A.N. Hey guys! It's me again! Sorry I haven't updated in a while. Exams are drowning me! Anyways here is my new chapter; in this chapter my OC steps in and so does some of my friend's OC. Kyana has long hair down to her waist that is always in a ponytail. Kyan means "tomboy" and Tegowai means tough. She is a tomboy that never cries since her mom died and she's always been tough. She is way into sports like Tenten. Nayana means… well I don't know what it means but Kyousou means soft as in she is very, how do I but this, feminine and fragile. Her hair goes down to mid-back. I don't feel like describing the boys. You can go to to find out what the boys names mean. The links for their pictures are here! Kyana: I do NOT own Naruto, because if I did I probably wouldn't be wasting my time here!

"Woah Woah Woah, calm down you guys, no reason to fight. And you asshole, (pointedly at Neji) who the hell do you think you are? You are going to fucking beat up a girl! Asshole!" A girl intervened.

"C'mon Kyana! Why'd you have to stop the fight?" "Shut-up Tansei, nobody asked you to talk! You know the asshole over there was gonna get his ass kicked!"

"Tch, that hottie over there was bound to get hurt" "Yeah, yeah, yeah, please save you're flirting for another time, kay?

"Could y'all please stop fighting? It's driving everyone freakin' crazy!"

Kyana was already cracking her knuckles. "Nayana if you don't hold me back I will hurt him so bad…!"

Tenten decided to interefere. "Who are you guys?"

Nayana smiled in relief. Suddenly a very hot boy appeared behind her (Tansei was really hot too). "Weeell, This here is Tegowai Kyana (Kyana smiled and said hi), Here is the idiot Kiza Tansei (he was biting his nails until Kyana hit him on the head, he said hi then) here is Kaiki Dashi (he mumbled hi) and I'm Kyousou Nayana!"

"Okay… where are you guys from, are you new?"

"Whoa slow down there partner! Yes we are new and we just came from Tokyo." Oh, well that's cool!"

"ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT! SOP THE CHIT-CHAT!" Kurenai looked ruffled. Her hair was a mess, her lipstick smudged and her clothes were half zipped up.

"It is obvious she lost her youth!" Lee (sort of) whispered.


Tenten, Sakura and Hinata decided to sit with the new girls. The boys sat with Neji Sasuke and Naruto. Ino and her groupies sat with Shikamaru.

Tenten found this new outspoken (loud) tomboy was a lot like her. Well a little bit more tomboyish. It seems her father was feeling generous and gave more chromosomes than her mom.

Sakura found that this Nayana girl was a great debater but when it came to survival of the fittest that girl was dead meat. She found a new shopping partner in her.

Hinata found a new friend in both Kyana and Nayana. She thought they both were very nice. She knew that Kyana was not afraid to speak her mind and would probably fight a teacher if it came to it. She found that Nayana was kind of a spastic and that she should not get on her bad side.