You can't see your way out of your dark little hole,

You did not dig it yourself, nor did you see it as you fell…

But then in your pain and your misery,

You clawed down,

Further into the darkness…

Your purpose was lost and your family was torn.

But now you must see you have family left,

Do not bind your spirits and dreams,

Fight on,

For those who still love you,

If not for yourself.

Alright, this is dedicated to my best friend, Fullmetal Fangrl.

She's going through some really tough family problems right now and she's been depressed

and it's starting to take it's toll on her.

So, no flames please, I am really just writing this for her.

This is just basically about Edward Elric and how he always gets back up when he's down to help

his family/close friends even if he doesn't care as much about himself.

Their BROTHERLY love is the sweetest, most admirable things I've ever seen and helped

make me fall in love with the Elric brothers.