Warning: Mary Lynette has a personality change… as do many other characters. Also, I have lost this book so I don't know what actually happens at all. Oh well! Also involves a lot a character bashing. A LOT. And naturally randomness galore.

Nightworld: Book 2, Daughter Of Darkness

Mary Lynette was doing her usual Peeping Tom act of staring into other peoples houses, or what she claims is "star gazing", when she noticed several dark figures moseying around in Mrs. Opal Burdocks back yard. Naturally, Mary Lynette presumed that a punch of Goat Collecting Ninjas had attacked Mrs. Burdock and were now burying her in the back yard.

Dragging her younger brother along with her, Mary Lynette headed off to investigate. Which is obviously a really good idea. I mean, why not to off to investigate a house without telling anyone where the murders are very still likely to be?

"Alright! Nobody move." Mary Lynette bellowed after knocking very politely and enquiring if anyone was home. "I have a gun!"

"No you don't." Kestral pointed out. "That's just your finger in your jacket pocket that you are pointing at me."

"Damn it! I've been foiled again. You Sneaky Mrs. Burdock murders!" Mary Lynette shook her fist angrily in slow motion (because it adds dramatic effect) at them. "And I would have gotten away with it to if it hadn't been for your meddling observation skills."

"Dude, what are you going on about?" Jade gazed at Mary Lynette with wide, but admittedly stupid, eyes. "We didn't kill her. The million of tiny wooden stakes in her did."

"Look whatever, ok? GWASH!" Mary Lynette glared at Mary Lynette grumpily. "Come Mark lets go. My favourite wrestling programme is on. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE STOP OOGLING AT THE GIRL!"

Reluctantly, Mark was dragged away from his beloved Jade by Mary Lynette.

The next day, Mary Lynette had just been stealing candy of the next door neighbour's baby when she entered her house to find her step-mother Claudine talking to a good looking guy. He had a handsome smile, clean cut features and longish ash blond hair. So logically Mary Lynette's first thoughts were to try and beat him up.

"Hey! Person. Get out of my house. Pronto." Mary Lynette rolled up her sleeve, readying herself for a fight, as she advanced upon him.

"Meh! I could take you. I am THE ASH REDFERN you know. I eat vermin like you for breakfast. Literally." His eyes were a golden hazel, brimming with amusement.

"FIGHT! FIGHT FIGHT!" Claudine began yelling from the sidelines whilst shaking some cheerleader pompoms and chanting. "Mary, Mary she's our girl. She'll beat him and make him hurl!"

"You're going down pretty boy." Mary Lynette began mentally preparing herself for battle. "I think I better warn you I am a Master of Unagi."

"You mean you have mastered the state of being prepared for an attack you don't even know is coming?" His blue-violet eyes showed a mocking respect.

"No. I mean I am really good at making sushi." Pulling out a handy nearby chef's hat, Mary Lynette was fully prepared for battle.

"Look, I really don't have time to deal with this." His eyes were now amber with an annoyance.

"Then how about you deal with my fist in your FACE!" Mary Lynette bellowed as she leapt forward and dealt him an elbow smash, followed by an inverted facelock elbow drop and then a tiger feint kick to the head. Clearly all those years watching wrestling programmes and having to beat up people who disliked her spying on them with her telescope had paid off because Ash was soon rolling about on the floor crying like a baby holding his face and moaning "My face! My beautiful, beautiful face. Life just isn't worth living if I can't be beautiful!"

"HEY! Don't beat him up! We haven't yet discovered the secret of his ever changing coloured eyes!" Rowan and Kestrel yelled as they burst into the room. An upper cut and a throat thrust soon shut them up.

"Don't hurt my sisters! They owe me money." Jade pleaded, as she barged into her house. Her cries were cut short by Mary Lynette who dealt her a devastating head butt to her stomach, causing her to pass out.

"Don't hurt her! I wanted to ask her were she brought her shampoo to take her hair so shiny and white blond!" Mark similarly was knocked down after a series of Mongolian chops to the side of his neck.

"Leave Mark alone! He hasn't finished doing the dishes yet!" But before Claudine could protest further Mary Lynette dealt her a Rolling Wheel Kick, causing her to fall to the ground.

"Hey there Mary Lyn." Jeremy Lovett strolled into the house but stopped when he saw the carnage surrounding Mary Lynette. "Err…I'll come back later."

And with that everyone lived happily beaten up after. Except Jeremy, who ran off and joined a "I Like Killing Goats And Old Women" society, and Mary Lynette (who never was successfully beaten up) who became a Pro Wrestler known as Scary Mary.

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