WARNING: Extreme levels of randomness.

The Forbidden Game 1: The Hunter

"Oh no! I haven't brought my boyfriend a birthday present even though I am supposedly head over heals in love with him! I'd better go into this suspicious looking More Games store to get him something!" Jenny trollops off into the More Games store and begins to look around.

'Man that guy is fit!' Jenny says to herself as she gives the blue eyed white blond haired and very good looking shop keeper the eye in a way which obviously does not contradict her supposed love of her boyfriend Tom.

"Hello person who I do not know and have most definitely never stalked since they were very young." The shop keeper guy coughed innocently at this point. "Why not buy this board game? I'm willing to sell it to you for $20….(under breath in a menacing way) and your soul"

"What was that?" Jenny hadn't quite heard that last part.

"Oh nothing. Definitely nothing at all vaguely threatening. Now if'll you'll excuse me…" And with that the mysterious, yet strangely alluring, shop keeper disappeared from sight, going off into a back room.

For apparently no reason, the scene quickly changed and Jenny found herself in a large room of what could only be a very creepy haunted house type mansion. There, standing in front of her was the guy from the More Games store.

"Why are we here? Who are you? And what am I doing here?" Jenny glared at him suspiciously, once again ogling at his general good-lookingness

"Firstly, we are here because the Julian obsessed author of this piece, when reading the Forbidden game series, always skipped to the bits with yours truly in. Also, I fancy the pants off you and naturally the only way to a girls heart is to kidnap her and all her friends then put them through all their worst nightmares." The looks in his eyes was hunger, kind of like the look of a person who hasn't eaten in a while and has a rumbling tummy.

"Sounds logical enough." Jenny replied, making a mental note that all shop keepers are most likely crazy.

"In answer to your second question, why not call me Julian?" He sauntered up to her in an apparently casual way but Jenny couldn't shake the feeling he seemed to be predator sizing up his prey.

"Is that your name?" She asked him, warily.

"Not really, but it will do." The person not called Julian replied.

"Is your real name Clarence?" She quieried him, now intrigued.

"No. Just call me Julian."

"How about Bruce?"

"No. I already told you. Call me Julian." The was a definite angry edge to his voice now.


"No. Stop asking me what my name is." He spoke through gritted teeth.

"I know. It's Dwayne isn't it?"

Julian sighs in defeat.

"Yes it Dwayne. How did you know? But everyone calls me Julian for short." The sarcasm in his voice went completely unnoticed.

"BOO YAH!" Jenny yelled and punched the air before continuing arrogantly. "I knew I'd get it in the end. Anyhow Dwayne, why am I here?"

"To play the ultimate came off…." Julian paused for dramatic effect. "ROCK PAPER SCISSORS! If you win, you and your cronies gain your freedom but if I win you'll stay here forever. MOH HAH HAH HAAAA!"

"No, anything but rock paper scissors!" Tom whined like a girl. The reason he hadn't spoken previously is because him and the rest of the gang had been going to the restroom. What can I say? When you have to go, you have to go.

"I'll accept your challenge." Jenny, being an arrogant git, naturally thought she could easily win rock paper scissors.

"One…two…three!" Jenny and Julian said together at the same time.

Julian, because rock always wins, beat Jenny who had done scissors.

"Pah! You fool. Everyone knows rock always wins." Julian chuckled in triumph whilst Tommy Poo and the rest of the kiddies yelled "NOOOOO!" and shuck their fists at the ingenius Julian and his infallible plan.

Unfortunately for Julian, Jenny had a cunning plan.

"Hey, to celebrate, why don't we make out in the closet over there?" Jenny smirked to herself at her own geniusness whilst Tom curled up in a ball and began to cry.

"Why not? It's not like I've not anything better to do." Foolishly, Julian went off into the closet and Jenny slammed the door behind him yelling "Never-open-sesame!", sealing the door shut.

"Woo! We beat the bad guy. Let's go get pizza!"

And so, Jenny, Tom, Audrey, Dee, Michael and Zach all heading off to the local Shadow World Pizza place (unfortunately, Summer was left behind in the Haunted House because no one could be bothered to look for her) meaning nearly everyone lived happily ever after.

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