The Storm

AN The reason the Girls Names are changed… though they will be for stage mostly… Their original names will only be used in the company of the MOST TRUSTED friends, meaning that when on stage they will called by the stage names. There will only be one concert in this story.

AN 2 at this time I would like to give credit to Blackmore's Night – Album: Fires at Midnight - Song: The Storm (totally cool if you ever get to hear it)

The same day that Neji wakes in Hospital. A storm is brewing over the land of fire.

Gai walks down the streets of Konoha wondering where the girls of the 'Rookie 9' are. It had been many an age he had last seen them. Having been on a mission for the last six months or so, Gai was looking for some sweet company. It is not long before he sees his most favored Pupil.

"What a pleasant surprise? To run into Rock Lee, my most diligent pupil." Says Gai as he hurries up to Rock Lee's side.

"Hello, Gai-sensei. You must have just returned to the village. I have missed our training sessions." Lee says smiling up at his mentor-hero.

"That I have, that I have." Gai says smiling. "Can you tell me why I have not yet been able to find the must beautiful women of Konoha? It seems so quiet, like they have gone missing."

"According to Tsunade they have been sent on a mission of great importance. Even SHE does not know when the beautiful flowers will return." Lee sighs some what sadly.

"Ah, a mission, It is a Ninja's path to learn and to protect their village." Gai says looking off to the west, seeing the gathering clouds in the distance and the coloring of said clouds. "It seems we are in for one of Natures spring/summer surprises. We must inform Lady Tsunade."

So both student and teacher head back to the Hokage's tower.

When the two arrive, the secretary is not at her desk. Though, there are voices coming from the inner room. Gai and Rock listen in to the conversation.

"I know your worried Tsunade; I just hope that they reach shelter, as you do. Though, once they left the confines of the village, they are out of our hands." Shizune says quietly.

"Don't you think I realize that? I mean I had hoped for them to have clear sailing to their destination. I might just send out two Anbu to make sure none of them are hurt. Dear lord… If only Kami had given men more blood." Tsunade sighs.

Ton-ton noticing that they have company move over to the door and kicks at it. Signaling that they are no longer alone, Tsunade looks up and nods to Shizune to open the doors. Gai and Rock fall into the room.

Both men seem a little shocked at being surprised. Gai clears his throat. "May I enquire of who you and Shizune were discussing about?"

The ladies in the room seemed a little out of sorts. Tsunade sighs. "Just a group of Ninja's, it is their first mission working together I hope they don't run into trouble." She turns and looks out of the window towards the building storm.

"Now, back to business, Rock go off and get everyone's help with the storm that is coming in. We may need help healing if there are any injuries. Gai please go and find Team Kou and have them report to me. I have a mission for them finally…"

And so the day goes with the approaching storm…

However, with in the woods that are near the edge of the villages' protectorate 4 girls stop as the wind picks up. They choose to make camp on this side of the border, before crossing it the next morning. Hinata is on watch, while Sakura and Ino are setting up the tents. Ten-Ten is off getting fire wood for the dinner. All seems quiet as the girls settle down for their last night on peaceful soil.

"What do you think is happening back in the village?" Ino asks quietly.

"Don't know…Though, have a feeling that if Lee asks the guys where we are at, he will probably be told we are on a training mission." Ten-ten says as she puts out the fire.

Hinata goes back to her perch in the tree. "I have first watch, so I will keep an eye out during the storm. I feel like there maybe some surprises waiting in the night to come."

Time passes and the girls finally start to let their guard down, till the first stroke of lightening…Hinata is on full alert looking around.

(Insert the Song – Storm, here)

A timeless and forgotten place,

The moon and sun in endless chase

Each in quiet surrender

As the other reins the sky…

The sound of a breaking twig makes Hinata jump. As Hinata stands, she sharpens her senses and engages the Byakugan. Letting the girls know by soft whistles they are not alone any longer.

The midnight hour begins to laugh

A summer evening's epitaph,

The winds are getting crazy

As the storm begins to rise…

As the storm begins to rise…

The three girls, on the ground, are awakened by the storm and are on guard. Suddenly there is a noise in a near by brush, peaks their interest.

Wild were the winds that came

In the thunder and the rain

Nothing ever could contain

The rising of the storm…

In the wings of ebony

Darkened waves fill the trees

Wild winds of warning

Echo through the air…

Hinata seeing the four ninja's sneaking up on the others takes one out during a gust of wind. With her cloak spread out like wings, she uses the Hyuga Eight Trigrams One Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms on one of the enemies. Then hides back up in her tree, catching her breath feeling excited.

It doesn't take the girls long to know that they are almost surrounded and separate to take out the rest of the Ninjas.

Follow the storm I've got to get out of here…

Follow the storm as you take to the sky…

Follow the storm now it's all so crystal clear,

Follow the storm as the storm begins to rise…

The girls chase their prey into the woods,

following them as the dark lightening follows the storm clouds.

She seems to come from everywhere

Welcome to the dragons lair

Fingers running through your hair

She asks you out to play…

Sakura silently thanks Naruto, as she pulls off his Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, with the precision of a surgeon. It's not long after that her enemy goes down… Looking over she sees Ten-Ten using a Kunai and chain to take out her own.

Ten-ten uses the Dragons teeth jutsu to tear her opponent apart. Laughing as she does this, thrilling in the pain and revenge on all the men who have hurt her and her friends.

In all of nature's sorcery

The most bewitching entity

Hell can have no fury

Like the rising of the storm…

Ino appears in her full glory, distracting her own ninja, just enough to use Mind Body Switch Technique. It is then that she learns of the groups plans to attack any stray ninja's from Leaf and to find its weakness once more for a new threat. An S-Level criminal, named Orimungo, who has started collecting others to help him become more and more powerful. While searching the rogues' body, Ino finds an explosive scroll and sets it off. However, just before it goes, she switches back to her own body, to watch the fun, as the rogue tries to get rid of the explosive in his hand... BOOM

Follow the storm I've got to get out of here…

Follow the storm as you take to the sky…

Follow the storm now it's all so crystal clear,

Follow the storm as the storm begins to rise…

Knowing that their presence has been announced to all in the near area,

they break camp. They follow the storms' path into the Country of Sand.

Follow the storm I've got to get out of here…

Follow the storm as you take to the sky…

Follow the storm now it's all so crystal clear,

Follow the storm as the storm begins to rise…

It's not more than 4 minutes after the girls are gone that Leaf Anbu arrive to asses the area.

The Crow calls out, "I have one rogue Ninja here. Looks like Ino got to him. He ain't gonna tell us anything."

The Wolf finds another. "Hey guys, I have one too. Looks like, this ninja got pounded by over 100 fists. Heavy ones too, bet ya'll this is the work of Sakura."

The Cat looks up at a tree. "If that's Sakura's kill, than this one is Ten-Ten's. Cause I ain't seen this jutsu in ages. The Dragons-teeth wow. She pulled it off, her mother will be so proud of her."

It is the plain mask that is looking at another body. "Um, sir, then who did this one?"

The Wolf walks over to the youngest member on the team. "From look of it, this is a Hyuga move. Though, I did not know that a Hyuga was with them. However, I know this is the family secret move, passed only onto blood. SHIT that means Hinata did this, because we all saw Neji in the hospital."

The Crow comes over with a 'Bingo book', newest ed. Looking at all four now dead Rogue Ninja's he whistles low. "Dam, Boss, we have a bigger problem than just this. These guys were all Level A ninja's on their own. We or someone has to let Tsunade know whats going on here."

The Wolf looks over the 'book', sighing and looks towards the newest member. "Do your thing, Sai. Draw these dead men and…Wait whats this?"

Wolf finds a scroll in a tree, seeing it's marked for Tsunade doesn't open it. "Sai, when you're done with that, take this and those pictures to the Hokage. Tsunade-sama will be greatly impressed."

"Why must I be the one to leave? When my skills are more adapt for following the girls?" Sai asks some what upset.

"You are just assigned to this squad and you will do as I say, until the day that you are appointed over me or transferred to another squad. I will not tolerate back talk from a kid who is half my age. Now go, Tsunade-sama will want to know whats happened to her favorites." The Wolf growls at Sai-plain mask.

Sai takes one last look at the others, as they follow the girls into Sand Country, before, heading back towards Leaf.

As the storm begins to rise…

At the gates of Konoha, Shizune waits for any news from the black-opts. Wondering why Tsunade dealt with the punishments the way she did.

"Making the boys give up things for a month. Tsunade that cruel…Especially for Naruto, no Raman…." Shizune shudders. "But for Kakashi to have no 'Icha Icha' or any contact with Jiraiya, dam that low."

There is a call from the towers of a black-opts single coming back at a fast speed. Looking for said Anbu, Shizune wonders what has happened.

Sai stops seeing that Shizune is waiting. "I have a message for the Hokage. And information of the mission." Shizune nods as both head towards the Main Tower. Its no time at all that Tsunade allows them to enter.

However, Shizune is surprised to see Gai and Genma both here talking and drinking with Tsunade-sama.

Gai speaks up at the silent questions asked.

"Our most young and beautiful Hokage-sama, asked us to keep her company until the storm blew over. However, we though it best to stay with her until you, Shizune returned. Now we will..."

Tsunade stands. "Is there any news on the new team? Are the girls alright in this storm?" A worried looking Hokage asks.

Gai and Genma look at each other before looking towards Shizune.

Sighing, she smacks Tsunade in the back of the head. "Good going Tsunade. Tell everyone that the girls left."

Sai not really knowing whats going on, hands over the scroll and the pictures he drew at the battle sight. While going over what his captain said and what the others in his squad had pointed out.

Tsunade opens the scroll, and laughs loudly. Relaxing finally she sips her Sake and smiles finally since the storm. "Good news, all around. Now for your questions Gai and Genma…"