As it turns out, crime doesn't pay. Gannondorf's budget is running low so he must get a job at the new Hylian mall where he is harassed by our favorite characters from Ocarina of Time.
Gannondorf was relaxing in his castle, trying to think of ways to defeat Link. He was sitting in his favorite teal recliner and enjoying his strawberry yogurt when one of his servants rushed through the door, "Sir! SIR!" He stopped right in front of Ganon and bent over in order to catch his breath, "Gasp...gasp...gasp..."

"This had better be important..."

The servant nodded, "It is sir. Your castle..."

"What about MY castle?"

The servant cringed, "Sir, may I remind you of the old saying, 'don't shoot the messenger'?"

Ganon threw down his yogert cup in frustration, "I'VE never heard THAT before!"

The servant gulped, "Well... some men... in suits... they work for the King..."

"Yes? Spit it out already!"

The servant took a deep breth and blurted it all out at once, "They've come to reposess your castle!"


"They said you haven't been making the nessessary payments..."

Ganondorf growled, "Where is the servant in charge of my finances?"

"I-I-I'll go fetch him right away!"

"Fine. You do that. And tell him to bring me another strawberry yogurt cup."

The servant soluted, "Yes SIR!" Glad to be out of the Gerudo's pressence, the servant went to go fetch another scapegoat...