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Gohan flew as fast as he could towards where he sensed his father's ki. He could feel it coming towards him, without his mother's ki, meaning he had dropped her in a safe place and decided to come to his son rescue. Gohan's vision swam slightly as he blinked away his dizziness. He hadn't been able to sleep well for the past few days. With his mother's injury, his parents' awkward behaviors and training with Piccolo, he was exhausted. If only he could close his eyes for a few seconds...

'No. These people are following me and dad's counting on me to reach him. I won't let him down.'

Gohan summoned up another burst of energy so that he could reach his father before the full blooded Saiyan realized the falter in his son's actions. He knew that his father was already worried about wherever it was that he hid his mother, and he knew that Goku would already know that SOMETHING was wrong... considering his son was running to him to deal with his problems. Gohan winced. He felt bad for doing this, but he knew when exhaustion would overcome one's abilities and therefore make his fight pointless. At least with his dad he stood a chance. Plus, it's not like his very presence didn't comfort Gohan. He was his father...

Gohan felt elation creep up his spine when he saw the dot that was rapidly growing to be his father, already powered up, and ready to fight. Gohan stopped where he was, turning to face his enemies as his father stopped beside him. The alien men slowed down, their cockiness not believe this to be a threat, but a feeling in their guts wrenched in fear as Goku looked all of them in the eyes, one by one, seemingly scanning for a threat, before smiling a deadly smile that made their gut fear wrench harder.

"Come on dad," Gohan said to his father as he felt energy returning to him from his father's presence. "Let's teach these losers a lesson."

Skylor flew slowly as he admired his prize. She was gorgeous as ever. Her weight seemed to be next to nothing in his arms, and he briefly wondered when her eyes would awaken so he could try the initiation again. He didn't know what happened the first time he tried it, it seemed like she was resisting, but another, stronger force was angrily repelling him away. No matter, he would try again when she woke up.

If she woke up.

He didn't even know why she passed out in his arms. Were all earth women this easy to overcome? Sure he had tried a little bit of the Initiation right when he had her, but that was just because he figured the shock would allow him to complete it before whatever other force fought with him for dominance.

But all this could be remedied.

His first order of business was to go see how his men were faring with their run of the city, and alert them to his prize, banning their restrictions on what to destroy and allowing them to blow off some steam. It did get boring on the ship sometimes, and now that he had his woman, there was no reason for his men to be careful.

He smiled to himself. His men. They were strong, trustworthy, loyal, everything a captain/ prince could ask for. They would follow him to the ends of the galaxy if he so wanted, and he was very grateful. As he looked back down at the prize in his arms, he smiled to himself and decided, 'Yes, life is perfect.'

His musing was interrupted by the communicator he wore on his right wrist. He situated Chi Chi in the crook of his right arm, squeezing her tightly but not caring since she was not conscious. He lifted his left hand to his communicator and pressed the button, watching the little screen bleep on and looking at one of his best men and friends, Kyron, who currently had an extremely worried expression on his face.

"My lord," Kyron began. Ducking as rocks seemed to be hurled at him from some unknown source. He looked as if he were in a dark alleyway, hiding from... something.

"Kyron, what is it? What is going on over there?"

"Well, my lord, this young boy came to fight us then flew away. We followed him, because after having the gall to think he could measure to out strength, he ran like a coward. He ended up running into another man, who is very very strong my lord. Then a green Namekian came and all these other Earthlings, and now-"

Kyron ducked and turned as one of the soldiers came hurtling to the ground behind him, rocks erupting from the spot as if he was thrown into the ground so hard that bits of cement and rock were forced to move because of his body weight landing so mercilessly.

Kyron turned back to his communicator, but then looked up in fear as something came behind his screen and muttered in a gruff voice, "What are you hiding from?"

The screen went black, and Skylor stared at it for a second before becoming enraged. People from this doomed planet were retaliating? Against his men? This was not acceptable. Repositioning Chi Chi, he blasted off to his men's location, preparing himself for battle.

Goku punched another soldier, watching as his body went through the nearest destroyed building and hit whatever was behind it. Normally, he would be concerned about the damage they were doing, but since the aliens had already basically destroyed everything for the next few blocks, it was safe to say that it was ok to toy around a little.

He looked to his left to see his son chase after one soldier. Goku smiled in paternal pride. His son was growing to be quite a young man. Still, he had to keep his eye on him, he knew how tired he was. He could sense it in his ki. He watched as all of his friends beat the tar out of the aliens that dared to come and threaten Earth. Now, the aliens weren't easy, he thought as he watched Piccolo get thrown into a building. They just weren't... the most challenging fighters in the world. 'And,' Goku suspected. 'I think we're all kinda sluggish from it being so early in the morning.'

Goku checked to make sure Piccolo was alright as he emerged from the shattered wall. The enraged Namekian went charging after the alien who knocked him down, rearing his arms back and throwing a ki blast that blasted the man away.

Goku shook his head then looked to the hole that Piccolo had come out of.

'Man, that was Bulma and Chi Chi's favorite mall.'

At the thought of his wife, Goku scanned the area where he left her, just to ensure that she was alright. He let out a slight yell of frustration when he couldn't find her.

'My wife is the most stubborn woman in the world, I tell her to stay put for her own safety and she goes off somewhere, I just don't get her sometimes...'

His rambling mind had to be put on hold however, as he sensed a strong ki coming towards their location. "Guys," he called back quietly over his shoulder. The Z fighters, his lifelong friends, finished off the aliens they were toying with and came to float beside him, all adjourning determined looks on their faces as the felt out the power and saved their own for what they knew was going to come. They waited as the power came closer and closer, until suddenly it seemed to split into two separate powers and come towards them faster.

"Move!" Goku shouted as everyone flew out of its way...

Everyone, except Gohan.

Hovering partially behind his father to regain energy, Gohan was not fully focused on the approaching ki beam, and was therefore flung to the ground ruthlessly as it impacted into his chest.

"Gohan!" Goku cried as he went down after his son. Normally, he would not turn his back on an approaching enemy, but he knew how tired his son was, and he kept himself aware of the enemy's movements as he came to a stop in front of the Z fighters who had made a barrier for Gohan and his father.

Gohan looked up at Goku as he checked his body. "I'm alright dad, just give me about 10 minutes to rest down here and I'll be fine. I'm sorry, I'm just so tired..."

"Take as long as you need son. Just keep your power level down ok?"

Goku shot back up to his previous location, intent on not alerting the intruder to his son's presence right away and defeating the man that he guessed was the leader of the entire operation.

The man looked infuriated as he stared at the carnage that his men lay in. When he left, they were having no problems with this place, and now these inhabitants of this doomed planet decided to stick up for themselves? Against him and his men? How dare they.

"I'm guessing you are the ones that did this to my men."

Goku looked at Skylor with sheer determination in his eyes. Something did NOT feel right and he had a very bad feeling about this man. It wasn't so much the challenge, but he had a feeling that this man had a one up on him in some way.

"I'm guessing you're the one that sent that ki blast and have had your men prancing around this planet, messing with whatever they please!"

Goku was getting angry. This man had the nerve to be offensive of him even though his men came down to mess with his wife, kill and hurt many innocent people, and practically destroy downtown Satan City?

Skylor narrowed his eyes at Goku. "No have no idea who you're messing with, boy."

Goku raised an eyebrow at Skylor's terminology, but then realized that Skylor was hovering a little off balance. He had one hand in front of him protectively, and the other one was... behind his back? But why?

Vegeta noticed this as well, before calling out, "What are you hiding? Are you afraid to fight us with both your arms?"

Skylor almost showed a trace of fear in his face. He quickly recovered as he said, "Afraid of you, never. However, you will have to let me drop off my package to my ship first-"

Goku's eyes widened as Skylor pulled his arm from behind him, with a body draped over it.

"I don't care about you, but I don't want this Earthling to die."

Goku's heart sped up in his chest as he looked at the body. 'Oh no, he has someone!' Suddenly, his heart seemed to beat faster as he looked at the clothes the body wore. He couldn't see their head because of the angle they were laying in, but as his heart beat faster, the weak ki signal was echoed in his heart as he recognized just who it was this man held.

"Oh, Kami..."

'Chi Chi...'

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