Chapter 10- Two week later

To say the birth of twins was a hectic time was an understatement of the century, something Paige and Henry soon found out as the little angels kept them awake every night, taking it in turns to cry as loud as they could. Just as one fell asleep the other woke up and despite them only being two weeks old they were already double teaming the new parents. Apart from the little birth ring around their wrists, no one could actually tell the two apart, something which the whole family knew they would use against them one day.

Piper stayed true to her word and had attended counselling sessions everyday since she had returned home, something she was determined to keep up with, along with her medication for as long as necessary. She had eventually managed to tell Leo everything, who promised to help her thought everything and be by her side no matter what. He'd even begun to go with her to the odd session, to try and find out ways in which he could support his wife. No one had been angry with her, like she had anticipated; they were nothing but pillars of support. The only thing that bothered them was that she never went to them fro help before.

As for phoebe and coop, well lets just say, they were waiting on results from a blood test, to confirm what they already thought was true, if phoebe was in deed pregnant or not. When she had announced to her sister's that she had done a pregnancy test and it had come back positive, they were all once again jumping for joy. Unaware that they had three little witches to thank for everything that had happened in the last two weeks.

The elders always told them that magical children could cause a number of things to happen just by being children, but none of them expected it to mean that they could actually get wishes on stars to come true and re write history… then again those elders had never met anyone as powerful as Wyatt, Chris and Prue, three children, who, combined were stronger than, not only the charmed ones, but the source of all evil as well.

Phoebe was destined to have three little girls, Prue, then four years later, Penny and two years after that Nikki, but the wish the three children made that night changed that, for now, in-between Prue and Penny, was going to be another child, one nobody foresaw, a little boy who was going to become the fourth male ever to be born in to the Halliwell line. Although his destiny was uncertain, the elders knew his existence was going to change the course of the world, for the better, as the demons, when they tried to rise to power once again, would have ten Charmed children to deal with.

That was the one thing that was certain, that the slowly expanding Halliwell family, were going to be a forced to be reckoned with when they took over the fight.


Leaning on the doorframe to the conservatory Piper smiled as she watched her two son's play together with the racing cars, spinning them around the track like there was no tomorrow. After about five minutes of just standing their watching them, she gradually walked into the room and sat down.

"Wyatt daddy wants to talk to you!" She said softly, causing the blonde boy to grin and run out of the room in search fro the father he adored, who had promised to take him out of ice cream earlier that day.

Chris watched his brother leave before slowly turning around to look up to his mother, who was now keeling beside him.

"Daddy also told me that, your getting really goo with your powers!" piper said in almost a whisper as she gazed at her son and picked Wyatt's controller up to take over form him with the game.

The little brunet didn't say a word however as he just continued to race around the track, almost acting as if he hadn't heard her.

"Why don't you show mummy what you can do?!" She asked sweetly, causing Chris to look up at her, suspicion evident in his eyes, sure she hadn't shouted at him for two whole weeks, but she had hardly gone near him either and Chris feared that if he used his magic, she would use it against him some how. "Go ahead its okay Chris I promise I wont get mad!"

After a moments thought, Chris smiled and held his hand out over the plastic electors roads. Almost instantly it began to levitate in the air, until it was right over their heads. Grinning as he realised his mum as telling the truth and wasn't going to shout, Chris threw his arms apart and sent the four race cars flaying around the room with little blue orbs shooting everywhere.

When he eventually stopped, he turned to face his mother, still smiling, a smile which instantly widened as he saw the pleased look on her face.

"Now that was very good!" She said as she picked Chris up and pulled him onto her lap. "Do you want to show Mummy more?"

Chris nodded and flicked his hand, much like piper did, causing the blue orbs which he had created to burst apart and shower them with their lights. The three year old instantly started laughing and clapped his hands as he made more and more of the lights fly around them.

Piper smiled at this as she slowly realised this was the first time she had ever really listened to her son laugh. She knew she still had a long way to go until the depression was over, but as she came to realise, it was moments like this which would make everything better as she slowly began to bond with her youngest son.

Watching him use his magic was a small but very important step to the two of them having a completely different relationship in the future.

The end - i hope you all liked the ending and i would like to thank everyone who stuck with this story