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I snapped the phone shut. My temper flared like a wild fire raging out of control. I felt Jasper trying to calm me down and I sent him a stern glare. Immediately he stopped and stared at me confused. The whole family was silent, waiting for me to give them the news on what had happened over the phone. I looked into each and every one of their faces, saving Edward's for last, knowing that once I looked into his eyes, I would tell them everything.

His eyes were soft and pleading. He knew what had happened over the phone had upset me greatly and he was afraid that I would leave, which is exactly what I was planning on doing.

"Jane knows I killed Felix. She doesn't know where I am right now at this moment but I know exactly where she is and I want to kill her. She is definitely communicating to Aro and the others right now. The Volturi will be at your house in Forks by tomorrow night."

My eyes locked with Edwards during my whole announcement, watching as the emotions played across his face. When I was finished, I knew the look in his eyes. He wasn't about to let me go back to Forks. He would come and I knew it. He wouldn't just let me finish her off and do what I pleased when the Volturi arrived. It was a stupid decision to make.

I was practically the definition of indestructible. Any little tests the Volturi had put me through, even when it was against more than 10 vampires, I had always won. That's why I had taken Jane's spot in the Volturi. My statistics were 350 better than hers. She had always tried to fight back and regain her position but her attempts were nothing more than amusing. If Edward would come, he would make me weaker because I would have to worry about keeping him safe, and I wouldn't be focusing. He needed to stay here along with the rest of his family.

"Bella, I don't want you to go there. They don't know where we are. They won't be able to find us."

Alice's voice was nothing more than an extremely low whisper. Her eyes were sad and filled with grief. My eyes barely looked at her though. I couldn't give into her. I couldn't give into anyone. They had never had anyone like the Volturi pursue them before, especially when they had something that the Volturi so desperately wanted. They would, without a doubt, find them and either kill me or take me away.

"I have to."

I noticed how my hand shook slightly at my side and how Edward took my hand in his noticing it as well. I sat in his lap, realizing that I was still standing and leaned into Edwards embrace. I didn't know if this relationship could last any longer and I wanted to enjoy every touch for as long as I could.

"Okay, Bella. Then I'm coming with you. I'm not about to let you go out there all by yourself. I want to have some fun too. You're not just going to get away by telling me stories about all the fights once you get back. I want to have a part too!"

Emmett sounded like he was a whining two year old and I glared at him. He smiled childishly and walked over to where I sat with Edward and sat beside the two of us.

"I can't let the newest addition to our family outshine me. It just wouldn't be right, Bella."

I laughed for a brief moment.

"I already have, Emmett."

Jasper laughed at that and received a pillow in the face from Emmett who glared at me with pure playful disgust. Edward was still holding on to me like I was his life line but he seemed to be more at ease right now as he chuckled quietly at our playful banter.

"Well, if Emmett gets to go, I do too!"

Alice smiled devilishly as she looked at Emmett.

"No! Alice, you get to do everything with Bella and I get to do nothing on my own. What happened to some Emmett to Bella bonding time? There is plenty of Alice to Bella bonding time but I have never had time with her. That's not fair!"

I smacked Emmett over the head, playfully, but with a stern force and I received a growl from Emmett which I gladly returned.

"First of all, Emmett, I never said that you were going to come with me, I just though it was fun to hear you talk. Secondly, no one is going to come with me!"

Edward's voice cut in as soon I spoke my second case and almost made me jump right out of his lap as his eyes looked at me directly when he spoke.

"Lastly, you're not going anywhere so there is nothing to worry about. We can all just settle down and wait until Alice sees something."

My eyes hardened when they met Edward's.

"You know I can't wait. I'm part of your family now and I have to do what ever I can to protect you all from disgusting things like the Volturi! I am not going to let them harm anyone. I have to leave and do this myself. You guys will just become a weakness if you come with me."

Edward growled but Carlisle shook his head in agreement.

"You are Aro's favorite are you not?"

I looked at Carlisle suspiciously but nodded in agreement.

"Then I do not believe he will let Jane harm you. You need to go alone. We will become a nuisance if we come along with you. What do you plan on doing?"

I smiled, my lips curling over my teeth.

"I thought so."

Emmett jumped up off the couch and paced back and forth.

"How is there no way that we can help. I have to be able to do something! What if Bella gets hurt? Who is going to help her?"

"Who is going to hurt me, Emmett? You can not really think the Volturi can harm me!"

"They might still have control over you! You still have trouble with that. You always will! You know that!"

I sighed in frustration. Emmett was right, for once. The Volturi had me around their fingers for so long. It was odd. I was indestructible and yet so gullible. How can both of these things coexist with one another in harmony, in one form? The only thing that the two can create together is havoc.

That was when I realized how alike Jane and I both were. We both were gullible and we were both very strong. The difference between the two of us, I was stronger. I was more powerful. I was more of a threat. That's why the Volturi took such good care of me. They knew that I could turn on them and if I did, the trouble I would cause them would be vast. That's why the Volturi trained me so much more than everyone else, to have a firmer hold on me.

"Bella, are you okay?"

Jasper was leaning forward waving his hand in front of my frozen face. I felt him calming the atmosphere but this time I allowed him too.

"I have to do this on my own."

I had said it in a barely audible whisper but once the words had escaped, all the talking in the room was silent.

Maybe it was the way my voice sounded, maybe it was the way I looked, or maybe it was just the fact that my mind was still lost in my thoughts and my eyes unreadable that the whole room couldn't find the words to object.

Slowly my head turned to Carlisle who only nodded toward me in an understanding manner. I rose, my eyes still glazed over because I hadn't fully recuperated from my last thought and took a few steps forward.


Edward sounded as if he was about to lose the only thing in life that mattered. I turned slowly and met his gaze. He beautiful eyes met mine with such concern and pleading that it almost snapped me out of my daze, but I loved him. I needed to protect him.

"If I don't leave, Edward, I may just become a threat to this family. Emmett's right. I have to learn how to go against everything the Volturi has done to me. If I don't come back it's because I can't do it and I am better of to you dead. If I come back, I'm not a threat to this family and I will never leave you again."

My voice was soft and pleading. I needed him to understand that I wasn't leaving for pure enjoyment. I really did need to do this. I loved him but I wouldn't stay if I was going to inflict upon him and his family unnecessary danger. This was my final test. This was the last test I would receive from the Volturi and I would make sure of that.


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