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*Thump thump*

Goku looked in shock at the man holding his wife.

There is no way this could be happening, my luck can NOT be this bad. This is a bad dream, I'm at home asleep, and my wife is either in bed with me or making me breakfast. There is NO WAY she is in the hands of this madman.

As Goku looked at the man holding his wife, partially seeing his friends hover backwards slightly, knowing that they were there to help, but also knowing that they realized this had suddenly become his fight. Goku quickly did another size up of the man, slowly his features came into place in his memory.

"I remember you…" Goku growled. "You're the one who was tromping around Bulma's yard! You're the one that came after my wife by our house!"

Skylor growled, establishing a stare off with Goku. "Am I to assume that you are the one that knocked me unconscious?"

Goku gave a small half hearted smirk. As much fun as bantering before a fight was, he just wanted his wife back in his arms so he could take her home. "You could say that."

"So, is that the way of people on this planet? Knocking out others with their back turned? I'll be doing this planet an honor by destroying the cowards that filter it's land."

Goku was slightly taken aback. Out of all the things he's heard, he's never been called a coward before. Goku sheepishly put his hand behind his head and blushed. "Yeah, I guess that was pretty low of me, but Chi Chi was missing and I was desperate to find her so I decided to deal with you as quickly as possible, I guess."

Then Goku's face hardened as he put his arm back to his side, tensing as he balled his fists. "However, all these people that you may have hurt or killed were innocent, as was my wife when you attacked her by our home. I can never forgive you for that, and I suggest that you return her to me and leave this planet in peace, NOW."

Skylor raised an eyebrow, daring Goku to do more than threaten. "Your lack of forgiveness means nothing to me. And this woman… is mine now. I suggest you find something else to do with your life, because she is spending the rest of hers… with me."

Goku shook in anger. This man threatened to destroy Earth AND take his wife from him?

Uh uh.

This guy is going down.

Goku let his anger rise, and with it, his power as he let his ki run across his bones, through his muscles before spreading throughout his entire body. He felt the added strength that came with powering up to a Super Saiyan. Normally, he would revel in the flux of power, but as of this moment, he was too ticked to see beyond the man in front of him, holding his wife.

He barely registered Vegeta powering up on the other side of Krillan as he shot towards Skylor. He, however, failed to notice that Skylor's henchman had recuperated during this time. They threw themselves in front of him, protecting their master from harm. Goku growled low in his throat and began to fight his way to his goal, throwing a warrior behind him to join the others that had surrounded his friends.

The Z fighters sprang into action, fighting to watch Goku's back and their own. Gohan, seeing and hearing the entire situation and realizing that he was in danger of losing his mother, swallowed his tiredness and blinked back his dizziness before shooting up to punch a henchman in the jaw and throwing all he had into battle, staying close to his father and knocking another soldier into the ground. Although his sight was swimming before him, he was determined to fight until he passed out to save his mother.

Piccolo, keeping his eye on Gohan while taking care of the aliens that attacked him, caught something out of the corner of his vision. "Goku, he's getting away!"

Goku punched the guy he was currently fighting, knocking him unconscious before looking up to see the man that held his wife floating up towards his ship. "Oh no you don't!" Goku yelled as he shot in front of Skylor.

"Who's the coward now?" Goku yelled, effectively stopping the man from slinking away. Skylor growled, getting into the best defensive position that he could with Chi Chi's dead weight balanced over his arm. Without removing his eyes from Goku, he called out, "Lenon, take my new queen to the ship and place her in my chambers please."

A stray warrior called out from behind Goku, "Yes, Lord Skylor." Before slowly attempting to inch into the men's stare off and take the woman that his master was so infatuated with.

He would never get the chance.

Goku quickly brought his fist behind him, knocking the man unconscious and sending him flying to the ground without breaking eye contact. "Skylor, huh? Nice name, now give my wife back."

Skylor howled in outrage, flying towards Goku. Both knew that this was not a true fight, since Skylor was fighting with one arm and Goku was taking it easy on him so he did not cause any harm that would hurt or jostle his wife and make her fall.

Both men growled at each other as Skylor told Goku "You need to let her go. She's mine now, this planet is doomed to extinction, and you need to accept failure as I take my new queen home."

Goku growled and moved back some, allowing his anger to run from his heart, through his arm and down to his hand, where he was currently forming a powerful ki blast. "How… dare you!" Goku screamed, as he threw the result of his anger straight at Skylor's face.

Skylor tumbled backwards in pain, attempting to fight the momentum his body had been thrown into until he collided into one of his henchmen. That henchman was currently fighting against Piccolo, and the impact not only sent the man flying forward into his opponent, but it also knocked Chi Chi from Skylor's arm and sent her hurtling towards the ground.

"CHI CHI!" Goku cried, plummeting after her, knowing that his wife could not take a fall from this height, even unconscious, and live through it.

Skylor tried to shake his disorientation before he realized that the female he was infatuated with was hurtling towards the ground and quickly attempted to go after her.

Both the men flew as fast as they could, hearts racing, trying to beat the other to her before she died. As they kept their eyes on her figure, they saw a green and white blur fly by Chi Chi and fly off with her. Both men stopped, practically inches apart now, as they watched Piccolo fly off to the side, holding Chi Chi and briefly checking her over for injuries.

Goku breathed a sigh of relief as he shouted, "Thanks, Piccolo! Now would you do me a favor and give her to Gohan so he can take her to Bulma's place?"

Skylor looked menacingly at Goku. "How dare you make orders that involve my-"

Goku's relaxed face turned into one of unadulterated fury as he grabbed Skylor by the throat. "She's not yours, I wouldn't even trust her with you after that stunt you just pulled."

Skylor was gasping for air as Goku's hand got tighter as he became angrier. "You just messed with my wife's life, and now you are going to pay for ever coming to this planet."

Goku made sure that Piccolo had safely passed Chi Chi to Gohan and checked out of the corner of his eye to ensure that his family was out of harm's way before he let Skylor go, throwing him in front of him so he could catch himself and get into a defensive position.

Skylor rubbed his neck as he glared at Goku. 'How dare he…' he hissed mentally, allowing his anger to fuel his ki and power himself up. The other Z fighters, having long disposed of Skylor's other henchmen, watched as the air around the two men cackled, static being thrown everywhere as their angry kis clashed. As the men continued their stare off, Krillian muttered under his breath, "Oh, this should be good."

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