Kim. She releases her arms so Ron could breathe again. " Where's you Ronmunicator? Wade said that he couldnt locate it on his sattelites. Its impossible you know, knowing he put up dozens of sattelites up in space. " asked Kim, sitting down next to Ron.

"Oh, its just that my boss took it away after I chatted with you. He said I could get it back but I cannot find him, so I just left my Ronmunicator with him." Ron explained. Kim raised her eyebrow, " He what? Okay, hold on a sec. " Kim said, taking out her Kimmunicator she beeped Wade. "Wade, we got another situation." Kim told him.

"Got that Kim, in fact, that boss of Ron's wasn't even his boss. In fact, it was a synthodrone. But much more powerful, not Dr. Drakken's invention of course. I also found out that someone tried to hack my system again but this time I'm well prepared." replied Wade. " So, who is behind all of this? "Kim asked herself. Suddenly, " Kim! You are needed at Global Justice immediately! Dr. Director wants to see now. " said Wade. Kim nodded and grabbed Ron by the arm and they both ran out of the building.

Global Justice HQ

" You called ?" asked Kim. Coming out of the lift, Ron drop to the floor. " Ouch, my bad!" said Ron. Standing up, Kim and Dr. Director began discussing about something. "Whats the sitch ?" asked Kim.

Dr. Director turned and pressed a button, it displays an armour being made in a research lab. " This armour is built to destroy your armour Kim possible. It was created , after he escaped from prison that is." explained. " Oh, but of course, whatever he creates never was able to destroy me and the suit." Kim replied with a smile. Dr. Director stopped smiling and pressed the button again. " Perhaps you would like to give it a road test?" asked.

The walls began rotating and out of it, an armour emerges through the walls. "Kim possible, meet armour 01, the first armour to be made with such creativity with no boundaries and fire-power." continued. Ron came up to the armour, " Wow! This is so cool! " cheered Ron, but as he reached out to touch it, the armour move its hand and prevented Ron from touching it. " Huh? Kim!" cried a devastasted Ron Stoppable. As Kim was about to rescue Ron, asked her to give a small combat practice with the new armour. Kim, without thinking much, she agreed and changed to her combat suit. Ron and Dr. Director stood aside of the room, watching the battle enraged between two geniuses.

" Come on suit! Lets see what you got! " ordered Kim. Her suit shone with the suit powering up for battle mode. The armour, threw Ron Stoppable aside as it dashes towards Kim.


The armour's hand and Kim's hand meet and thus the combat practice begins. The armour withdrew itself as it lets Kim to keep on attacking without letting up one bit. "Haiya!" Kim cried, letting out all of her energy one punch. The punch hit the armour's chest but it regains its posture. Then, the armour took out a mechanical bow and drew three cards from its side belt. As the armour slashes the card to its bow, it lets out a voice, " FLOAT...,DRILL...,TORNADO...SPINNING DANCE!"

All of a sudden, the armour began to glow and strong gusts of wind surrounded it. The armour rises to the air and began spinning non-stop, it then lashes out a powerful kick at Kim Possible. The Battle Suit Kim wore, activated its self-defence mechanism and defends Kim with a shield. " Ha! Try that! HUH?" Kim gasped. The shield began to break down, and the armour pierces the shield. Acting on her own, Kim dodge the attack with a roll to the ground. The kick misses Kim but manage to cut Kim's arm by a little Kim lifts her head, she heard another voice from out of the dust. "CHOP...,TORNADO...SPINNING ATTACK!"

All of a sudden, Kim saw the armour at the ceiling of the HQ and its arms are surrounded by small cyclones and lunges at Kim. This time, Kim was slow by a second and the attack hit Kim in the right leg. Immobilize now, Kim had to stand up and fight. "You made me mad now..." she whispered. Her eyes showed no more mercy for the armour. " YEARGH!" cried Kim. Kim moved at ultralight speed and launches dozens of kicks and punches at the armour. The armour stood there, unable to move and kept receiving damage from Kim's attacks. It soon fell to the ground, motionless. Victorious, Kim stopped the attacking and stoood in front of the armour. " See? Nobody can beat Wade's intelligence!" Kim declared but she soon heard another voice. " RECOVER..."

Shocked at what Kim's seeing now, the armour began to repair itself automatically and soon was ready to fight. The armour, now angry, drew another card from its side pocket from its belt and slashes it in between its buckle. " EVOLUTION...Engaged..." the voice said.

The armour was then surrounded by 13 cards and each card transform itself to data and combine with the armour. Completed, the armour now is coloured fiery red. Kim stood there in amazement, but she soon snap out of it and regain her posture of attacking. " This is going to take awhile..." said Kim, she realized that the armour also know Kim's super suit weaknesses. her leg now hurts like hell as she rises to fight. The armour, drew out a dual blade from its cover and let out a roar before charging at Kim.

"Simulation battle is over!" ordered Dr. Director all of a sudden. The armour then place its blades back and re-transform itself to its original form. Then, the armour turned to and shuts down. Kim breathe a sigh of relief. " Well then, Miss Possible? What do you think of the armour?" asked , coming out of the save spot. " Kim! You were SO cool! " said Ron, running towards Kim. " I...I...oh..." said Kim before passing out in Ron's arms. "KIM!" cried Ron. Dr. Director went to check on Kim and said it was okay. She then snaps her fingers and some agents came into the room and carried her off. As Ron was about to leave the room, Dr. Director stopped him.

"Uh, its there anything Doc?" asked Ron, puzzled by Dr. Director's act. She grabbed Ron's shoulders and asked, " Ronald Adrian Stoppable,how would you like to be the first user of the armour?"

Shocked, Ron eyes widened and scratched his head. " Well, if its all right with Kim..." said Ron but he nodded as sign of acceptance. " Very well then, Ron Stoppable. Congrats. " she replied, and she took out the armour's buckle. Handing it to Ron she warned, " Remember, you must always try to protect her. Don't use it for fame or anything like you did when you 'secretly borrowed' Kim's super suit."

Ron nodded. He remembered clearly about the incident where uses a remote control to control Kim's super suit. How much longer will Kim's super suit last in life? After all, the armour couldve beaten KP so easily. Ron thought, holding the armour's buckle. he then handed it over to Rufus to tuck it in his pocket. " This armour is different than the other one. So, I would like to call this armour, ARMOUR 02, and in order to use it you must insert this card to the slot of the buckle and pull this trigger." explained . She handed a card, in the size of a poker card to Ron. " This is to ensure that nobody can use it except the person who has the card. Remember to say 'transform' as well. Dont worry, you will have a couple of practices here." she continued.

Nodding, Ron grabbed the card and made a run for the doors. He held the card tightly and place it with Rufus.

Narrator : Thanks for reading this. I will continue to Chapter 2 ASAP and will probably come out tomorrow. I plan to do only up to Chapter 3 because I wanted it to be like a KP episode but I think this is a 2-episode story. Give some comments please so I will know whats my mistake. Thanks.