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The Final Chapter

"Who is that?" the wiry brown apprentice hissed at Jake, who puffed out his fur and slid down to the ground.

"Rabbitpaw," Icepaw began, longing to jump on her foster brother and cover him with licks. "This is Jake. I found him in the Tribe of Rebel Kittypets." Tanfur inched forward to sniff the newcomer, his tail twitching in confusion. "He wishes to come and live with the clans."

Rabbitpaw growled and turned away, twitching his tail as he stalked back into the underbrush. Icepaw felt her heart drop as he walked away. She wished her brother would at least give her a heartfelt welcoming before ripping her to shreds with his words. She sighed, and Tanfur leaned against her comfortingly.

"Don't worry about him." he murmured, licking the top of her head. Icepaw felt joy flood through her body, despite Rabbitpaw's hostility before. "Come, lets go back to the clan." He stood and led Icepaw with him. The white she-cat beckoned for Jake to follow with her tail.

As they made their way back to the camp, Icepaw's feet began to tingle, and before she knew it, she was running. She heard Tanfur chuckle behind her, and tears of happiness filled her eyes. She shot through the bracken and into the clearing.

The clan cats stared at her in shock. Then, suddenly, Blackpaw jumped up and came running toward her.

"Icepaw!" he yowled, covering her with licks. Icepaw laughed, glad to be back with her friends and family. She noticed Palmheart approach her, her eyes wide with shock.

"Icepaw…" she murmured, her eyes alive with joy. "My daughter!" she nuzzled the white apprentice, and Icepaw felt the tears begin to spill over. "I can't believe you've come home!"

"I love you mommy!" Icepaw purred, rubbing her face against her foster mother's. "I promise I didn't leave because of any of you, I love all of you so much!"

The clan cats, by now had all crowded around the rejoicing apprentice, welcoming her back with licks and joyous words. Icepaw had never felt so happy in her whole life.

"Who is this?" the clan cats all turned there heads to their leader. Jadestar stood to the edge of the clearing, her eyes wide. "Icepaw?"

"Yes!" Icepaw cried. Jadestar sat down in shock. Suddenly, she sniffed the air and turned to where Jake was standing at the edge of the clearing, looking uncomfortable.

"An outsider!" she hissed, advancing on the poor kittypet.

"Wait!" Icepaw howled, running to stand beside her new friend. "This is Jake, he's from a tribe outside of the forest." She leaned against him to show their alliance. "He wanted to come back with me and join the clan."

Jadestar remained silent for a small time, but then she sighed.

"Alight." she agreed. "Hello Jake, I'm Jadestar, I lead this clan."

"It's an honor to meet you!" Jake replied cheerfully, obviously excited to be accepted. Jadestar chuckled.

"I think its well past your time for your warrior ceremony." she said, gazing at Icepaw.

"What?" Icepaw yowled. "Oh, yes!" She bounded to the base of the high rock, her heart pounding in her chest. Jadestar leapt to the top, smiling down at the apprentice.

"Today Icepaw has exhibited extreme bravery coming back here." she started. This was not the beginning of the regular naming ceremony. "And for that, she deserves her name." she was silent in thought for a moment. "Icepaw, your warrior name is…Icedream, because it was in our wildest dreams that you would ever return to us." she smiled, and Icedream was aware of her clanmates crying out her new name around her. Her chest swelled with pride, she now had a seriously awesome name!

Singling out her brother, she nodded to him and gestured towards the forest. He followed reluctantly.

When they were alone, she turned to face him, taking a deep breath.

"I don't know what this is all about." she started. "But whatever it is, if its cuz I'm not your real sister, or something, just know I still love you and you'll always be like a brother to me." Rabbitpaw was silent.

"Thank you Icedream." he looked up at her and smiled. "I was just worried that, well, you wouldn't be the same. The whole time you were gone, I worried and worried. I love you!" The two cats pressed their faces against each other, and stepped back.

"Rabbitpaw?" Tanfur had walked into the clearing without them noticing. "Could I have a word with Icedream please?" Rabbitpaw nodded, a knowing gleam entering his amber eyes as he left.

Tanfur sighed, sitting down in front of the white warrior.

"I don't know how to say this-" he started, but Icepaw came forward and pressed herself against his chest, nuzzling into his neck.

"Then you don't have to." she murmured, her eyes sliding shut. "I love you, Tanfur."

"Mmm." Tanfur replied, purring deeply. "I love you too, Icedream. When you were gone, I didn't know what I was going to do." The two cats stepped back from each other, staring into each other's eyes. Icedream smiled, and then came forward again to snuggle against her mate's chest.

The End

I finished it! I hope you liked the whole story guys, I had fun writing it. Don't you just love the name Icedream? Its so beautiful:D Well, that's the end, I'm not writing a sequel. I was going to but I just don't have time anymore. Ah well, you know what's going to happen anyway, just make something up. Bye guys! Keep in tune for my fanfics in the future!