"NOOOO!" cried Ron, struggling to free himself from Dr. Black Jack's grip.

"Quit your yelling, how the hell are we going to do our job if you keep on doing this?" answered Jack.

Frustrated and tired of Ron's yelling, went into the kitchen. From all the commotion that Ron was causing, Jack heard a few words being muttered in the kitchen. Words like, "Borrow...pan...good...son..."

Within 5 minutes Dr. House was out of the kitchen again, with his right arm hiding behind his back. "Look, if you don't shut up within the next 2 seconds, I am going to anesthetize you with something else." warned Ron with a stern look on his face. However...



Ron fainted from the impact of 's frying pan. Standing there with both eyes open wide like, (O.O), Dr. Black Jack just can not believe as to what he is seeing. "Are you crazy? He could've suffered from a concussion!" shouted Dr. Black Jack. Dropping the pan, gave a smirk and walked out of the room. Wade came rushing in, "What happen? I heard a loud noise and I dropped the cup of soda I was drinking while rushing here and...what happen to Ron?"

Jack just smiled, he replied "It seems to be a new and inexpensive way of anesthetize people...people,like Ron." Carrying Ron's unconscious body, he loaded Ron on a tray and pushed him into a cylinder shape machine. "? Aren't you coming to see this?" Jack asked. In reply, shouted,"Quiet! I'm talking to the devil that wears prada, Miss Cuddy!".

[ Jack's expression... =.="(sweats)]

Ignoring what he had just heard from ,multiple tests were then carried out in order to find out what is wrong with Ron Stoppable. Hopefully it will be in time to save Kim Possible, whose suit may not last any longer to newer threats.


"I NEED MORE IV LIQUIDS!" ordered Kim's doctor.

Nurses and doctors rushing all over the place, Kim was the main focus of the hospital that night. "Why is her body doing this?" asked one of the doctors. Analyzing Kim's record, Kim is suffering from multiple symptoms such as, cold sweats, high fever, bleeding nose, breathing problems, heart problems and so many more. "She isn't responding to any of our antibiotics!" cried the despaired hematologists. Kim's mom started to worry about Kim as tears flowed down her cheeks. "I hate myself for not being able to do anything for my daughter..." she muttered while crying. Mr. Possible stood next to Mrs. Possible and hold her in his arms, gently hugging her as she continued to cry. "Its all my fault, I should have seen this coming. I'm a lousy father..." said a sad .


Everything was quiet in that house, Wade was asleep and , was swinging his walking stick around, continued to stare into the blank ceiling. After a short time, the results were in. "! We got a real problem here..." Dr. Black Jack said, placing the result on the table in front of him. Immediately he sat up and looked at the results, with a stern look, then crumpled the paper and began to eat it.

(0.0) Jack 's expression.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?" shouted Dr. Black Jack. "That piece of paper showed that there's is nothing we can do to stop this mutation in his body. We don't know what.."

"SHUT. THE. HELL. UP." replied Dr House. "Let me call my colleagues. At least they know something, you're just an accurate surgeon,why don't you operate on a rat or something. Here, try this!" Immediately he handed a naked mole rat to Dr. Black Jack. "Uh-oh." squeaked Rufus.

In rage, Dr. Black Jack snatched the phone away from 's hand. "Listen, we can't do anything about it. We have never seen such mutation at all even if we access the entire data of diseases!" shouted Jack.

Silence then filled the room for a temporary moment. Nothing can be heard except the panting of 's breath.

"Well why didn't you say so?" replied , sitting upright now in his chair. "Let's get Wade. We need to tell him that we can't help him except performing euthanasia or kill Ron Stoppable with a lethal dose of...ooh,let's about Vicodin?" he continued.

Cooling down after all those yelling at the no-brainer, nodded but then said, "We'll stick to calling Wade, we don't have to kill him."

"Fine by me. Now,let's wake the fatso up." said , while smirking.


"WHO CALLED ME A FATSO...?" asked a pretty angry Wade.

Dr. House stood up calmly and walked towards Wade. "We have some very disturbing and unfortunate news for you Wade. Which would you like to hear first? The unfortunate or the disturbing news?" asked Dr. Black. Rubbing his chin, Wade replied,"What's the difference?" Smiling again, Dr. Black continued on his explanation. "The disturbing news is that Dr. House here ate up the result." Wade immediately looked at , "YOU ATE WHAT?"

"Oh,you want it? Then wait." said Dr. House, he then stucked a finger in his throat and he then regurgitate the icky and goo-like paper. Which was the result that he recently swallowed down. "There you go, here's the result."

Dr. Black then continued, "And the unfortunate news is that we can't do anything to help Ron in his current state. There's no way medical science can help him. From what I remember, his DNA shows some strands of similar DNA as of the monkey. Now,that was only 40% of his DNA. However, there is a rapidly growing virus causing some sort of mutation in the DNA and somehow, the monkey's DNA are fighting back with the T-cell' their beat stick. Which was weird. Probably what started here to eat it."

Wade shook his head. "So there's no way of saving Ron now?"

Dr. House and Dr. Black Jack stood there in silence, not willing or wanting to tell Wade.

"That's okay mates. I guess there's nothing we can do now..." sighed Wade. He then ushered and Jack out of the house while thanking them over and over again.


"It's your fault." said Dr. House, pointing at Dr. Black Jack.

"Oh SHUT UP." replied Dr. Black Jack. Immediately both gave each other a right-hook punch in the face, hitting each other on the right cheek.

"You sure hit like a girl for somebody who knows how to cut a body up." smirked Dr. House.

"You on the other hand, punch like a baby." replied Dr. Black Jack, rubbing his cheek. With a gust of wind, Jack left the Stoppable's residence in his chopper whilst Dr. House left in his Triumph Bonnevile bike.

Wade stood next to Ron, wondering what will become of him and Kim in the near future? However, his train of thoughts were derailed when somebody tapped Wade's shoulder. Turning around, Wade was shocked to see a pink suit with big green eyes. It looks like Ron's suit but a whole lot different. The next thing he knows, the pink dude started talking in Japanese. All Wade could do, was take out Kim's old Kimmunicator and turn on the translating program. (Do note the following conversation is translated in the Kimmunicator)

"I come in peace, and I mean you no harm." the pink dude said.

"Who are you and what is your purpose of confronting me?" asked Wade.

"My name is Decade and I come from a different world. Your friend here has collided with one of my friend's world, the Blade world. Its ok, I have come to help him." introduced Decade.

Wade, stepped back for abit and then turned to Ron. "How can I know that I can trust you?" Wade asked.

There was no reply from Decade. "You don't have to." Decade finally muttered. Decade reached for his pocket book on his left hip and drew out a card and slotted it into his belt buckle, which is completely different from Ron.

KAMEN - RIDER - KABUTO! said the voice from his belt.

Wade quickly turned to face Decade but then a bright light filled up the room. Wade covered his eyes as the light was too strong for him. Decade then drew out another card and slot it into his buckle.


Everything became slow after that. The dripping water of dew from the leaves outside the house, the chopper that Dr. Black Jack was on slowed down in ten-folds and everything else in the world, slowed down. Decade, walked towards to Ron and carried him in his arms. "Subete o hakaishi, subete o tsunage!" said Decade. Immediately after saying those words, he left the house, tying Ron to his bike and then rode off. After getting away, Decade removed his belt, transforming to his human form. "Ron-san, omaya-wa...Jo-ker..." muttered Decade.

Back in Ron's house.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" cried a distressed Wade.

Slamming his fists on the wall, Wade cursed himself. "How can this be? Nobody who fought Kim and Ron before ever came up with the biological war idea! Who could've thought of this? If only I came up with a plan or some sort of bio-suit for both Kim and Ron, none of this would've happen!"

Rufus then cried loudly in tears, using Wade's pants as tissue. Rufus looked up at Wade, realizing that his hand no longer holds the old Kimmunicator. "Huh?" said Rufus.


" aching head...Kim? Where are you?" asked Ron, recovering from the heavy blow that Dr. House impacted on his thick skull. "Ouch,hey, where am I?"

"You are, where you are suppose to be, and where you are not suppose to be." replied Decade.

Ron's eyes were still blurred but then as things got clearer, he realized that he was in a house. With an old man, 2 young men and a young woman...with a small silver talking bat.

"Hey,hey,let's not treat him like this. He is, after all, a human." said the old man. Grabbing a tray on the table, he offered Ron some cookies and a cup of milk.

"Oh sweet! Milk and cookies!" said a delighted Ron as he began to munch down on the cookies.

Happy to see that Ron was all good, the old man smiled and sat back in his chair, which was near Ron's seat.

",we know that he's the Joker from Blade's world...what can we do?" asked the other young man.

"There are 2 ways of doing so...seal him in the blank card of Blade's or we get someone else to replace him..." replied Decade.

Ron then looked up from his plate and saw a young woman staring at Ron. "Eh-heh, Hi? I'm Ron Stoppable." said Ron.

"Oh,oh,oh...we forgot to introduce ourselves." said the old man, immediately, he stood up. "Come on guys, let's introduce ourselves." His hand gestures the others to stand and each followed suit. "Hi, my name is Yuusuke." said the young man. The young woman then spoke up, "Hi, I'm Natsumi." The old man then placed his right hand on Ron's left shoulder, facing him and said, "Haha, just call me uncle. Now,now, how's your head?"

"My head?" Ron asked, in an awkward manner. "Whats wrong with my...OH MY GOSH MY HEAD HAS A BUMP!" he cried, after touching his head. "Haha, I have no idea how it got there first but its going to be ok." giggled uncle.

Looking into the room, full of japanese people, he knew, because he went to Japan once and they have the characteristics of the Japanese people. Ron gathered his strength, and asked the guy with the pink suit that looks like his own but had no idea who he was, "Who are you?"

Decade sighed loudly and said, "We are travelers of the universe. We cross time and space, correcting many worlds of their heroes as some setback has caused that particular planet's hero to lose themselves. And my name is Decade. Momoitoke!" - Momoitoke means remember that.

As Decade pointed at Ron, Decade clenched his fist hard...because Ron fell asleep.

"HEEEYYYY!" shouted Decade at Ron's right ear. In a daze, Ron replied, "Ooh,yes Mr Barkin, the answer for question number 5 is Nachos dipped with extra cheese...Oh...hang on, so sorry, were you saying something?"

Decade grabbed his shirt and later on spoke to Ron sternly, "Listen here and listen good, your world is in trouble because it is colliding with another world with another hero. I believe the heroine in this world is Kimberley Anne Possible, no?"

Ron nodded willingly.

"I am Decade, and I have a feeling you have something that belongs to another world, right?" Decade asked.

"Uh,I have no idea what are you talking about buddy! Serious!" said Ron softly.

Natsumi then used her thumb to acupuncture Decade's neck, and Decade started laughing madly.

"Gomenasai, our friend isn't like this all the time. Now, please tell us if you notice anything different in your world." said Yuusuke.

Ron nodded again. As he is still unconscious of what's new around him, he told them his story of KP's world and how got mutated and stuff. He even told them of the power of some belt and cards and the fact that he used them to fight crimes in his world.

"I see...So it was Blade's world that got mixed into this world...Tell me,young man, where are the other cards?" asked uncle.

"They are stored in Global Justice Headquarters. I can't tell you where it is though." said Ron.

Decade turned at Ron, while trying his best to control his laughing, "A-hahah! y-you Haha! su-re? Hahah! Well, HAha! Let me try something." Decade said. Sucking in his breath, he shouted very loudly, "DIEND!"

Immediately, the room became dark and lightning strikes the outside compound of the house. At the end of the room, appeared a figure like Decade and he was wet. Water dripping from his suit, the figure walked towards Decade.


"Aha,sorry guys,the power got tripped. Haha!" exclaimed Uncle, with a smile on his face.

"You called?" asked the man, this time,his suit was blue in color. "And please, call me when there isn't a freaking downpour!"

Decade slapped the blue man at the back,"Diend, I need you to get back some of your 'treasure.' " said Decade.

"Treasure?" said an excited Diend. "What treasure?"

Decade then whispered to his ear. Diend nodded in agreement. "It will be done mate." said Diend, drawing a card from his case on his belt, and slotting it into his weird techno-looking gun. KAMEN-RIDER-KABUTO! the gun announced.

"He will be my accomplice." Diend said, behind his mask, Diend grinned.

"Make sure, no casualties." ordered Decade, pointing a finger at Diend. With quick reflex, Diend pointed the gun at Decade's face, and a voice was heard, "ATTACK-RIDE-O-BLAST!"

Diend did not pull the trigger, but said this instead, "I don't take orders." With that said, he left with Kabuto. Both dissapeared into the darkness as lightning strikes again.

To be continued...

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