The Girls Strike back

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"Weak…They think we are weak. I think its time we girls took our training into our own hands," Sakura states, before drinking up the sake in her cup.

"Shika just calls me a 'troublesome girl,'" Ino complains into her drink.

"Neji is so caught up in clan business he doesn't care what I do or don't do anymore. All he complains about is weak women." Ten-Ten says softly.

"I can't stand it anymore…Naruto doesn't even see me. I guess I am just a ghost, and my father and Cousin are always calling me weak." Hinata says, then after a deep gulp. "I agree with Sakura. We need to show these boys that we mean business."

The girls at the table look at the once quiet heir to a clan. Shock is on their faces.

"However, I don't think leaving in the middle of winter is a good idea." Sakura frowns watching the snow fall in early evening. January was always a sad month. "We need to plan and have everything ready; cover story, money, outfits, and something that will support our life outside of being a ninja." Sakura finishes looking at each of the girls.

Suddenly the bars door swings open and in walks the guys the girls were just talking about: Neji, Shika, Naruto, Sasuke, and not to mention the three mentors Kakashi, Gai, and Genma. It seems the girls had thoughts of not just for their teammates but also the long ago sensei, now team leaders. However, it seems that the guys of group just seemed to not notice what's beneath their noses.

The group of men move off to a near by table to talk of their day. Not even saying hello to the table of ladies they know. Instantly they start complaining about having to protect the women of their teams and how they are either weak or troublesome. The girls hearing this seem to nod and stand as one. Paying their bar tab they just leave. Outside, they stop.

"It seems all we are, to them, are troublesome weak women." Sakura says sadly looking once more at the other three girls with her. "Let's have a sleep over, and plan what we need to do. For once the cherry blossoms bloom once more. We will take our leave of Konoha."

Nodding the girls run off to tell their families of the sleep over and rush back to Sakura's.


It's during the last of the winter months, and between missions the girls get what they need together. Leaving what is needed at Sakura's place, since she has a house, left to her from her after parents' death. Also, while planning the girls find out that each has a great voice, and musical talent with different instruments. So after getting the money from her account, Hinata gets instruments and have they sent to Sakura's place for them to practice and write songs. It doesn't take long for the girls to realize that new names are also needed to hide their identities.

They have their clothing picked out, masks, and other bags packed and ready. The girls are just waiting for the straw to break 'their' camels back. Sakura, not wanting to leave on bad terms had mentioned some of the troubles to Tsunade-sama, but only after a lot of sake.

SAKURAS Sayonara

Just as Sakura predicted it was just as the cherry blossoms started to bloom, that the men and boys started in once more. One night not far into the spring, the girls were once again having a relaxing drink and complaining amongst themselves about the men in their lives. The door once again opened, as they guys came in. This time however, they sat with the girls, crowding them into the booth. After the last few days of being told they were weak, the girls were in no mood for the boys.

"Oi…Sakura, did you really have to take your time killing that last ninja?" Sasuke starts in. "He was about to make you lose five pounds… or should I say ten for how big your head is at times."

"Hinata, where were you?" Neji asks. "You were to be at the practice field early and you didn't show up for about a half hour. You are seriously weak, and under trained." Laughing Neji continues. "It's a good thing Uncle is making me the Heir, instead of you. I can carry on the clans name with Honor. "

Neji sneers, missing the angry looks being passed by the girls.

The other men continue with the brow-beatings and other comments. Hinata quietly asks to leave the table, and the men ignore her. Sakura, however, is getting madder and angrier. Its not but another thirty minutes before Sakura's temper gets the better of her, bringing her palm hard on the table, with chakra, to break it in two.

"THAT'S IT!" Sakura yells. "You men won't move, when one of us needs to use the restroom…Now look what you made me do. We are leaving girls." As one the girls stand and walk between the two pieces and out the door. The bar maid looks up. "Those men can pay, since it's their fault." Tears are falling from each of the four sets of eyes, the bar maid nods and writes a note to Tsunade-sama of what has happened.

Outside and a little bit away from the bar the girls stand supporting each others' pain.

"Ladies, its time to do what we have been getting ready for. We will meet back at my place in 10 minutes. Be ready to move," Sakura states in all seriousness. Nodding as one, the ninja girls from 'the rookie 9' head off to their homes, to say good-bye and gather what they will for their trip.

When Sakura arrives home, she looks about and knows just what to do. She has been planning this for the last year or so. Her pain ran deeper than the girls, not only had Sasuke told her no, but Naruto had started getting more annoying. In her bedroom, Sakura changes out of her training dress and into her new body suit. Pulling on what looks to be black ops suit; having altered her mothers' to fit. On the bed she leaves her old dress, and the ripped-up picture of 'Team 7'. Thinking back when was the last time she had cut her hair. Pulling hard, knowing what she had to do: Sakura holds her hair steady and cuts it just below the rubber band.

"At last I am free." Sakura says as tears fall from her face. Reaching up she removes her now cut hair and throws it on the bed. Her headband falls down around her neck. Taking it off to look at, Sakura thinks of all the pain and stress and teasing she has gone though. Her hand breaks it in two from the sadness. It's not long before the others arrive with similar clothing.

"Are we ready? Good, let's roll. Wish we could take our own instruments... However traveling light is what's called for." Sakura asks as she brings out a peace of paper. On it she writes Sayonara on it… Before hanging it up on her door she looks at the girls, it's then that Ino notices that Sakura has her hood up and mask on already.

"Sakura, I mean Katara why is your hood up already?" Ino says stepping closer. Removing the hood, Katara shows what she has done. The girls gasp but understand. Ino takes the kunai away from Katara and does the same with own long hair, passing it on to Ten-Ten. It's not but five minutes, after hanging the note, the girls reach the wall where there is the least amount of guards.

"Michi-chan (Hinata), are you ready?" Katara looks over at the shortest girl.

"I am ready, nee-chan. How about you Belle (Ino)? 'Ruka-chan (Ten-ten)?" Michi asks in her now more confident voice.

When the guards pass each other and head off to outposts, is the moment the women make their jump. Katara conceals the girls with her own chakra making them all invisible, however, little Michi seems to land hard into a somersault. The other two girls grab her at Katara's motion. The Guards on duty yell out and try to stop them. However, thanks to Katara the girls are home free.

Traveling most of the night they find a quiet village and get a room for the night. They share the duty of keeping watch over the group.