Chapter 2: Room for Two

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: Teen

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Bleach on the Beach

Chapter 2: Room for Two

"Hey guys! Over here!" Momo shouted at them, with Ukitake looking at a map and Hitsugaya looking unaffected on what was happening around him.

All of them followed Momo towards a certain house. I mean more like a mansion.

"So I guess this is the house." Ukitake said, sighing in relief of finally finding their sort of rest house. "Wow this is really big for all of us! Kuchiki! Hey! Where in the hell is Kuchiki-Taichou?!"

"He's here, taichou!" Kiyone said. Ukitake looked around and saw Byakuya approaching him.

"So is this the house?" he asked him.

"Yes. Aren't you going in?" Byakuya asked. "Here." He handed Ukitake the house key. And he left. (I don't know where but I guess he'll be looking for girls! UnByakuya-ish, really. Stop really. He's mine)

Ok back to the story…

"I think there is going to be a lot of things that is going to happen here." Ikkaku predicted while looking at the house.

"So now you are a psychic." Yumichika said. " I guess there really is."

"I want to find out about this." He said and left. Yumichika sighed when suddenly Yachiru jumped on his back.

"YUMI-KUN! Come on! Stop staring like that! Let's go swimming!" she shouted.



Inside the house…

Ukitake was there and handing out keys to the people. They are assigned to their roommates.

"Kuchiki-taichou and Abarai-kun!" he said and handing Renji a key.

"Thank you, Ukitake-taichou."

"So that's it!" Ukitake said. "The room can only hold two people ok?!" he shouted at the group.

"Hai!" they all said.

"Now go and enjoy your days here." He said finally. "Now I sound like a tour guide. I hate this." He whispered. Suddenly he noticed something.

"A key?" he asked as he looked at it. "Did I forget someone?"

"My sister and that Kurosaki, remember?" Byakuya said calmly at his back.

Ukitake looked at him and said, "It's not my business but are you up to something good? Or bad?"

"It's not your business, Ukitake." Byakuya replied. "Just give them that-"

All of a sudden, somebody recklessly blasted the door like hell. It was Ichigo. Not just Ichigo. Ichigo and Rukia. Ichigo and Rukia slung on his shoulder.

"LET GO OF ME, YOU IDIOT!" Rukia bellowed, struggling off his hold.

"Not until you calm down, midget!" Ichigo shouted back.

"Calm down?! Oh! I am calm down! See?!" Rukia snapped angrily. Then she saw Byakuya. "Nii-sama! Help! Please!"

Byakuya rolled his eyes. He doesn't want to get in between the moment of their lovers quarrel.

"Kurosaki. Let go of my sister." Byakuya ordered.

"Oh yeah sure." Ichigo replied and carelessly letting Rukia off his shoulder and landing on her bottom.

"Way to go, you idiot!" Rukia said and yanked his hair.

"Ow!" Ichigo moaned in pain. "Stop that!"

"Will you both shut up!" Ukitake shouted. "Here take it or I swear I'm going to strangle both of you!" handing them the key.

Ichigo and Rukia went quiet. "What's this?" Rukia asked as she took the key.

"Key to your room." Ukitake said. "You and Ichigo's room."

"Oh okay." Rukia said calmly. "Wait! Me and Ichigo's room?!"

"No way! I am not going to sleep with this girl!" Ichigo said, completely annoyed now.

"Sorry no can do." Byakuya interrupted Ukitake. "You have nothing to do except you have to sleep with her. Ok I'm off. See you all."

When he was leaving, he passed Ichigo and whispered, "You are so lucky, Kurosaki. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't be where you are now. You'll thank me later." And he left.

"Thank him? For what?" Ichigo thought.

Little didn't he know that Ichigo was falling in Byakuya's plans.

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