20 years back

When the Volturi found me I was only 16 years old with no life at all. My mom was getting married to some guy I hardly even knew and I never saw my father enough to allow him to get the chance to ever know me.

One time, in the early morning, I woke up feeling uneasy. I could feel someone staring at me through the window in my room and it sent icy shivers up and down my back. I went over to my window to try and see a face but I couldn't see anything abnormal.

This was the first time I had an uneasy feeling like that, but it certainly was not the last. The uneasy feeling never seemed to subside after that night but constantly made itself known while I would drive home from school and make my way to work.

I used to think it was the worst feeling ever but I could never have been more wrong. One day a nice looking man, Aro, came up to me while I was at work. He asked me questions about different things and seemed genuinely kind and caring so when he asked me to help bring the items he needed for his camping trip to his car, I couldn't say no.

After that things happened so fast. The only things I can remember about my human life are a blur and don't make any sense at all. When the burning sensation finally came to a complete stop I could here Aro's voice singing to me asking me how I felt. Reluctantly I opened my eyes to see me in a place I did not know. I felt awkward and different not fully grasping why my clothes where no longer fitting to my form.

My skin had become paler but still held some color; my hair was much longer with beautiful waves that had golden highlights running through them. I subtly got up trying to find a mirror to see what had happened.

The room was seemed to be fairly small, joining to a separate living room. A hotel room perhaps? On the far left side of the bedroom I saw a mirror. I walked gracefully over to it and was shocked at my reflection. The girl I was once knew was not the girl I was looking at but someone unnaturally breath taking and unreal.

My hair was a gorgeous dark brown with random rays of sunlight streaking through it and my eyes a striking light blue. I had become taller, skinnier, and my curves had become rounder. My lips had become fuller and my face was perfect. My mouth hung open and all I could do was gawk and stare at this person. Suddenly, I could see Aro standing behind silently watching me with sharp eyes.

He smiled slightly when my eyes met his and all he said was "I think I need to explain a few things to you". After that my life was never the same.

He told me I was a vampire and when I laughed in his face I heard a voice that was foreign to me and it took me a while to realize it was mine. He told me he was going to take me to Italy and when I asked why, he told me it was because I was special, amazingly unique.

While on the plane he informed me on why he chose me and why he made me into a vampire. There had been a store full of customers but out of everyone he had chosen me. It didn't make any sense at all to me but to him it had made all the sense in the world. My body was unique. None of the Volturi's powers could work on me. They had tried over and over again testing their different powers on me during the night, while I was at school, and when I would work because surely I would have to fall for someone, but I did not. When I asked him what his power was he told me that he could read what ever he wanted to read in someone's mind, but only if he was touching them.

"So tell me what I'm thinking"

When I held out my hand he took it cautisiouly, as if I was diseased and then tried to hear my thoughts after a few seconds he looked at me warily saying "I can not hear a thing"

With that, I smiled.

He told me that the Volturi had been watching me for a while, trying to decide whether or not to change me. They decided I would be changed and now I was to live with them.


By now I had found my place in the Volturi, which was second place. I was not ahead or Aro, Marcus, or Caius but I was directly beneath them, which meant above everyone else. I was the strongest of everyone, even them. I learned my power within just a few days of being changed. I was most human, most dangerous. If I walked into the sun, I do not glitter like a bunch of diamonds; I could chose to eat human food instead of dine on the next human that crossed my path and I even had the power to sleep.

Although those powers had all seemed miraculous to Aro, I did a great job in stunning him again. I was the fastest, I was the strongest, I was the smartest, and I was the most cunning. I was the perfect vampire. Not only were my powers my weakest point, but they where also my strongest. My ability to seem human to other vampires and other creatures made me seem vulnerable and an easy target; however, I was the most dangerous and most lethal object in the world, especially when my senses became heightened to the fullest potential.

I usually never worked in Italy with the Volturi, it was too boring, and there was nothing to do. Instead, I worked in many places. I traveled the world going anywhere I knew I would find vampires. I reported to the Volturi about everything I saw and came across. Almost every vampire alive had a file in Italy with descriptions about them and it was my job to add onto it. I went around behaving like the average human, watching them with their every move. I knew everything.

Then randomly, Aro asked me to visit a random place called Forks. Since I had nothing else to do I agreed without much emotion. I had to check up on a group of vampires that the Volturi didn't exactly care for. The Cullens' where a group of non-average vampires that I had yet to meet. I was asked to attended the high school at which they were attending to and get as close to the Cullen's as I possibly could.

This was going to be the easiest thing in my life.