Harry Potter couldn't believe what he just heard. He looked around the room to see that his closest friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley were just as shocked as he was. He looked back at Professor McGonagall, who had just told that Draco Malfoy is an Order of Phoenix member and that their beloved Headmaster knew that what was going to happen that night. She explained that the whole of Slytherin house was on the light side and that they were being forced to join Voldemort. He couldn't listen to anymore. He left and went to the pub he had found while he was in Diagon Alley. After a few hours and 10 glasses of fire whiskey, Harry stumbled into Pansy Parkinson.

"Potter watch where you're going," she looked at him and frowned, "You're drunk."

"10 points to the lady," Harry drawled, "Didn't take you to state the obvious Parkinson."

"Why? Why would the Golden Boy do something so unlike him?"

Harry stepped closer towards her, "There are many things you don't know about me Pansy, but would you like to find out?" He was right in front of her now; he looked in her eyes before closing the space between them. the next thing he knew, he woke ip with a throbbing headache. he then realized he wasn't in his room at 12 Grimmualed Place, that he was naked and that Pansy Parkinson was next to him. He groaned, what the hell happened last night? He stared at her. She started to stir, and then she finally opened her eyes.

"You want to tell me why were in bed together?"

"What do you think?" she lifted an eyebrow; she took the sheet and covered herself with it. Harry grabbed her pillow to cover his lower regions. She gathered her clothes and walked into another room. Harry quickly got up and quickly put his clothes on. When she walked back in, he was getting his shoes on. He looked dup at her.

"Parkinson you can't tell anyone about what happened."

"Don't you think I know that? I slept with the person I'm supposed to hate! If the Dark Lord found out that his whore slept with his enemy, he'll kill me! He's already questioning my loyalties," she fell to her knees sobbing quietly. Not knowing what to do, he got up and held her in his arms.

"Where do your loyalties lay?" He asked softly. She looked up at him.

"Isn't it obvious? I was sober last night," she closed her eyes briefly, "I don't know if you know but all the Slytherins are on your side. Actually, I was the first order member before all of them. "

"Yes, I know which side you guys are on. I found out last night. I was just makiD

So they went their separate ways not knowing that their live just changed.