Just A Little Cut

Just A Little Cut

(part 2)

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As Chi Chi Son was pulled outside by her husband, she broke his grasp on her hand so the she could put her hair up in its painfully tight bun. After that was done, she stepped into a battle position, preparing herself mentally for Goku's onslaught. Goku crouched down also, and the two figures stared at each other for a while, both faces wearing a mask of concentration. Chi Chi took a deep breathe and jumped forward. After that the forest was full of noises and movement.

Gohan peeled outside. His mom and dad were fighting. Dad did say I could go train with Piccolo, but… Mom's out there. And… She's Fighting! But she's hurt! Surely dad knows she's hurt, he told me. But why would he be training her if… oh well. I always trust my dad. He knows what he's doing, I suppose. But…whoa, why am I standing here? Dad'll take care of everything, I need to go find Piccolo. Gohan quickly got dressed and hovered out of the house quickly and quietly as to not receive his mother's attention.

Chi Chi growled to herself. This is not good, this is not good at all. He's catching everything that I throw at him. I can't get one hit. Not one! Plus, he's not even attacking me, he is being too easy, no he can't… huh? Chi Chi froze in her lunge to just see Gohan disappear into the horizon. Gohan! Just as she thought this Goku threw a roundhouse kick that caught her squarely in the back. Chi Chi screamed as she landed on the ground and skidded back a couple of feet. "You shouldn't let anything unfocus you hun, are you ok?" Chi Chi had tears coming down her face. Unfortunately, she wasn't lucky enough to be knocked unconscious, so searing pain resided in her body with no way to seem to get it to leave. All she could do was cry silent tears and hope for a savior from this pain. Anything! Let it heal really quickly, let some critter come by that has healing powers, or better yet, just kill me now, please. Oh… this hurt unlike anything ever had hurt before. Goku realizing that something was wrong rushed over. "Chi Chi? What's wrong, hun? Talk to me." The only thing Chi Chi could do was cry. She looked at Goku's face and realized that eventually she'd have to tell him everything. She cried more. Her life would be going downhill for quite a while. Goku gently picked her up yet the searing pain worsened anyways. He slightly turned her on her side and checked under her shirt. Oh Kami no… Goku thought as he let go of her shirt then levitated. He repositioned his wife and looked at her tenderly. "It will be ok, Chi Chi, just hold on for me. It will be better soon." Chi Chi nodded as best she could as Goku started for a fast but smooth ride to the hospital.

To be continued…

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