Summary: Athrun, cursed with a hideous look, is hopelessly in love with a school heartthrob. Cagalli, his best friend, has always been there for him even if it hurts the fact that she's nothing to him. AC 3-shot fic

See Me Even Just For Once

Chapter 1: Folly

"Open your locker now!"

"Faster! Let's see what your secret admirer has placed there this time."

"Okay! Okay! Jus a sec." A girl with long pink hair tiptoed as she excitedly reached the lock of her locker. She began rotating its numbered wheels until it opened. She was Mia Campbell, declared as one of the prettiest and most talented gals in their school. No wonder why she was made a certified heartthrob no matter how badly her attitude stinks. Actually, as of now she already had a total of forty nine boyfriends and right now, since she was currently available, her new target for the fiftieth spot was none other than her SA.

As she opened the door of her locker, Mia saw something that almost melted her heart.

She carefully lifted it and showed it to her friends.

"Guys, look! This teddy is just so cute!" Mia showed her friends a pink cuddly bear holding a pink rose and an envelope attached to it.

"Wow Mia… your secret admirer is really sweet! He never runs out of surprises for you everyday."

"For sure this guy is as beautiful as the things he's giving you."

Mia couldn't help blushing. It wasn't her first time to receive such gifts. Of course she had her previous boyfriends giving her much expensive than those but this guy was really different. He didn't just only give her gifts but also he never forgot to include heartwarming letters or poems with it.

"How I wish I could meet him soon!"


"Did you just see her reaction, Cagalli? I bet she's starting to fall in love with me!" A guy with a monster-looking face said dreamily. He was tall. He had a pleasing shoulder-length blue hair and striking green eyes. In fact he could be finely gorgeous if not for his dark scarred-face and the dreadful bumps on his cheeks.

"Ehem… Correction! Mia's not falling for Mr. Athrun Zala but for her secret admirer who seems to be so handsome in her eyes."

"I guess you're right there, Cagalli. How come I think that someone like her will fall for the school's outcast, loser and beast? Of course she'll never…"

Cagalli felt sorry for what she had just said. She hated seeing her best friend downing his self but seeing him tailing Mia was much worse for her. Cagalli just didn't get what made Athrun attracted to Mia okay she maybe talented and beautiful but everyone knew how alarmingly high her self-esteem. My! She thought she was a goddess. She also believed that she wasn't worth socializing with people who were inferior to her. And what confused Cagalli most was even how painful Mia's insults to Athrun's appearance were; her best friend still admired or worse… worshipped her.

"Hey! Don't say that! Besides who wouldn't fall for someone so surprising, so sweet and so intelligent like you! And also don't ever call yourself a beast again. Athrun, believe me you have the charms… you're tall, and you have the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen."

"Yeah right, Cags. Of course I'm the most handsome guy in my best friend's blinded eyes." Athrun said sarcastically.

"Athrun! I'm telling you the truth. Just imagine yourself without those scars and bumps on your face. For sure once that happened all the girls in this school would flock here around you. And I wonder if you'll still gonna notice me after that." Cagalli looked down as if she was hurt.

"Haha! Don't get easily jealous, Cags! Of course I'll always be here with you because that would never happen, you know." Athrun continued to laugh at Cagalli.

"Yehey! I made him laugh! You see, Athrun, it's not that hard to laugh. All you need to do is think of other light things!"

"Oh Cagalli how can you brighten my mood so easily?"

"Of course that's a magic only your best friend can do!" Cagalli beamed at Athrun and followed him as he stood.

"Yeah you're right! Come on let's go to our next class!"


After their class, Cagalli and Athrun went at the cafeteria for lunch. The whole place was crowded and all tables were occupied so Athrun and Cagalli just decided to have their lunch at the school garden.

"Cagalli, I need to buy a drink just wait for me there okay?"

"Hurry up if you still want to have some of my delicious lunch today!" Cagalli smiled invitingly as she waved her lunch bag at Athrun. Athrun nodded at her. She walked towards the door. When she went out she saw Mia and her friends approaching the cafeteria.

'For sure, right now Athrun is happy' Cagalli inwardly thought as she saw them entered.


At the school's garden, Cagalli sat at a stone table where she and Athrun usually ate whenever the cafeteria always got occupied or whenever they want to be at peace. For sure this place would be one of the most memorable spots Cagalli would never forget once she graduated from High School.

Cagalli opened her lunch bag. She placed outside everything that bag contained and suddenly she noticed something was missing.

"Oh! Dad forgot the spoon and fork again."

Cagalli went back to the cafeteria to borrow some utensils. But as she entered, a scene not pleasing to her eyes welcomed her.

"You idiot! Look what you've done to me!" Mia's shout was heard across the hall. A portion of her pink hair along with her face turned to brown. While another portion of her blouse and skirt was also covered with the chocolate drink that splattered to her a minute ago. And it seemed like it was Athrun of all people was the one who made her that furious.

"I-I'm so-sorry I-I didn't se-e you coming if you want I'll just clean it." Athrun tried to clean her hair with his handkerchief but Mia snapped him off.

"Don't you dare touch me, you ugly monster!" Mia flashed him a deathly glare which caused Athrun to feel an unexplainable awful jolt.

He remained frozen.

"And who do you think would want to touch you huh, you slutty bitch!" Cagalli spat unable to take Mia's ridiculousness towards Athrun. "Know what? That chocolate on your ugly face is barely enough! For your bitchiness still deserves another one!" With that Cagalli grabbed the chocolate drink of one student beside her and threw it flatly on Mia's face.

The whole cafeteria burst in laughter as they saw Mia's disconcerted face soaked in ice-cold chocolate drink. Even her friends weren't able to help her for they really couldn't fight the urge to laugh.

Cagalli immediately grabbed Athrun's wrist and dragged him to the school garden.

'You bitch, I'll make it sure that you will pay all these' Mia cursed and immediately went out.


"Cagalli, why did you do that to her?" Athrun said coldly, his body stiff from the way he was seated and his unfaltering eyes never leaving Cagalli's.

"Because she deserved it," She averted her eyes from his indifferent glare. She moved uncomfortably on the stone chair and began preparing her meal.

"You just made Mia loathe me even more." Athrun's eyes were still piercing through Cagalli. It was the first time he felt so much hate towards her.

"What are you trying to point out here, Athrun?" Cagalli, not able to take Athrun's foolishness, returned his glare with equal intensity.

"You embarrassed her in front of those students and I hate you for what you did."

Cagalli couldn't believe what she was hearing. After all she had done for him; her best friend hated her just because she humiliated Mia and worse she just did it because she wanted to get even after what Mia did to him. Cagalli couldn't help but feel a slight spasm on her chest.

"So you're telling me that I should've just stand there and watched her humiliate you instead? Athrun, don't be so numb. Don't make her degrade you in front of them. Don't make yourself be crushed like that! Who is she to do you those things, anyway?"

"I love her. I know you wouldn't understand why I'm being a fool over her because all your life you still haven't been in love. But whatever you say Cagalli, I don't care for I will still love her. I love her for her whole being. I don't care if she insults me. I don't care is she doesn't like me. What's important is I love her and that's all I need to know to continue loving her." Athrun stood up from his seat and turned his back to her. "And… before I end this, Cagalli, I want to tell you two important things: I don't need anyone's help. And I know how to stand on my own." With that Athrun left Cagalli alone.

'You're an idiot, Athrun! Still haven't been in love, huh? Who are you to tell that?! Yes… we maybe best of friends but you don't know the real me! You don't even know what I feel for you! For all these years all you think is Mia. All you care about is Mia. Your world revolves around her. Even if how many times she drives you away all you still see is her. While me I've always been here for you but you can't even give me just a short glance. You don't care about me… you don't even need me! I've done everything but I still remained nothing to you. Tell me Athrun, why can you not see me even just for once…?'

And as much as Cagalli hated it, tears began flowing down her cheeks.

-To be continued-

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