Future trips

Summary- Two years after forever charmed and piper is still avoiding Chris, but will an accidental trip to the future courtesy of Wyatt change her mind? But more importantly will she even want to when she sees the life she will end up living?

Disclaimer- I do NOT own charmed or any of the characters, if I did then I wouldn't be writing this story would I? However I do own Kayla, lily, Kelly and Bob the dog.

(A/n) I've had this on my computer a while now and decided I mite as well post it, just so you know when Chris is talking it's not spelling errors, he just can't pronounce L's. Also this can be taken as a sequel to SHHH don't tell, but you don't have to have read that to understand this story, just know that no one knows little Chris has powers.

Prologue - caught out

It was a beautiful Monday morning in sanfansico, the birds were singing as spring slowly arrived and the sun was shinning high in the sky, making the water sparkle with life. Cars filled the streets as parents drove their children to school, or hurried doff to work themselves and the Halliwell manor was no exception. Once occupied by three sisters, now only one remained, Piper Marie Halliwell, a short brunette witch, with two young sons and an ex angel as a husband.

"Wyatt hurry up, you going to be late!" She called upstairs to her eldest son. The blonde haired, blue eyed child grinned mischievously as he rushed down the stairs with his little Thomas the tank engine bag. He, unlike many other kids loved to go to school and this week the teacher had promised them that they would read the teddy bear story, his personal favourite.

The mother of two smiled at her little boy's excitement as he joined the family for breakfast. Already at the table was her husband and youngest son, Christopher.

"You looking forward to school buddy?" Leo asked as the five year old hurriedly ate his bacon and eggs.

"YEAH, Mrs Lloyd gunna read to us and then we're going to do some…mat…met…maths work!" he squealed with his mouth full of toast.

"Well that sounds like fun!"

"Yeah, lots and lots of fun!"

"Lots and lots!" The three year old toddler repeated, he was at the 'copy everyone' faze and what ever Wyatt said he tended to repeat in his cheeky little voice which no body could say no to, apart from piper, that is.

"Chris, don't copy your brother!" The witch instantly said sternly, her index finger pointing at the boy across the table from her.

"I don't mind mummy!" Wyatt replied quickly, he always defended Chris, not wanting him to get into trouble, which seemed to be becoming more and more frequent as each day passed. He however, never understood why his mum was so mean to his little brother when he never did anything really bad. Sometimes Wyatt would even do something utterly horrible, just to make piper stop yelling at Chris!

"You're such a good big brother Wyatt, protecting Chris, but he has to stop copying people!"


"Well it's not very nice honey."


"Because it's just not, it's rude!"


Piper just shook her head and laughed at his persistence, where as if it had been Chris, they all knew she would have yelled her head off by now.

"Come on little man, it's time for school!"

As piper stood up, Wyatt grabbed his coat from the worktop and ran out of the front door before his mother even managed to finish her sentence, soon forgetting about their conversation.

"Bye, bye Wyatt!" Chris called out as two of his family members left the house. Leo just looked over at his youngest son with worry written all over his face. That was the fifth time that Chris had completely ignored the fact his mother had just left. Most kids had to be prided off their mum at his age, but Chris didn't seem the least bit bothered that she had gone.

"Daddy!" the three year old said as sweetly as possible with a huge smile, making Leo abandon his thoughts.

"Yes buddy?"

"Can we go to the park and pway?"

The ex angel shook his head and looked away, he had a pile of work to do and going to the park for the day was just not worth the hassle from piper.

"Pwesse daddy?!" he continued sniffing as tears formed in his eyes. Hearing the sadness in his son's voice, Leo quickly changed his mind; he couldn't stand it when his children cried. He knew he probably spoiled them but to be perfectly honest he didn't care, their happiness meant the world to him, especially with everything that had happened over the past few years. Wyatt constantly in danger, Chris' adult self dying in his arms, Wyatt being kidnapped by Gideon, nearly turning evil, it was just to much for him, he felt compelled to give them the world, after all it has hid fault half of the situations happened.

"Of course we can go Chris!"

"YAY!" the little boy cheered and ran out of the room and up to his bedroom to get ready, a gigantic grin plastered across his face.

As he entered the smallest bedroom that he had once shared with Wyatt, Chris looked everywhere his tiny brain would let him, in desperate search for his favourite blue football. After a minute or so of searching, he gave up and held his arms out. Within seconds bright blue orbs appeared in between his hands, as the ball materialized.

He loved magic, not that he used it a lot considering his mum and dad didn't even know he had any powers. Chris couldn't actually remember when he got them or when he decided not to tell anyone about them, or even why! But, apart of him just knew he had to keep it quite, it was his and Wyatt' secret.

As he turned around, the happy smile was soon wiped off his face as he saw his father, Leo Wyatt, standing in the doorway, mouth hanging.

"Uh oh!" he said, that being the only two words the three year old could think of to describe the trouble he was in.

Leo just blinked as he took in what he had just seen- his youngest child using magic no one knew he had!

"Chris?" he said slowly but firmly as the toddler bit his lip, as Leo took a step forward, Chris did the only thing he could think off, he orbed, he didn't know where to, all he knew was that his daddy was probably going to yell at him like his mummy always did and he wanted to get away.

As the blue orbs vanished, Chris opened his eyes to see where he was; only he was a lot higher up than he expected and he was not alone.

"DADDY!" he screamed as the figure laid eyes on him.