Aro had everything planned out before I even made it to Forks. I was going to be living with a man named Charlie. Apparently he was seeing if he wanted to adopt me or not. Aro told me he lost his only daughter two years ago. A year after that accident he had been making constant visits to an orphanage away from the little town. He received a phone call from the orphanage declaring that they where receiving a new girl, Isabella Swan, from Florida and they thought that she and him would make a great pair because she had lost her family in a car crash around the same time he lost his daughter. After a little persuasion, he agreed.

The Voltui had done their job, and now it was time to do mine. It was my job to convince Charlie that I could stay with him. In other words, I needed to convince him to not take me back to the orphanage.

Charlie had met me at the airport. I could smell how nervous he was before I even made it out of the plane. When I walked off the plane and though the few passengers that had been on the plane with me, it was easy to find Charlie.

He was standing near the back of the wall rocking back and forth from the top of his toes to his heels. I slowly made my way toward him being careful not to frighten him. I stopped in front of him, leaving a good four to five feet between us.

"Hi. My name is Bella Swan and I was wondering if you where Charlie?"

He stared at me for a long moment as if he had forgotten completely about why he was standing in the middle of the airport and then suddenly he smiled. He was careful to not touch me when he closed the distance between us and went to take the bag I had off of my shoulder.

He slowly led me through the small airport to the baggage claim, where I only had to grab a single bag. The car ride home was filled with tension and uneasiness. He was trying to become more comfortable around me by asking me questions about myself, trying to understand who I was, but it wasn't making the tension lesson.

He asked me simple questions about my favorite foods, places, and sports. His small talk was nice but didn't make him any less nervous and I began to wonder that Aro could have picked the wrong person for this job.

We finally stopped at a small, two-story house that Charlie called home. When he got out of the car he made his way over to my door and ungracefully opened it for me. I smiled light-heartedly and got out.

He then when into the back of the car and pulled out my two bags with somewhat of an effort and brought it up to the door. He pulled out his keys to unlock it and then held the door open for me allowing me to walk in. I walked in and started to look around a room that seemed to be the living room.

He started to carry my bags up the stairs and into what I assumed to be the guest bedroom. It was a nice clean room that would need a lot of girly touch up. If I was going to have to stay here for as long as I thought I would have to, this whole entire room was going to be remodeled because I was planning on spending most of my time in this tiny room.

He smiled at me and then gave me a tour of the small house. He occasionally made a really bad joke but I laughed at it non-the less. He seemed pleased by my efforts to make him feel comfortable.

He started to tell me about the new school I would be attending at tomorrow, telling me about how since this was a small town and all, everyone was excited I would be coming to school tomorrow. Everyone was looking forward to meeting me. I was told if I got up by 6:00 a.m. that I would have plenty of time to get ready for school and that for at least my first week at school, Charlie had decided he would drive me to school.

I had insisted in walking to school, it wasn't that far. I knew where the school was since we drove by it when I came from the airport but Charlie said that was out of the question for the time being.

It was 7:00 p.m. by now and I told Charlie that since tomorrow was going to be my first day at a new school, that I wanted to take a shower and go right to sleep. When he had offered to make me some dinner, I declined it kindly and said that I had eaten a large snack on the plane.

I made my way up the stairs and took a nice long shower allowing myself to think about the people I would meet the next day. I changed into my pajamas, told Charlie goodnight, and laid on top of my bed. I never went to sleep. I thought the whole entire night about the different things I would be able to tell Aro, Caius, and Marcus soon and the new people I would meet.

Before I knew it, my clock hit 6:00 a.m. and I jumped out of bed. I ran the brush quickly through my perfect hair and put an outfit on that made my eyes stand out even before my beauty and ran down stairs to see an eating Charlie.

I grabbed a cereal bar just for his sake and he quickly finished his food and ushered me into the car for my first day of school.

I had talked Charlie out of trying to take me into the office, insisting that the schools wasn't big enough for me to get lost in and if everyone was as nice as him, then I was sure that if I ever did need help, they would show me the way.

He shrugged in defeat and allowed me out of the car. As I shut the door closed I gave him a comforting smile and a wave goodbye.

It was a breath of fresh air to finally be left alone. It was going to be an adjustment for me because I was so used to doing everything alone and by myself, it felt so weird to have someone concerned about me who didn't even know me.

As I turned around toward the school, I made my way to a light beige building that had a sign hanging over one of the doors with the name "Office" written on it. I gracefully made my way over to the door noticing that everyone of the students and teachers that where walking around the school stop and stare.

I opened the office door and felt a burst of warm air fly my hair back out of my face and back behind my shoulders.

I saw a lady behind the front desk with snowy white hair busily working around doing something. I walked over casually.

"Hello, I'm Bella Swan and it's my first day of school here. I was wondering if you had my schedule?"

Her hands stopped working, her head snapped up, and her eyes immediately locked with mine. She wore a huge smile on her face and her eyes twinkled with that of an elated four year old.

" Oh my! Well I am Mrs. Cope! It is so good to meet you we have been waiting for you for a couple of days now!"

She quickly handed me some sheets of paper. One with my schedule, another a map of the school (as if I needed that), and more random sheets of paper that where probably completely irrelevant to me.

"Would you like me to bring you to your first class or would you like me to ask one of the students…"

"No, thank you. It's been a pleasure Mrs. Cope"

I smiled and hurriedly made my way out of the door. I still had fifteen minutes before the bell rang for the students to get to class. I felt the constant stares from everyone all over my body. I rarely ever felt uncomfortably but uncomfortable hardly described the way I felt right now. Antsy was more of a suitable word.

I started to head further into the school to make my way to my first hour teacher but some stupid looking kid jumped in front of me out of the blue. Normally, humans tend to shy away from vampires, but I was more human than anything so I never really bothered them.

"Hi, I'm Mike Newton! You must be Isabella Swan."

I had to resist the urge to walk right over the annoying kid so I put a cheery mask on instead.

"Hey Mike I'm Bella."

"Do you want me to walk with you to your first hour class?"

I looked at my paper for a minute trying to decide if I really wanted to spend any more time with this kid than I had already.

" No thanks I think I have it."

I smiled warmly and pushed by him feeling him glare into my back. I kept smiling as I walked until I sensed something. It wasn't the stare from one of the students or a teacher watching me as I passed by, but it was something. I slowed my walk and turned my head slightly to my right allowing my eyes to flicker to the things watching me.

They were gorgeous, yes, but they could hardly compare to me. The blonde girl seemed to be glaring madly at me, which made a full-blown smile appear onto my face. A beautiful girl with short black hair stood next to her with curios eyes and so did the rest of the group. There were three more people in the group, all of them male. The first one I noticed was massive in size, the second much skinnier than the first one with blonde hair and a soft face. The last one I saw had his hair in beautiful disarray and was glaring at me curiously. Our eyes locked for an unnerving amount of time.

I broke the eye contact and walked into my classroom and took a seat in the back after introducing myself to the teacher and finding out where the only open seat in the room was. The bell rang and kids starting pouring slowly into the classroom.

The first three classes passed by uneventfully and I had very short conversations with some kids who already considered me to be their friends because they had the nerve to start a conversation with me. At lunch I sat next to a girl named Jessica who seemed to have to let everyone see her with me. She was talking about something I really didn't care to know about so I started looking around the room trying to find something interesting going on.

A few tables away I saw them sitting together, all five of them. I was staring at the one I had the staring contest with earlier. Suddenly his head snapped towards me and his eyes glued to mine again.

"He's gorgeous isn't he?"

The only thing I could do was raise my eyebrows because I couldn't stop staring.

"Umm…he's okay. What's his name?"

"Edward Cullen. He's the only free one right now. The rest are all taken but he never dates anyway. Jasper, the blonde one, and Alice, the one with black hair are both going out. Rosalie and Emmett are both going out as well. It sounds weird at first because they all live togethor but it's also because they are adopted."


Finally I broke my eye contact with him to continue to let her talk about irrelevant things while I watched the clock with mild interest waiting for lunch to end. Once the bell rang I quickly ran from Jessica to get to my next class, Biology. Everyone had already made it into class and when I walked in, I found the boy Jessica told me was Edward Cullen.

The teacher looked over at me and told me to take a seat next to him and we both looked unsettled. As I walked to take my seat the wind from the air conditioning hit me as I walked underneath the vent and his eyes turned pitch black and his hands clenched underneath his desk as if I was going to be the death of him.

I smiled widely at him now. I knew exactly what was bothering him, the smell of my blood. Although I was a vampire, my power became unbelievably helpful. Although I had no heart beat, I still had the same scent I had when I was alive. I took my seat next to him as he scooted his over to the farthest side of the desk.

"Hi, I'm Bella."

He barely even made his head turn 45 degrees in my direction to acknowledge me. This was going to be both interesting and fun!

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